Sunday 31 May 2015

Ati Edge and the Shadowbirds - Old Cars, Tattoos, Bad Girls and Wild Guitars 2015

In 2007 Ati Edge of The Silver Shine  hatched the side project call Ati Edge and The Shadowbirds  and it's still going strong today.Basically this is his billy band or as some say Silver Shine 2 and it's a damn good one   Hell over the years the outfit has developed a solid rep and in some corners, considered the better band  of the two. So far they have released one  album and a couple of eps,(all worth checking out) with the last ep  released in 2013.Now in 2015 the band's long awaited sophomore album is out and "Old Cars, Tattoos, Bad Girls and Wild Guitars" is  pretty stout. This puppy checks in with 11 tracks of rockabilly/ rock n roll  that has some muscle and also is damn catchy. At times this comes off like dirty ,garage rock n roll  but it  really doesn't stray far  from it's rockabilly base and that's a good thing.Highlights include : " Baddest Girl In Town","Kustom Kulture Baby", "Old School Inks" and "Old Cars, Tattoos, Bad Girls And Wild Guitars"
                The album's title "Old Cars, Tattoos, Bad Girls and Wild Guitars" really tells you straight up what your getting here and it's also their best release to date.This is one disc that delivers and one that  is full of kool rockabilly /rock n roll that will grow on you. Recommended!

Friday 29 May 2015

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Wednesday May 27, 2015

Playlist Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday May 27, 2015
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme… The Vanishers
2. Born to Rock n Roll…. The Montecristos…Single
3. Kitten With A Whip… Big John Bates… Flame Thrower
4.Gonie Bird… The Royal Crowns … 32 Miles To Memphis request
5. Your Car Ain’t Cool… The Crossbones…. Deadmans Curve
6. With Nothing … The Bone Machine… EP S/T
7. Let’s Go Out and Kill Tonight…. Oscar B… La Mort Aux Troussess 
8. Jungle Witch…. Rosemary’s Triplets … Hellbound Train
9. Poor Man’s Son … Loonapark… Let Us Pray
10. Born To Love One Women … Darrel Higham… Wild In Hollywood   request
11. My Box…Wanton… Pick Your Poison
12. Move Out… Sirocco Bros. .… Sirocco
13. This Is The Night… The Palomars… Out Of The Past
14. Backwoods Boy… The Hillmans… Kings Of The Weald Frontier
15. Ready to Rumble… Hicksville Bombers… Voodoo Doll
16. Up, Back or Off…. Black Frame Spectacle…. Grady Session 2   request
17. Diabolical Weapon… Hellstompers… Fire Walk With Me
18. Sands of Little England… Mullet Monster Mafia… Monsters of Surf
19. Should Known Better… Dawn Shipley & the Sharp Shooters… Shoulda Known Better
20. Find Me A Women…. Marty Allen…. the Sun Session
21. Black Hearts Club… Pike Cavalero… Torro    request
22. Waveboard Action…. Surfer Joe…. Senor Surf    request
23. Hot Rod Women…. Los Volidos…. Hot Rod Women
24. Little Tot… Art Young…. Single
25. Baddest Girl in Town… Ati Edge & the Shadow Birds… Old Cars, Tattoos, Bad Girls, & Wild Guitars
26. Bleed….  Steve Stunning….  Punk Rock Soldier
27. Insaniac… Guitar Slingers… Carnevil of Souls
28. Radar Love… Archie….. Psychobilly Covers 
29. Lost Boy Choir… Clockwork Psycho….. Nightmares from Liabach
30. Rockabilly Baby…. The HubCaps…. Rockabilly Party
31.  Red Head Gal…. 3 Blue Teardrops…. One Part First
32.  2AM Rock…. The Wise Guyz…. Hot Summer Nights   request
33. Just Don’t Seem To Care… The Zipheads…Single
34. We Gotta Go….. The Jimes….  Mean Side of Town
35. Elvis On The Radio… Lower Town Trio… Last of the Rebels
36. My Whole Hearts Desire…. Ronnie Hayward…. Livin the Lowlife
37. Rock Bop Baby…. Bubba J…. Live on Steve Stack of  Wax
38. Devastation Wagon….. Frantic FlapTops…. Cheap Women, Cheap Beer, Cheaper Thrills
39. Kagoshima Go… Glasglow Tiki Shakers… Little Orbit
40. Kill Billy Kill… Rattled Rooster… Year Of The Rooster
41. Sneaky Pete… The Black Holes… Live at the Wick
42. Rockabilly Rhythm… Tom Stormy Trio & Rhythm Sophie….Single

