Saturday 29 December 2012

Captain Twang and His Rhythm Cat - Motörsurf 2012 2012

Sometimes a band is so far out in left field that it begs the question,What the hell? Case in point  Captain Twang and His Rhythm Cat .This is a musical stew that is hillbilly rock  meets country blues meets surf rock and more.You could call this Slide twang surf.What ever it is  it's kool. This 2 piece hails from Ruhr City Germany and have been dishing out their brew of music  since 2006 . "Motörsurf" is the bands 4th album and it's diffidently a head turner .Clocking in with a mix of 12 covers and originals  that  are surprising and even compelling at times.Highlights include: "Aligator Slide", "Motörsurf ", "Hillbilly Buddy" and "Cold Hawai". For a band that has some surf muscle  the covers of "Cocaine"(yeah that one) and "Mercury Blues " may seem a bit odd  but they actually come off well.This is genre mashing done well and is worth throwing  down some of your hard earned cash.If your up for something a little bit out of the norm this puppy is for you . Recommended.  

Wednesday 26 December 2012

The Rusty Robots - We Are 2012

I first heard about The Rusty Robots  in the summer of 2012  and what I heard was that this was a young upcoming  band to watch out for. Turns out  these German psycho’s are pretty good .Despite been  only been around for less than 2 years ,they have managed to make some big waves. So now we have the bands debut album “We Are” and it kicks in with 15 tracks of old school psychobilly  that’s done well. With most of the songs landing in at the 2 minute mark or less this puppy moves along at a good pace  and it’s not dragged down by the  horror angle .These guys are more into love, life and assorted animals and that’s kinda different in a good way. Highlights include : “Hidden In The Fog”, ”Psycho Love Cat “, “Apache Man” and “We Are Robots”. Overall this is a pretty decent debut album  from a band that isn’t heavy handed or that takes itself  too seriously  and that’s refreshing .Check it out. 

Shakin Katz Radio PlayList: The Christmas Show December 25th, 2012

Shakin Katz Radio PlayList:
The Christmas Show
December 25th, 2012
3:30-6:00pm, CHRW 94.9fm

1. Shakin Katz Radio Theme…the Vanishers…Single (can)
2. Merry Christmas Everyone…Shakin Stevens…CD Merry Christmas(request)
3. Halloween on Christmas…Coffin Daddies….CD Creeps For Christmas
4. Make My Wish Come True…John Lindberg Trio…CD Crusin Christmas
5. Santa on the Roof…Reverend Horton Heat…CD We Three Kings (request)

6. On No its Christmas Time…Urban Surf Kings…Single (can)
7. Santa Bring My Baby Back…Frantic Flinestones…CD Rockin Out & Not Christmas (request)
8. North Pole Rock n Roll…Cathy Sharpe…CD Rockabilly Xmas
9. Little Drummer Boy…the USM…CD X-mas Sucks (request)

10.Stuffin Her Stockin…Bloodshot Bill…Single (can)
11. It`s a Monster Holiday…Buck Owen…Single
13. Twinkle Little Christmas…JD McPherson…Single
14. Gun slingin Santa…Knock Gallery West…CD Psychobilly Christmas (request)

15.We Wish You a Happy…Os Carburadores…Single
16. Shot My Baby for Christmas…Vaudvilles…CD Psychobilly Christmas (request)
17. Snoopy`s Christmas…The Royal Guardsmen…Single (request)
18. Santa Claus Won`t Come this Year…Charlie Stewart….CD Rockabilly Xmas

19. Sleigh Bell Rock…the Relax Trio…Single
20. Christmas in Jail…Youngsters…CD Black Christmas
21. Christmas at the End of the Bar…The Vanishers…Single (can & request)
22. Merry Christmas…the Unkool Hillbillies…Single

23. I want a Rock n Roll Guitar…Johnny Preston…Single (disc 64)
24. Santa Skipped My House…Rio & the Rockabilly Revival…Single (request)
25. Let it Snow Let it Snow….Brain Setzer Orchestra….CD Cruisin Christmas
26. Christmas Weekend…Los StraightJackets…CD Xmas Sucks (request)

