Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Bullets - Sons Of The Gun 2013

British "hooligan rockers" The Bullets" are one band that many people believe could be the break out rockabilly act of the year.I don't know about that but they are pretty damn good and having your debut album on Western Star  doesn't hurt either.What they play is "wild rockabilly" but it also is modern and I mean that in a good way. Which brings us to the  debut:  "Sons Of The Gun" diffidently lives up to the praise that has been thrown at these kats This puppy rocks in with 14 kool and original tracks that prove this is not your average billy band. You could say this is rockabilly/ rock n roll  that busts out the boogie.Highlights include:"I Don't Wanna","She's So Sleazy,"Son Of A Gun" and the single "Motorhead Shelly".

The Bullets have laid down a really strong,well written and fresh sounding debut.That alone makes it stand out.Diffidently a band to keep an eye on.Recommended

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio The Covers Show Wednesday April 24, 2013

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio
The Covers Show
Wednesday April 24, 2013
3:30-6:00pm, CHRW 94.9fm

1. Shakin Katz Theme…the Vanishers….Single (can)
2. Green Eyed Lady…Big Surf…CD Probabitly Wave
Sugarloaf written by Jerry Corbetta & Dave Riordan…#1 Canada 2wks/ #3 U.S.A charts 1970
3. Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie…Rapid Radishes…CD Self Titled
Written by George Motola & Ricky Page 1957...Eddie Cochran released January 1958 and after his death released in Britain reaching #30 in 1961
4. The Wanderer…the Rockin Roll Kamikazes…CD All Kinds of People
Written by Ernie Maresca ranks #239 in Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs of all Time
5. Korobeiniki…Aloha Screwdriver…CD the Haunted Plant
Russian Folk Song written in 1861 by Nikikey Nekrason…made popular by Nintendo’s 1989 version of Tetris

6. The Girl from Hell…Lee Rocker…CD Racin the Devil
Quetin Jones(Reach Around Rodeo Clowns) from 1999 “Circuit Rider” LP…Originally called My Gal’s from Hell
7. My Heart is Achin For You…the Millwinders…CD Ladies & Gentleman (can)
James Intveld 1983...James was in a band “the Rockin Shadows” song a minor hit in 1984...1984 in the movie Roadhouse 66 and then Cry Baby 1990
8. 200lb.Bee Pt.2.…the DeadBeat…CD Boss Sound (can)
1962 B-side  the Ventures/Don Wilson…argued as one of the first songs to use the Fuzz effect pedal
9. Lawdy Miss Claudy…the Tigersharks…CD This ain’t no Boat Accident (can)
Lloyd Price 1952 Single..#1 on R&B Charts for 7 wks…Loved by Elvis and preformed by Led Zeppelin, Little Richard, the Hollies, the Replacements and many more

10. Pauvre Martin…the Gutter Demons…CD Room 209 (can)
Written in 1953 by George Brascen…George Brascen is from France and is considered one of the most influential poets/songwriters of the mid 1900’s wrote over 250 songs
11. Red Hot…Sasquatch Prom Date…CD Self Titled (can)
Written 1955 by Billy “the Kid” Emerson song writer for Sun Records
12. Breaking the Law…Big John Bates…CD Bang town (can & request)
Written by Downing & Hatford (Judas Priest) 1980 British Steel LP
13. Green Hornet…Thee Swank Bastard…
Originally Flight of the BumbleBee written by Nikolai Rimsky 1899-1900 for the opera production of the Tales of Tsar Salton

14. Paralyzed…the Belmont Playboys…CD Wolf Patrol
Written by Otis Blackwell and released by Elvis Presley in 1956...Dave Edmonds released the song in 1987
15. Rockaway Beach…Tennessee Voodoo Coupe…CD Over the Moon (can)
Lp 1977 Rocket to Russia by DeeDee Ramone…the Ramones highest Charted single at #66 in the USA
16. Ace of Spades…Twistin Tarantulas…CD Attack of the Twistin Tarantulas (request)
1980 Motorhead (Kilmister/Clark/Taylor) released on the 7” for LP Ace of Spades first and then on 12”..reached #15 in UK charts and #10 greatest Hard Rock Songs of all times
17. Boppin the Blues…the Kingmakers…CD Live at Sun Studios (can)
1956 written by Carl Perkins & Curly Griffin…Sun records Released as a 45 & 78