43. Dragstrip Girl…. Black Coffee Cowboys…. Zombie Night in Canada Vol.2

Sunday 24 May 2015

Dawn Shipley & the Sharp Shooters - Shoulda Known Better 2015

Dawn Shipley & the Sharp Shooters have earned they're fair share of kudos over years .This is one band that's all about the music period. Playing rockabilly to honky-tonk and hillbilly  to 50's rock n roll and more they have developed a pretty fair size and loyal fan base.With only 2 albums out (the last one came out in 2006) and a few singles, with last years jazzy and kool "Voodoo You" been the latest, fans have had to endure long waits .Well now the wait is over for the outfit's 3rd album,"Shoulda Known Better"and it's one very solid album.Clocking in with 11 tracks of mainly rockabilly that at times isn't afraid to drift a little  into country,honky tonk, western swing and jazz.Highlights include:" Little Too Late","Voodoo You", "
Don't Want Your Lies" and "Shoulda Known Better"
     Dawn Shipley & the Sharp Shooters  have delivered a pretty good sounding rockabilly  album that benefits from strong song writing and execution. Shoulda Known Better  is diverse ,fresh, sounds authentic and is very likeable.Recommended !                  

Guitar Slingers - Carnevil Of Souls 2015

The Guitar Slingers are without a doubt one of the best bands out there .Want proof just check out any of their 3 albums.  What started out in 2007 as basically a one man project by  Doyley (the main man of Diablo Records) has now become a truly killer band that has few equals.That said the band has now dropped their latest effort,"Carnevil Of Souls"  on a still unsuspecting public and this time their taking no prisoners.We get 11 originals tracks that deliver one hell of a knock out punch.This is rockin' psychobilly that at times is infused with  spaghetti ,rockabilly and surf. From a circus sideshow opening to a  full throttle assault "Carnevil Of Souls" covers a lot of ground and does it well.Highlights include "The Fly With The X Ray Eyes","Outerspace Out Of Time", "The Invaders" and "The Hitcher".
    You don't have to be a fan of psychobilly to like "Carnevil Of Souls", it's much more than that.This is one really impressive rock n roll album and if you say you like rock n roll and don't like this; your a flat out liar.Easily one of the best albums to come out in a while by a band you should be very aware of .Highly Recommended!!!

Friday 22 May 2015

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist - Wednesday May 20, 2015