27. Christmas Porridge…Rantanplan…CD Wreckin Around Christmas Tree
28. Jingle Bells/Jingle Bell Rock…Coffin Draggers…CD Psychobilly Christmas
29. Christmas Christmas….Mojo Nixon…CD Punk Rock Christmas (request)
30. Frosty the Snowmen…Fats Domino…CD Christmas Gumbo

31. Blue Suede Santa…Hillbilly Casino….Single
32. One Horse Slay…Big John Bates…Single (can)
33. Santa Claus Back in Town…Creepshow…Single (can)
34. Merry Christmas…Magic…Single (assorted Christmas)

35, Racing with Santa…Blind Boy Stefan….Single
36. Rockabilly Christmas.. Big Daddy Voodoo…Single (request)
37. Christmas Startrack…the Skiffle Billy Cocktail…Single
38. Ruined Christmas…Mean Streaks…CD Xmas Sucks 2012

39. Christmas Tree Boogie…the Swing Cats…CD A Rockabilly Christmas
40. Silver Bells….Anne Murray & Elvis Presley… Single (can)
41. Broken Heart for Christmas…Cherrywood…Single
42. Sleigh Ride…the Warzels…Single

43. Christmas Record Hop…Black Knight….CD Crusin Christmas
44. Jingle Bell Boogie…Jody Levins…CD Buffalo Bop Rockabilly X-mas
45. Run Rudolph Run…the Outlaws…CD Rockabilly Christmas
46. Santa Claus is Coming to Town…Wild Bob Burgess & the Houserockers…Single
47. There Trouble Brewing…Jack Scott…Single (can)

Well that Was a Fun Little Christmas Special lots of requests so thanks once again Folks!!!

This Was the Last show for 2012...SO We thank all the listeners for Your Amazing Support, Request, and Weekly Chit Chat that happens on Shakin Katz…
To the Bands well there would be NO show without You and Your constant supply of new tune‘s, old and those classic staples to the Rockabilly , Psychobilly, Cowpunk and Surf Scene, 2012 was a wealth of new music that was launched onto the scene and We thank all the bands from all over world for sending Us your tunes and allowing Us to Share it Here at the station.

So on that note…Johnny Boy and I Say “Hat’s Off to all the Bands for the endless supply of great tunes, all the Listeners that tune in weekly and the Station for allowing Us to Blast the Airwaves each week for 2 1/2hrs” so that we can bring You a Whole Lot of Shakin going on each week here on Shakin Katz Radio!!

We hope You all have a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and look forward to what the year 2013 will be rollin in!!!!!

Back Next Wednesday January 2nd SAME TIME 3:30-6:00pm, Same Place CHRW 94.9fm….Enjoy Folks!!!

Sunday 23 December 2012

PlayList: Shakin Katz Radio- Wednesday December 19th, 2012

PlayList: Shakin Katz Radio-
Wednesday December 19th, 2012
3:30-6:00pm, CHRW 94.9fm

1. Shakin Katz Theme…the Vanishers…Single (can)
2. Bop-a-billy…the Trouble Boys…We Keep the Drapes Alive
3. Thunderbird…Poison Bar…CD Mutated Liquidator
4. Christmas…the Skiffle Billy Cocktail…Single
5. Bust out the Boogie…Black Frame Spectacle…CD Grady Sessions 2 (can & request)

6. Lorraine…the Empires….CD vol.1 Welcome to the Psychobilly Adventure Club
7. Hell Fire Remedy…Big John Bates…CD Battered Bones (can)
8. God Rest You Merry Gentlemen…the Legendary Shake Shakers…CD X-Mas Sucks

9. Turn My Back on You…The Blue Cats…CD Best Dawn Yet
10. Tail Feather Shake…The Deadcats…CD Look Like Hell (can)
11. Blue Suede Santa…Hillbilly Casino…Single
12. Pine Beetle Express…the Rambling Ambassadors…CD Ramble On (can)

13. Flying Saucer Rock n Roll…Robert Gorden…The Masters
14.There’s Trouble Brewing…Jack Scott…Single (can)
15. ATOM Bomb…Glen Barber…CD Rockabilly Shake Out (request)
16. 5,000 Coffins…Buzz Deluxe…Single (can & request)