Interview with Paul of the Hi-Tones
18. Bang Bang…the Hi-Tones…Live Single (can)
1958 by the female Elvis Miss Janis Martin
20.. Rocco Perri…the Hi-Tones…Single (can)
21. Long Gone Daddy…the Hi-Tones…Single (can)

22. Shakin All Over…KC & the Moonshine Band….CD Viva Las Vampire (can)
Written by Johnny Kidd for band Johnny Kidd & the Pirates…hit the UK charts at #1 in 1960...Preformed by the Guess Who in 1965 #1 in Canada and #22 in the USA
23. Hey Joe…Danny & the Wonderbra’s…CD End of the Road
History of the song highly Controversial…the song was copyrighted in 1962 by Billy Roberts and released in 1965 by the Leaves….Jimmy Hendrix has the Biggest Hit with it in 1966
24. Lomesome Train….King Kurt…Single
Jump Blues song 1951 written by Tiny Brandshaw on the King Label and then preformed by Johnny Burnette and the Rock n Roll Trio in 1956

25. Kaliforia (California Uber alles)…Los Tiki Phantoms …Single
First Single by the Dead Kennedy’s June 1979...appeared on Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
26. Rock Your Baby…Rosie Flores…CD Rockabilly Filly
Wanda Jackson first preformed 1954 and released as a single in 1958
28. Secret Agent Man…the Tin Cans…CD Listen Up
Written by Steve Barri & P.F. Sloan made famous by Johnny Rivers and the TV Show Secret Agent Man (1964-1966)

29. Blitteriey Bop…the Taggy Tones…CD Rockin (can) new covers 2 #23
1976 first Ramones Single wtitten by Jonny & DeeDee Ramone on their first Self titled CD
30. Wagon Wheel…the Preying Saints…Single(can) new #1
Bob Dylan 1973 wrote the song & melody during the Billy the Kid & Pat Garrett sessions never official released was put out as a bootleg version and later Old Crow Medicine Show (2003) completed the song and was official released
31 Paranoid…Frets…Single new covers #1
Black Sabbath Album 1970...was first released as a single hitting the charts in the UK #4 and & #61 on the USA charts and #1 in Germany…Ranks #34 ass the All Time Greatest Metal Songs by VH1

32. Jack the Ripper…King Beez…CD Death proof Vol 1(can & request)
1963 released by Screaming Lord Sutch on Decca as a 7”
33. You Keep Me Hanging On…Sharkbait…Single
Written 1966 by Holland-Dozier-Holland for the Supremes and became their 8th number one on Billboard Hit’s
34. RockHouse…the Meteors…Single
Written by Roy Orbison, Harold Jenkins (aka Conway Twitty) First appeared for Roy Orbison 1961 on Sun Records but was recorded earlier in 1958
35. Rollin Dynamite…Batmoblie…CD Dynamite
Written by Scott McKay aka Burn Max Lipscomb (was member of Gene Vincent Band)…released in 1959 twice as a single

36. Baby Let’s Play House….Johnny Barber & the Rhythm Razors…CD Golden Plates
Written by Arthur Gunter and recorded in 1954 on Excello Records…Covered by Elvis in 1955 was first song by Elvis to appear on the national Billboard Country Singles at #5
37. Wolly Bully…the Highlinners…CD Rockabilly & Psychobilly Madness Vol.1
Written by Domingo Samudio 1965 preformed by his novelty rock n roll band Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs
38. Rocker…Eve Hell & the Razors…CD When the Lights Go Out (can)
AC/DC written by Angus Young, Malcom Young and Bon Scott for their second Lp T.N.T released in 1975