Playlist Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday May 20, 2015
 Chrw 94.9 fm
1.Shakin Katz Theme…The Vanishers
2. Hellcats…The Blue J’s…. Bad Bones
3. Hard To Get…. The Hi-Strung Ramblers…. I’m A Rambler
4. Hotrods & Pony Tails… Six Gun Romeo…Welcome To The Show request
5. Full Time Rockin Man…..Doug Perkins & The Spectaculars…EP Union Ave. Vol.1
6. Snakebite… Boss Fink… Finksville request
7. Gotta Go My Way…. The Wreck Kings… Wrecking Machine request
8. Evil Feeds…. House Of Haunt… Monsters On The Loose request
9. Firewalk With Me…. Hotrod Frankie… God, Gasoline & Me request
10. Memories From A Subconscious Mind…. The P-Town Skanks…. Memories From A Subconscious Mind
11. Hillbilly Heroin…Christian D & The Hangovers… Shake it…or Leave it
12. Rock-A-beat-Boogie… Bill Haley… Self titled
13. Jungle King… Carolina & Her Rhythm Rockers…. By My Side
14. Cold Monday… Hellbound HepCats….. No.2 
15. Backseat Baby… Rio & The Rockabilly Revival…. Testify
16. High Heeled Hot Rod…. The Millwinders… Ladies & Gentleman
17. Let Me Be…The Baboons…. Up Town & Back Again
18. Ready To Roll…. Graveyard Johnnys…. Dead Transmission
19. Malicious Compliance…  Reverb Syndicate… Odyssey
20. Babyshaker…. The Boners…. Hell Yeah
21. A Song Called Wanda… Bootleg Betty…. EP  Left the Barn
22. Billy Psycho….. Bad Rules…. No Brakes!
23. Hangover…. The Diggerz… Psycho Tales
24. I Guano Rock… The Huaraches… Steal Second Base
25. Cripple In The Woods… Demented Are Go… Kicked Out Of Hell
26. I Love You My Way…. Twisted Rod…. Bring It On Home request
27. Tainted Love… Bad Dooleys… Wildwood
28. Ricochet… The Margraves…. On the Warpath
29. 100th Monkey…. Black Frame Spectacle…. EP Self Titled request
30. Psycho…. Imelda May…. Mayhem
31. Mon Bebe Sait Comment….  Israel Proulex….  Mr.Frantic
32. Let’s Get Wild… The Desperados… On The Rampage
33. That’s All Right…. Elvis Presley… It’s Only Rock n Roll
34. Only Mine…. The Kabooms ..... Self Titled
35. Smoked City…. Casino Rumblers ….  See How it’s Gonna End
36. Saint Peter Square…Saint Peter Square…. Chronical Disease
37. Harvester Of Souls….. Rock n Rebels …. Doomsday Raising
38. We’ve Got The Feelin'… New Seed 55…. GHhRrrr
39. Night Rider….. Dick Dale & The Deltones…. King of the Surf Guitar
40. Never Enough… The Tiger Sharks…. This Is Not A Boat Accident
41. I Never Lie…. Anabel & The Rock-A-Bells….. The Thrill Is Back
42. Stroll Earthquake ... Lew Lewis and The Twilight Trio ... Red Hot Baby
43. Devil dance…. Ginger St. James & the Grinders…. Spank Sparkle & Growl

Sunday 17 May 2015

Bad Dooleys - Wild Wood 2015

When the German psycho rockers Bad Dooleys came out of hibernation back in 2011 more than a few fans were caught off guard.After all the band had been put to rest in 1993 and really didn't have much of a footprint outside of Europe.Then in 2012 they released the pretty stout "King Of The Sea" album and the result was a fair bit of  radio and podcast airplay around the world.Well now there back with their fifth album "Wild Wood" and this is one impressive effort.Clocking in with 9 originals and one cover of catchy old school flavored psychobilly  that is hard to resist.This is not only more aggressive than "King Of The Sea",it's also stronger and has a fresher and more focused  feel about it.Highlights include: "Beast in the Jungle" ,"Fast Cars", "Hell Dogs" and "Old Man Stompin' Shoes".
       The Bad Dooleys have turned it up a bit here and "Wild Wood " has some muscle, is pretty damn good  and is really easy to like.Not bad for a band some people wrote off years ago.Recommended!!

