Sunday, 3 May 2015

Carolina And Her Rhythm Rockets - By My Side 2015

Back in 2013 Carolina & Her Rhythm Rockets appeared  to come out of the blue with a stunning debut album.Fact was the band formed in 2011 and  had developed a rep as a killer live act.However their debut left many wondering if their sophomore effort would be nearly as good.While the wait is over with "By My Side" and there diffidently is no sophomore jinx happening here. We get 13 tracks here that run the gauntlet  from straight up rockabilly to the blues to  R&b to  rock n roll ,some surf and even a little shading of country. This is one smooth and sexy ride that delivers in spades. Highlights include: " Lift Off", " Jungle King" ," Can't Let You Go " and " Hole In My Heart".
      Carolina & Her Rhythm Rockets have stepped it up here,this is a confident and strong outfit  that are only getting better Thess kats aren't talkin' the talk  they're walkin' the walk and have too like that. Recommended!!    

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