Wowzer that was a fun Show….thanks for the Request to do the Covers Show once again, lots of Kool songs done billy style…
Big Thank You to Paul Wickerson for coming on the show to chit chat about the up coming things that are to take place over the next few months for the Hi-Tones. Thanks Paul it was a Pleasure

Have a great week Folks till next Wednesday 3:30-6pm on CHRW 94,9fm

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Flattrakkers - Gettin' Dirty 2013

The Flattrakkers  are one of those bands that are just flat out kool.These Australian kats have been dishin' out revved up rockabilly since 2004. With 3 albums of hard edge rockabilly full of songs about hotrods, flat track racing ,speedway ,chicks,drinking and dirt trackin' what's not to like.Now with their 4th album "  Gettin' Dirty" the band shakes things up a bit. Sliding in with 13 original tracks that for the most are what you would expect from these guys .We also get a couple of tracks that lean more to  traditional rockabilly and even a country infused  track( Don't Shut the Bar). Highlights include: "Derby Girl","Big Shake Up","Real Mean Machine and " 24 Hours a Day".
The big question here is how good is " Gettin' Dirty "? Let's just say it kicks butt and that it just may be their best yet. Hell of a band that always delivers the goods and yeah they are kool. Recommended

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Big Surf - Probability Wave 2012

Hailing from that hotbed of surf music Minneapolis, Minnesota  comes the way kool surf band Big Surf.Since 2001 these board riders have been laying down "adventurous surf" in fine tiki style. With a couple of albums under their belt  some  consider them one of America's  better surf bands.  Probability Wave the band's 3rd release  is  an interesting and at times eclectic ride  that is very enjoyable. Riding in with a mix of 14 originals and covers that range from traditional, lounge ,Hawaiian to pure surf rock and the off beat.Highlights include: "Nemesis Nauticus"," Probability Wave","Surfin' Nerd"and a really kool cover of "Green Eyed Lady". That's  right these boys have the balls to cover Sugarloaf  and you gotta love that.Big Surf is a band that has a great rep but for whatever reason the band has yet to gain the exposure they deserve. Probability Wave is one surf album you may want to check out

Voodoo Swing - Fast Cars Guitars Tattoos and Scars 2013

For 20 years now  Voodoo Swing has been kicking out some pretty kool rockabilly.Despite 6  good albums the band hasn't  really gotten the attention they deserve.Hell I can count on one hand the number of rockabillys I know who have heard of them yet I know a whack of blues followers who are into these kats. Saying that the band has just dropped their 7th album"Fast Cars Guitars Tattoos and Scars" and guess what this is big ,bold ,diverse and easily their best. We get 14 tracks here that is a rich and  pleasing stew of roots music.From rockabilly, jump blues ,country to western swing and shades of bluegrass.Make no mistake here: this puppy still rocks.Highlights include:"My Rockabilly Martian Gal”,"Chasin the Devil's Hot Rod","Seein Double Boogie" and "Down the Oak". Most bands would never attempt to push this far outside their perceived comfort zone but Voodoo Swing not only has but have done it well also.Big gamble equals  big pay-off .Recommended    

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Shakin KatzRadio Playlist April 17 2013

1. Shakin Katz Theme…the Vanishers…Single (can)
2. Down at the oak..Voodoo Swing…CD Fast Cars, Guitars, the Hoo’s & Scars
3. Checkmate…Rich Lagton & the Trouble Makers…CD Tough Town
4. Selfish Thoughts…Matchless…CD Randomly generated Numbers (can & request)
5. ElectrikShock…the Brains…CD the Monster Within (can)

6. My Way or Highway…Razorbacks…CD Live a Little (can)
7. I Can’t Help it…Lou Cifer & the Hellians…CD Rock! Bop! Rockville!
8. Goonie Bird…the Royal Crowns…CD 32 Miles to Memphis (can)
9. Mickey Rat…Messer Chups…CD Church of Reverb