Friday 15 May 2015

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Wednesday May 13, 2015

Playlist Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday May 13, 2015
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm
1.Shakin Katz Theme…. The Vanishers…Single can
2. BBQ On Lost Island… The Diggerz… A Psycho's Tales
3. Homewrecker… Rhythm Shakers… Voodoo request
4. Long Way… Hill Valley Lightening…. S/T
5. Uranium Love…  Batmobile …. Sex Starved  request
6. Bad Attitude… Howlin Lou & His Whiplovers… Bad Attitude
7. Don’t Cross Me…  24thStreet Wailers… Where Evil Grows
8. Baby Doll…. The Rip’ Em Ups… Killswitch
9. 12 Monkeys' Flag … Hell-O-Tiki ... Tiki Twister
10. Heads Are Gonna Roll… Raygun Cowboys… Heads Are Gonna Roll
11. The Crazies… Sir Psycho & His Monsters…. Till the End request
12. Red Hot Lady…. Boston Rats…  This Ain’t Rock n Roll request
13. No Where To Go… The Downbeats…. A Wild Night with the Downbeats
14.Don’t What Your Lies… Dawn Shipley & The Sharp Shooters…. Shoulda Knowin Better
15. Rockabilly Girl… Manny Jr & The Cyclones…. Rockabilly Girl
16. Rise Of The Cyberman… The Guitar Slingers… Carnevil of Souls
17. Bullet Holes… Mad Dog Cole…. Kingdom Of The Scarecrow request
18. Good Time… Royce Potter… The Mercury Story
19. Hot Rock…. Johnny Carroll…  More Kings of Rockabilly
20. Prisoner Of Your Charms… Rusti Steel & The Star Tones…. Café A La Rock
21. Mess Around… Route 67….Single
22. Low On Gas….  Hicksville Bombers… Voodoo
23. California Long Board… Fabulous Blue Wabbits…. Instwoh-Mentals Vol 1 
24. Whiskey & Rock…. 6 Feet Down…. Strange
25. Indigo Friends…. Reverend Horton Heat… Revival request
26. Train Kept a Rollin… Johnny Burnette and The Rock n Roll Trio Rockabilly ... S/T   request
27. Sound of Boogie… Eight Bomb…. Daytona Dynamite
28. Your So Square… Uranus…. Single
29. Psycho Beach Party… Hawaii Samurai… The Octopus Incident
30. Straight From Hell… The Bloodshots… On Fire
31. Gang War…. Gutter Demons…. Enter the Deamonz request
32. Operation Time Bomb…. The Zorchmen…. Attack Of The Zorchman
33. Shake Your Brain…. The Blackrats…. Shake Your Brain request
34. Rockabilly Girls…. The Kingmakers…. Live at Sun Studio
35. Daddy’s Little Girl…. Marcos Sendarrubias…. High Voltage Rockabilly
36. Crazy in Love…. The Devillaires ….. Demo
37. Blue Jean Bop… Gene Vincent… Classic Rockabilly
38. Hysteric Love…. Marylin & The Rockin Bombs …. Demo
39. Empty Bottle… Tumbledown … Empty Bottle
40. Moondog… The Silverhounds … EP Hellacious
41. Sting Ray… The Dead Beats ….  Boss Sounds
42. The Grace Is Gone… The Cremators…. Single
43. Rockabillyland… Cat Club… Rockabillyland
44. Dead By Dawn….. The Phantom Creeps…. S/T

Sunday 10 May 2015

Hell-O-Tiki - Tiki Twister 2014

Belgium Surf bashers  may not be known to many fans of surf music but to those who are in the know, this is one surf band that totally kicks butt.Since 2009 they have developed a rep as a straight out killer band.From over the top shows to a couple of  damn good ep's and also a very good debut album ,"Attack of Lady Octopussy". This is a surf punk band that"s not afraid to mix it up.All which brings us to the band's  sophomore  offering  "Tiki Twister" and let's just say this puppy has a ton of bite.Washing up on shore with 10 tracks that range from smash mouth, surf punk ,garage fueled surf to even  traditional. Hell-O-Tiki aren't pulling any punches here and as a result this pretty potent surf rock .Highlights include: " 47... Why 47?', " Golden Decade", " Psycho-Frakulator" and "Moskito Rangers"
   Hell-O-Tiki really nail it here,this is loud,proud surf that is in your face one moment then relaxes  you the next. Tiki Twister is a kool ride by a surf band you should diffidently check out. Recommended !