17. Burlesque….The Fret-Tones…CD Stop Frettin
18. Santa the Ripper…Siberian Mad Dogs…Single
19. Big River…Eve Hell & the Razors…CD When the Lights Go Out (can)
20. Twinkle Little Christmas…JD McPherson…Single

21. No Mercy…Sarah & Jeff…EP No Mercy (can & request)
22. Skeleton Dance…the King Beez…CD Death Proof Vol. 1 (can & request)
23. Stomp that Christmas to Night…Guitar Slingers…Single
24. I Love You So…Swingin BlackJacks….EP 4 Hot Tracks (can)

25. I wanna Bop…Billy Harlan…CD Rockabilly Party
26. Wham Bam Jam…Janis Martin…CD the Blanco Sessions
27. Rattle My Brain….Bloodshot Bill…EP Out the Door (can)

28. Dead…the House of Haunt…EP Hi way Horror Single (can)
29. I Don’t Believe in Christmas….Tabaltix…CD Psychobilly Christmas
30. Bill Brodie…the Nasty Rashes…Single (can & request)
31. Psycho Therapy….Kemp…CD Psycho Therapy

32. Pedal Pusher…Rondo Hatton…CD Self Titled
33. Santa Claus…Jerry Clayton…CD Rockabilly X-mas
34. PeeWee’s Lost…Bang Bang Bazocka…CD Red Hot & Horny (request)

35. Santa Skipped My House…Rio & the Rockabillies…Single
36. Don’t Need Nothin…Slim Sandy…CD Zombie Night in Canada Vol. 2 (can & request)
37. Ain’t No Turning Back…the Meteors…CD Doing the Lords work
38. Toxic Twin… Hancox…CD Vegas Lights

39. Bullet Proof…Twangmasters…CD Dasaguno Completo Ingles
40. 3,2,1.…GO….King’s Pawn Three…CD the Rest of the Party Takes Damage (can)
41. Still Royal….the Amazing Crowns…CD Royal (request)
42. Maybelline…Alistar Christl….CD UnMarked Grave (can)

43. Under the Christmas Tree…the Honey Dippers…CD Christmas Everyday
44. Have Guitar Will Travel…the Scottie Moore Trio…CD Roots of Psychobilly
44. Running Wild for Christmas…Blue Mercury Coupe…Single(can)

Busy Little Show on Shakin Katz…lots of phone ins which lead to chit chat which lead to laughter & more chit chat…Thanks Folks always a pleasure!!!

With 2013 just around the corner…We have lots of Kool things lined up for January starting it off will be the Listeners Favourite CD, EP, Song Released in 2012.…Lend Us Your Input to a Jammed Packed Stellar Year!!!
We Are Looking for Your Release for the Billy, Surf and Cowpunk world.!!!!

The Fret Tones - Stop Frettin’ 2012

Hailing from Scotland The Fret-Tones  have been making waves with their “fabulous rockabilly” since 2007 .Many people consider them the finest Scottish band out there  and who am I to  argue. Their debut album “Down On My Luck” was pretty good and generated some buzz .Now the band has dropped their  2nd album  “Stop Frettin”  and this puppy is straight up damn good. Clocking in with 14 originals and 2 covers that for the most part stroll  between rockabilly ,rock n roll  and some tinges of country. Highlights  include: “Cup Cake Girl”, “Hotrod Draggin’ “, “Hipshake Milkshake” and the kool rocker  “Burlesque”. Stop Frettin’ is one of  those releases that make you  take notice of a band  .It’s well done ,sounds great  and without a doubt isone of the best rockabilly albums to come out this year . Recommended

Hancox - Vegas Lights 2012

Without  a doubt this is one of the most anticipated  releases of the year when it comes to the psychobilly/rockabilly world. Officially “Vegas Lights” is Pip Hancox’s solo debut album .If you’re expecting a Guana Batz disc here be prepared ,it’s not .What we get here is 13 tracks(12 originals and 1 cover)that range from psychobilly to punk to hard rock. For the most part this is one intense and interesting ride .Highlights include “Black Door City”, “Bleed“, “Toxic Twins“ and the instrumental “Carburetor”. At the end of the day this is a surprisingly good and solid album that will grow on you .What is really interesting however is the amount of positive reviews “Vegas Lights”  is getting , not just from the billy world  but also from the hard rock and metal crowds  and that should tell you something .                                    