10. I’m the Wolfman…Rockin Ryan & the Real Gooners…CD Crying Midnight
11. Boppin Cat…the Devils HotRod…CD Dirty Rocks for Broken Heats (can)
12. The Crazies…Sir Psyko & His Monster…CD Till the end
13. Immaculate Pompadours…Punch Drunk Cabaret…CD Self Titled (can & request)

14. String Ray…the Dead Beat…CD Boss Sound (can)
15. Double Talk Baby….the Stray Cats….Single (request)
16. Dead…the House of Haunt…CD Highway Horror single (can)
17. Bowhunting Song…Bourbon Boys….CD Shotguns, Trucks. Cattle

18. Let’s Shake…the Vanishers…CD Haggersville Dance Party (can & request)
19. You Outta See Grandma Rock…Skeets McDonald…CD Classic Rockabilly Comp
20. Le Train Quisiffle…Israel Proulx…CD Mr. Frantic (can)
21. Rag Top Baby…Meekats…Single (request)

22. Arigato Terauchi…Crazy Aces…CD Greatest Hits
23. Old Sparky…Katacombs…Single (can)
24. Ramble On…Blue Moon Bombers…CD SouthPaw
25. Rocco Rerri…the Hi-Tones…Single (can)

26. Be-Boppin Baby…Flat Foot Shakers…CD Rockabilly 99
27. Engine Trouble…Demented Are Go…CD Welcome Back to Insanity Hall
28. Bust out the Boogie…Black frame Spectacles…CD Grady Sessions 2 (can & request)
29. Hot Rod Lincoln…Hard Six…CD Teenage Paranormal Romance

30. 5000 Coffins…Buzz Deluxe…Single (can)
32. Live Fast…the Silverhounds…EP Hellacious (request)
33. Click Bang boom…Aloha Screwdriver…CD the Haunted Planted
35. I Ain‘t Got a Baby…Shock Therapy…CD Fearsome

36. Bank Notes…the Rock n Roll Kamikazes…CD all Kinds of People
37. Ice Cold Rockabilly…the Kingmakers…CD Live at Sun Studio (can)
38. Voodoo Queen…Rick & the Krickets…CD Right as Rain (can)
39. Feel Like Dynamite…Easy Tigerz…CD Two Headed Tattooed Lover Girl

40. Break these Chains…the RayGun Cowboys…CD Cowboy Up (can)
42. Bucket of Blood…Hellbillys…CD American Psychobilly Archive (request)
43. Vampire Rocker…Christian D. and the Hangovers…CD Shake it…or Leave it (can)
44. Swamp Thing…Southern Culture on the Skids…CD Simplified
45. No Mercy…Doghouse Rose/Sarah & Jeff…EP No Mercy (can) #4
46. Freedom Rider….King Beez….CD Self Titled (can & request)

Next Week We have Paul Wickerson on board from the Hi-Tones to talk about their gig at Fitzrays with Burnin Ethyl and what else is new on the home front regarding the Band. Lookin Forward to a little chit chat time with Mr. Paul.
Event Page:

Don’t Forget You Requested Us to bring Back the “Billy Cover Show” so next week it is on….so get in those request early so Johnny Boy and I can get to work on finding those special little numbers for next weeks show….and Talkin about Request thanks once again for all of this weeks selection to the play list!!

Have a Great week Folks See Yha next Week Same time 3:30-6pm Same Place CHRW 94.9fm

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Brains - The Monster Within 2013

I'm going to get right to the point here The Brains  are the undisputed champs of Canadian psychobilly,arguably Canada's best band of any genre in the past 5 or 6 years and are world beaters to boot. Hell there are a few bands from Europe and South America that even sound like them. Don't believe me, just listen to their first 4 albums in order .Now 'The Monster Within" (the band's 5th album) continues a streak of stellar releases that really is kinda mind boggling.This puppy delivers a knock-out punch with 14 damn impressive tracks of   psychobilly.Highlights include: "Rolling Down", "The Monster Within", "Give It All" and " Stay Back". Monster is one kinetic,intense and killer joyride but it can be summed up in one word : WOW.  Highly recommended