The Hicksville Bombers - Voodoo Doll 2015

Over their long career The Hicksville Bombers have consistently delivered top notch rockabilly.These kats have been kicking it out since 1992 all while staying the course(7 albums),hell you know exactly what your getting here and that's a good thing: rockabilly with a little blues and country on the side. It's been 4 years since the their last album , the pretty stout "Ready To Rumble"and to the band's many fans that's way too long .While the wait is over with the release of "Voodoo Doll " and yes it has been worth the wait.This puppy  koolly rolls in with 15 tracks of rockabilly done just the way you would expect from the The Bombers,meaning damn good.We get a great mix of rockers, strollers and ballads as well as a few older songs that have been rerecorded .Highlights include: "Memphis Cat", "So Hot, She's Cool", " Low On Gas" and " Can't Buy Your Goodbye".
      The band decided to have "Voodoo Doll" produced by the folks at Western Star and that has proven to be a smart move.This has a more punched up and  fresher feel than their  previous releases.As a result this is one great sounding album and it's also their best yet! Very  Recommended !! 

Sunday 3 May 2015

Carolina And Her Rhythm Rockets - By My Side 2015

Back in 2013 Carolina & Her Rhythm Rockets appeared  to come out of the blue with a stunning debut album.Fact was the band formed in 2011 and  had developed a rep as a killer live act.However their debut left many wondering if their sophomore effort would be nearly as good.While the wait is over with "By My Side" and there diffidently is no sophomore jinx happening here. We get 13 tracks here that run the gauntlet  from straight up rockabilly to the blues to  R&b to  rock n roll ,some surf and even a little shading of country. This is one smooth and sexy ride that delivers in spades. Highlights include: " Lift Off", " Jungle King" ," Can't Let You Go " and " Hole In My Heart".
      Carolina & Her Rhythm Rockets have stepped it up here,this is a confident and strong outfit  that are only getting better Thess kats aren't talkin' the talk  they're walkin' the walk and have too like that. Recommended!!    

Saturday 2 May 2015

Graveyard Johnnys - Dead Transmission 2015

Been a punkabilly band has never been an easy gig and doesn't change even when your damn good .There is always going to be a large pool of billy purist, psycho's and punkers that will have no use for you. The Graveyard Johnnys have been  and are one of the better punkabilly bands out there and they have a rep has one of the hardest working bands around.With  an album, a couple of singles,an ep a few split albums and also  a whack of compilation spots under their belts,this is a band that really doesn't get the attention they deserve.Hopefully the band's latest effort  " Dead Transmission " can change that.This puppy struts in with 10 tracks that  hit hard and fast with a kool positivity.The tracks range from mainly straight up punkabilly to rock n roll and this  helps gives a freshness to the album even when some of it sounds familiar. Highlights include: "I Won't Wait", "Little Witches",'The Poison" and "Dead Transmission"

         The Graveyard Johnnys are in fine form here and "Dead Transmission " is their best release yet and you may want to throw a few bucks down on it.Recommended.

The Rip'em Ups - Killswitch! 2015

The Rip'em Ups are one band you can't accuse of been dull and boring.Since 2010 these kats have been blowing away audiences with their straight up brand of 50's inspired rock n roll.They have been described as savage, explosive and energetic.This is a band that truly lives up to their name. The band's long awaited debut album "Killswitch!" backs up all the hype you may have heard about them. Hell this puppy kicks the door in then kicks your ass.We get 12 tracks of real rock n roll that make for one very kinetic thrill ride that will leave you wanting more.You could say this is a twin guitar and sax attack. Highlights include: " Spitfire", "
Baby Doll", "In N Out Shout" and " I Wanna Love You".
   If you say your a fan of rock n roll then "Killswitch!" is a must ,it's that good and The Rip'em Ups are firing on all pistons here!Highly recommended!