Bang Bang Bazooka - Redhot & Horny… Just For You! 2012

Dutch band Bang Bang Bazooka  have always been kinda kool .These guys play a  unique brand of rockabilly/psychobilly ,that  at times may seem to be  all over the map. What ever your take on them is  they are and remain a killer billy band. “Redhot &Horny…” ,the bands 4th album comes out of the gate with 16 tracks that prove  they still have what it takes. From rockabilly to psychobilly to punk to rock n roll and even country  the band throws down a pretty impressive hand here.  Hightlights include : “Rumble In The Jungle”, ”Hey”, “I Like It Hot ’ and “You’re My Prey “. Bang Bang Bazooka seems to go under the wire on this side of the pond and hopefully that will change. They have been consistently damn good  and “Redhot & Horny..” may be their best album yet. Recommended

Glasgow Tiki Shakers - Little Orbit 2012

Glasgow Tiki Shakers are  surf band  from the LA area  that are considered by many to be one of surf’s music’s best kept secrets. It  doesn’t help that the band seems to put out  an album once  every 6 years Saying that ,personally I had only heard a handful of tracks from these guys in the past  so I really didn’t know what to expect. “Little Orbit “ is the bands 3rd album and it’s a  damn good one .Riding in with 12 tracks that any fan of surf will dig .This is modern  surf that  strays  from traditional  to spy  and a bit more .The track “Nessie’s Haggis Hat” has bagpipes  and “Zanja Daze“ has a squeeze box  and both tracks are kool .Other highlights include: “So Busted”, “Turn On The Flash” and “Kagoshima Go”. This is a well written and executed album that sounds fresh and vital .This past year has been a good one for surf fans as there has been a number of excellent surf albums and Little Orbit is right up there . Recommended

Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers - Go Hog Wild! 2012

For over 20 years now Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers have simply been one of  rock n rolls  best outfits. These kats have always done their own thing playing a brand of rock n roll that combines garage, rockabilly, surf ,r&b and whatever  else they feel like throwing in the stew.  “Go Hog Wild ! “ is the band’s 7  th album and I have to say it may be more of the same  but man  you gotta like it. Clocking in with  10 really solid tracks ,this is as some say proper rock n roll .Highlights include :” Shrunken Head “ , “ Good For Nothing” , “Crawl Back To Me”, and “The Twitch”. There really are no bad songs here ,this is killer stuff  and Hipbone Slim and the Knee Tremblers  are on top of their game here This is a great album  by a band you should be aware of and have in your collection. Recommended

Grave Slaves - Roam With The Dead 2012

The Grave Slaves are the  latest  buzz band  out California .For some of us that’s enough not to  pay them any attention (As a friend of mine says :just because they’re from California  doesn’t make them good ).  Saying that  Grave Slaves  do live up to the buzz .This is a band that  can  go from psychobilly  to   horror punk  and not miss a beat . “Roam With The Dead “ is the bands debut and  it’s a  interesting one to boot .Clocking in with  14 tracks that  have enough bone shakin to please  both psychos and punkers .Highlights include :  “Outlaw”, “Blood Red “ ,“Maybe Some Day” and “Devil In Disguise” which has a  kool harp  brake. This is a solid album by a band you may want to  keep an eye on.   


 Rising from the ashes of  the legendary Norwegian band  The Teencats  comes  The Trouble Boys  and you just know these cats  can still kick it out. What proof  just check out the band’s debut “We Keep The Drapes Alive“, this is a solid slab of Teddyboy  rock n roll/rockabilly that doesn’t  disappoint. Punching in with  17 kool tracks ,this puppy rocks .Highlights include: “Crazy Tracy”, “Rockabilly Special”, “Pain and Insane”, and “Bopabilly Girl “. At times this sounds like The Teencats but that really shouldn’t surprise anyone. What is surprising is how The Trouble Boys  have come out as a 3 piece and are just as good if not better now . “We Keep The Drapes Alive” is not just a fine album it’s damn good. Recommended