Blue Moon Bombers - South Paw 2013

In 2012  the Blue Moon Bombers released a pretty good little debut album called "Bombs Away"  than you could say went under the wire.Not to be deterred the boys went back to the woodshed and have returned with another very solid album.,No sophomore jinx here "Southpaw"  punches the ticket with  13 tracks  that range from kick-butt rockabilly to folksy blues,surf  and psychobilly.This is  more diverse and stronger than their debut.The Bombers are one band that can truly claim  to be too rockabilly for the psychos and  too Psycho for the rockabillies. This is  raw and rough and that's  a kool strong point for the band .Highlights include: " My Baby Don't Love Me" , "Devil Inside", " Nightmare Girl " and " 54 Hellevedere".The Blue Moon Bombers are a band that deserve your attention.Recommended

Friday, 12 April 2013

The RedHot Trio - Perdition 2013

The RedHot Trio are one of those bands that a lot of people expect big things from.This English trio have been at it since 2004 and have a rep for playing "Mature rockabilly" but in the same breath they are often cited  as been young and exciting.Their  debut album "Passport To Hell" was a solid effort but honestly I don't think it separated them from the pack.So now we have the bands sophomore release "Perdition" and  lets just say it's a pretty good deal .We get 15 tracks here that range from straight up rockabilly to country and roots rock.Also the album  kinda has a kool western feel running throughout it .Highlights include:" Devil Women", "Writer's Block","Day By Day" and "Love Me". Perdition isn't going to blow you away,this isn't barn burnin' rockabilly but it is an album that will grow on you if given a chance.It's good and does separate The RedHot Trio from the rest of the pack.

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio Wednesday April 10, 2013

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday April 10, 2013
3:30-6:00pm, Chrw 94.9Fm

1. Shakin Katz Theme….the Vanishers….Single (can)
2. My Phone….the Mooggies Rockabilly Trio…CD Resident  Hellvis
3. Shakin Little Mama…Shock Therapy…CD Fearsome
4. Motorpsycho Girl…the Farrell Bros…CD Rumble @the Opry (can & request)
5. Click Bang Boom…Aloha Screwdriver…CD the Haunted Planet

6. Jump & Twist….the Rowdymen….CD Gas Liquor & Fireworks (can)
7. Crazy Crazy Daddy…Texabilly Rockets…CD 45’s Jamboree (request)
8. Draggin…the Alley Dukes…CD the Nuthin Studio Sessions (can)
9. The Unicorn Song…Hard Six…CD Teenage Paranormal Romance

10. Never More…the Silver Shine…Faded Pictures  (English translation)                                                                                                                                                                                                                       11. Love and a 45...Eve Hell and the Razors…CD When the Lights Go Out (can)
12. Get Out of My Head…Speed Sickers…Single
13. Jungle Fever….the Playboys…CD Roots of Psycho Billy

14. Bad Attitude…Howlin Lou & His Whiplovers…CD Bad Attitude (request)
15. Hell Bop…13 Cats…Psychobilly Box (request)
16. Born to Boogie…Carl Perkins…CD Dueling Rock
17. Test Pilot…Los Caminos…CD Test Pilot (can & request)

18. Kill Kill…the Brains…CD the Monster within (can)
19. Baby Let Me Rock…the Wise Guyz…CD Let’s Rock the Floor
20. Big Bang…Hard Money Saints…CD Live Death Match
21. We’ll Get High…Ron Hayward Combo…CD Tail shaking (can)

22. Motorhead Girl…Hillybilly Moon Explosion…CD Damn Right Honey
23. Roller Skate Girl…6 Gun Romeo…CD Hood Shaker (can)
24. Marie Marie…the Guitar Slingers…Single
25. Pogo & Gogo…the Apeman…CD 7 +inches of Love