The Diggerz - A Psycho's Tales 2015

In late 2014 I was tipped off about  The Diggerz and to be honest I wasn't familar with them.The word was that these kats were a damn good band and one I should keep an eye on, hell they even have some pedigree too boot.This German psycho outfit has developed a pretty good rep. The band's debut album  "A Psycho's Tales"  is now out and it lives up to the praise I had heard about them and more. This puppy starts off with a horror fused intro and then  breaks into 9 tracks of old school psychobilly that is downright good.This is fresh ,diverse and vital psychobilly that's hard to resist.Highlights include: "BBQ On A Lost Island", "Forgotten Son", "Hangover", and "Breakout".

The Diggerz  have  been compared to a hand full of other psychobilly bands but make no mistake here they are their own band with their own  unique sound.If you want proof "  A Psycho's Tales" bares that out.This is killer album and highly recommended!!    

Friday 1 May 2015

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio Wednesday April 29, 2015

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday April 29, 2015
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme…. The Vanishers
2.Radiation Rock…. Guitar Slingers… Carnevil Of Souls
3. Push Button Boogie…. Ray Condo… Hillbilly Holiday
4. Gennie In A Bottle…Pat Capocci… Pantherburn Stomp
5. Daddy’s Little Girl…Marcos Sendarrubies… High Voltage Rockabilly request
6. You Were The One… Raygun Cowboys… Heads Are Gonna Roll
7. Combat Surf…. Reverberati… Combat Surf
8. On Fire…The Bop Hounds… S/T request
9. Something Wicked Comes This Way… Jittery Jack…. Gonna Have A Time With…. Jittery Jack request
10. What A Way To Die…Crystal & Runnin' Wild… Good Taste in Bad Friends
11. Ex-Hey…The Bullets… Go Man Go
12. 1989…. Voodoo Allen… Derrick’s Drunken Breathe
13. Frantic…. The Rip’em Ups….. Killswicth!
14. See You Hell…. The Creepshow…. Life after Death
15. Ready to Roll…Graveyard Johnnys… Dead Transmission
16. Hot Mess…. Christian D & the Hangovers… Shake It Or Leave It request
17. The Calamari Kid…Aloha Screwdriver… EP One Too Many
18. Backseat Betty…Rio & The Rockabilly Revival… Testify request
19. Nervous Breakdown…..Pink Cadillac Scat Cats….Single
20. Hot Rockin' Mama… Bad Lucky Kitty …Single (Demo)
21. Johnny Suede…… Rattlesnakes ….. High Noon in Hell Town
22. God Sent Me to Hell…. Flesh Roxon … Darker Side of Life
23. Train…The Brains… Hell n Back request
24. Robot Rock……The Rocketz…. We Are The Rocketz
25. Voodoo Transit…. The Bullet Biters…. Stranglers United request
26. I Drive My 55… RelaxTrio… Stop The Madness request
27. Ricochet…The Margraves… On The Warpath
28. Girls Like You…. Burnin Ethyl…. Pop The Hood
29. Midnight Hour… The Kickers…. EP  Rockin' at the Midnight Hour
30. I’m Coming Home… Robert Gordon…. I’m Coming Home
31. Low Down Guitar…The Echo Tones… Original Early Canadian Rockers
32. Key To The Cell Of Your Heart…. The Royal Crowns… 32 Miles To Memphis request
33. Rockabilly…Johnny & The Rocco’s….. Great Scott’s
34. Hell Fire….Bourbon Boys….. Shotguns, Trucks & Cattle
35. Red Room…Reckless Ones…. Make Your Move
36. Daddy’s Got A Gun…. The Allens… S/T
37. Wichita Buzzcut…The Whiskey Daredevils….. The Essentials
38. Dead Set Against….. Kings Of Nuthin…. Old Habits & Die Hard request
39. Twisted Twist…..Bruto & The Cannibals…. Twisted Twist
40. Shakin Little Mama…Shock Therapy…. Fearsome
41. Bad Karma…Acting Apes… Facing The Facts
42. Honey Bun…..Marc & The Wild Ones… She Put a Spell on Me
43. Girls & Gasoline…. The Hardtails … Hardtails
44. Flesh….Rosekill… Rocked! Shocked! Thrilled!