26. Forever Time….the Millwinders…CD Ladies & Gentleman (can)
27. Red Hot Car…the Epileptic Hillbilly’s…CD Insanity (request)
28. Sneaky Pete…the Black Holes…CD Live at the Wick (can)
30. Whole Lotta Shakin ….Jerry Lee Lewis…CD Dueling Rock Live

31. Generation Why… Reverend Horton Heat…CD It’s Martini Time
32. Sunday…the Gutter Demons…CD Misery Madness and Murder Lullabies (can)
33. Fire Walk with Me…Hot Rod Frankie…CD God, Gasoline & Me
34. Terrors of the Night….the Silverhounds….EP Hellacious

35. It’s Gamera….Tijuana Bibles…CD Apartment Wrestling (can)
36. Some kind of Nice…Rock-a-Tunes….CD Shakin Up North (can)
37. About a Girl…Vulture Club…CD Roadkill Café (request)
38. Hot Rod Country…John Evans…Lollygaggin
Interview with Tom Dunphy of the Rizdales
39. Don’t Ring Me Up…the Rizdales…CD Radio Country (can)
40. High Heeled Homewrecker….Rizdales….CD Radio Country (can)
Big Thank You to Tom for taking the time to talk with Us about their 10year Celebration that takes place this Weekend in Toronto, Friday Night and London on Saturday.
Event Page:

41. No Matter What I Do….Burnin Ehtyl…Single (can & request)
42. Round & Round….the Uranus…Single
43.Buy Me a Drink…..the Allens…..CD Self Titled (can)
44. Hot Rod Country…John Evans…Lollygaggin #5
45. Devil Dance….Ginger St. James & the Grinders…CD Spank Sparkle & Growl (can) #4

That was a Fun Show…thanks for all the Request this week you Guys and Gals are Awesome and Thank you to Tom Dunphy for the Chit Chat time here on Shakin Katz. It’s always a pleasure to have quest on the show.

John and I would like to thank the staff Here at CHRW 94.9Fm for their support as We Won the Categories and Awards this year for “the Outstanding 3:30-6:00pm Show: on CHRW 94.9fm” and also for the biggie “John Mekenna Award for Outstanding Dedication to CHRW 94.9fm”. Thank You

In 2 weeks time We have Paul from the Hi-Tones on to Talk about there Up coming event with Burnin Ethyl at Fitzrays:

Have a great Week Folks and see next week same time 3:30-6:00pm….same place 94.9fm

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Top Cats - Smashing To The Ground 2013

Sweden's Top Cats have been around since 2001 and have been one of the country's hardest working bands.However thier big break came in the Melodifestivalen 2012(Sweden's Euro song contest).The band finished 6th and it propelled their debut album "Heartache" up the charts, not bad for a rockabilly band.With "Smashing To The Ground" (the band's 2nd album) these Cats are upping their game .Clocking in with 12 originals,this is better than "Heartache" but it isn't  really a rockabilly album .This is way more and I mean way more rock n roll than rockabilly.Christ some people  may even say it's mainstream.Highlights include:"Walk On By", "Smashing To The Ground","She's A Devil" and "Black Widow Spider". You have to give it to Top Cats,this is a solid, devise, well written and executed  album.This is  one of those deals that could split their fans but at the same time give them a boat load more.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Aloha Screwdriver - The Haunted Planet 2013

You just know with a name like Aloha Screwdriver that this is one killer band.Since 2009 these Californian kats have been playing a kool brand of surf meets twang  that has been called "high octane surf" and rightly so.In 2011 the bands ep "No Way Out" hit a chord with many surf lovers.Now there back with their debut album "The Haunted Planet"and man it's pretty damn good.Lambasting us with 11 tracks(8 originals) of surf/Instrumental rock.This not the traditional surf your daddy listened too.What we have here is a merger of traditional surf,spaghetti,horror,punk,smash mouth surf and rockabilly.If that wasn't enough for you we also have a  healthy dose of twang some Russian folk and even tinges of metal / prog rock to boot .Highlights include:"Click Bang Boom", "A Deadly Demise", "Creature Screecher" and "Doom Buggy Hellride". At the end of the day this is one hell of a groovy ride and you could sum it all up  in 4 words: kool album,kool band. Highly recommended

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio Wednesday April 3, 2013

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday April 3, 2013
3:30-6:00pm, CHRW 94.9Fm

1. Shakin Katz Theme…the Vanishers…Single (can)
2. Sept Soirs Surle…Israel Proulx…CD Mr. Frantic (can)
3. Do the Stomp…Maibell the Milfires…CD Destiny
4. Going Down to Memphis…DeadCats….CD Look Like Hell (can & request)
5. The Dead Rock Out…Salidos DelaCripta…S/T
6. Pill Poppin Papa…the Royal Crowns…CD Vol.3 (can)
7. All by Myself…Robert Gorden…CD the Masters (request)
8. Dear Highway…Gunsmoke….CD Gun smoke (can)
9. Kitten with a Whip….Rockats…CD Rockin Together (request)

10. Motor Mouth….The Dragstrip Devils…Single (can)
11. Chupacabra…the Atomic Men….CD Bomb Shelter Boogie (request)
12. Radish Rock…Rapid Radishes…CD Self Titled
13. Never Had it So Good…Handsome Ned…CD the Name is Ned (can)

14. Writers Block…Red Hot Trio…CD Perdition
15. Mr. Eddy…Manny Jr. & the Cyclones….CD Strictly Instrumental (can)
16. Rock n Roll Guitar…Nicotyna…Single
17. The Monster Within…the Brains….Single (can & request)

Interview and Acoustic Session with the Black Frame Spectacle…Live right in the on air booth at Shakin Katz.
18. Mob Awaits…Black Frame Spectacle… Live (can)
19. My Precious War…Black Frame Spectacle… Live (can)
20. This Train ain’t Stoppin…Black Frame Spectacle… Live (can)
21. Devil Don’t Tie My Shoes…Black Frame Spectacle….. Live (can)

22. Terrors of the Night…the Silver Hounds…EP Hellacious
23. Bitter Moon…the Preying Saints…Single (can & request)
24. Banana Splits…the Griswalds…CD Better Late than Never
25. Hipshakin Baby…Ollie Vee…Single (can & request)

26. Back Up Baby….Greasemarks…CD Griddle Greasin Daddies (can)
27. Downtown Jail….Bikini Machine…CD Let’s Party with Bikini Machine
28. Fortune Teller…Top Cats…CD Smashing to the Ground
29. Baby Blue Eyes…the Stray Cats…CD the Best of the Stray Cats

30. Bang Bang….the Hi-Tones….Single Live (can)
31. High Heeled Homewrecker…Rizdales….CD Radio Country (can)
32. Mystery Train…Johnny Barber & the Rhythm Razors….CD Golden Plates
33. Thrills and Sensations….the Quakes…Quiff Rock
34. Buy Me a Drink….The Allens…Self Titled (can)

Big Shout Out to the Black Frames for stopping by the station for an acoustic session Live in the on air booth and a some chit chat about what is new. Thank You Ian and Adam it is always a pleasure to have You on board…
The Black Frame Spectacles and the Chrw Local Album of the Year Winners “the Allens” will be playing at Call the Office this Saturday Night….Free Show to boot!

Some of the features that will be happening this Month:

April 10th: Tom Dunphy will be in the studio next week for some chit chat about their 10yrs celebration in Toronto and London April 12-13

April 24: Paul from the Hi-Tones in the studio for some chit chat about their show at Fitzrays with Burnin Ethyl.

And Back Your Demand…”COVERS SPECIAL” also on the April 24th

Have a Great Week Folks back next week same time 3:30-6pm same place CHRW 94.9fm

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Black Frame Spectacles on Shakin Katz

Tomorrow on Shakin Katz.... Black Frame Spectacles are in the House...for a rare acoustic set and of course chit chat.
Tomorrow on Shakin Katz.... Black Frame Spectacles are in the House...for a rare acoustic set and of course chit chat.