Sunday 28 September 2014

The Fabulous Blue Wabbits - Instwoh-Mentals, Vol. 1 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen ..."Four decades of surf ...with three and a half decades missing" ... The Fabulous Blue Wabbits. That's right this surf band started out as the Blue Diamond way back in 1964(who says Canada didn't have surf bands back then ) and was in action  up to 1972.As usual life gets in the way and in 2006  two of the members started jamming part time.Over time they became The Fabulous Blue Wabbits.That's the short history  but this part time band has dropped one hell of a killer surf  on the unsuspecting masses,I kid you not. Instwoh-Mentals, Vol. 1 the band's debut is nothing short of sweet  and it's almost impossible to believe this isn't a seasoned pro band .Hell most so called professional band's couldn't pull this off .Riding the wave in with 16 kool surf tracks  that clock in at just under 50 minutes ,this is pure 60's surf .When hard core surf fans talk about sound,  tempo and texture  this is what they are getting at ,it's all here. These kats stick to first wave surf and do it extremely well. Highlights include: " Clam Digging", " Blackwater","California Longboard" and "It's a Rock Billy".
         If your a fan of surf  music you want to be running out to get "Instwoh-Mentals, Vol. 1" and even if your not a fan of surf music  you should check this puppy out . If this was on a major label  of any kind you would be hearing a whole whack noise  about it . The Fabulous Blue Wabbits  have  delivered one of the best albums so far this year by anyone in any genre. Highly Recommended!

John Lewis & His Trio - Sanity

For years now John Lewis has been one of the most consistent and better rockabilly/ rock n roll artist out there.From The Rimshots to Johnny Bach and The Moonshine Boozers to his present day Trio , he has always delivered the goods and you wouldn't be far off the mark to call him a true legend.Saying that, you have to wonder why in the hell over here in North America he is still,basically a best keep secret. Hopefully that will change as John Lewis has 2 albums coming out this year (2014).,an acoustic album  and the one that recently dropped that you need to hear now  "Sanity". This puppy clocks in with 13 tracks  that will  have you up and movin'. From piano driven rockers to rockabilly,straight up rock n roll, to shades of country,a shot of surf and even some DooWop. "Sanity " covers a lot of ground and does it quite well .Highlights include: "It Hurts", " Train Keep a Moving", "She’s Long Gone" and the kool "Flat-Top Cat".

     Also of note is the 2 covers here, a Hank Williams Sr. song "Please Don’t Let Me Love You" that comes off as nothing short of  rockabilly-boogie.The other is  "Sosban Fach" a  traditional Welsh song that will diffidently catch your ear.Overall "Sanity" is a very strong and fresh sounding album that kinda has a kool vibe going on and you gotta like that .If you don't know who John Lewis is ,you should and you probably need to go out and get this!  Recommended!     

Sunday 21 September 2014

The Rhythm Shakers - VooDoo 2014

It's kinda hard to believe it's been over 5 years(2009) since  Los Angeles based The Rhythm Shakers released  their killer debut album, “Flipsville”. In 2011 the band followed up their debut with the single"Love Spilled Across The Floor" and then the "Shake Your Hips" single in 2012.  Over time the band's raw and lethal brand of rockabilly/rock n roll has managed to attract a pretty strong  and ever growing fan base. Hell this is a group that has a rep for killing it live and been straight up kool. All which brings us to their new sophomore album "Voodoo" and let's just say this puppy is raw,rough, full of attitude and just damn good! Clocking in with 14 tracks (11 originals) this is serious rock n roll/rockabilly that times oozes the blues. Basically they stick to what they do best but  here they kick it up a  few notches. Highlights include:"Home Wrecker", " Make Me Say", "What If I Said" and " Rather Be Alone".
             It may have been a long time coming but " VooDoo" is a stellar album  and well worth the wait. The Rhythm Shakers just keep getting better with every release. Let's  just say it's definitely  one of the better albums to come out this year. Highly recommended !

Friday 19 September 2014

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Wednesday, September 17,2014

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday September 17,2014
 Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme…The Vanishers…Single
2. Silent Type….The Quakes…EP Live By The Sword
3. Tear The House Down…Rocket Fins….CD C’mon
4. Real King Bee…The Bullets…CD Go-Man-Go
5. Popeye The Psychoman…The Tumblin Go-Go’s…CD Turmoil request
6. Wild Beast Bop…The Carvans…CD Trailer Park Trash n Roll
7. History Gangster…Voodoo Allens…CD 220
8. Sweet Talk…..The Millwinders…CD Ladies & Gentleman
9. Smokestack Cadillac…Punk Drunk Cabaret….CD The Juke Joint Revival Hour
10. Doom Buggy Hellride…Aloha Screwdriver…CD The Haunted Planet  request
11. Elvis On The Radio…Lower Town Trio…CD Last Of The Rebels
12. The Past Is A Place I Just Can’t Go…Norm & the Nightmarez…CD Psychobilly Infection
13. Lost Boy Choir…Clockwork Psycho…CD Nightmare From Liabach
14. Meatshakes…The Greasemarks…Single request
15. Where Is My Baby Girl…Sick Sick Sinners…CD UnfuckinStoppable
16. 69 Firebird…The Derangers…CD The Legend of Daphne Blue & The Westernmental Sound
17. 2 Am Rock…The Wise Guyz…CD Hot Summer Nights
18. Goodman…Rio & the Rockabilly Revival…CD Runaway Train  request
19. Stringray Shuffle #1…The 427’s…EP Surf Noir
20. Let’er Roll…Sid King & His Five Strings…CD Gonna Shake this Shake Tonight
21. Six Shooter Blues…Pike Cavalero…CD In Torro
22. All Systems Go….Man or Astro-Man…Defcon 5..4..3..2..1
23. Riot On Easy Street…The Kingmakers…CD Chicago Hi-Style
24. Home Wrecker…The Rhythm Shakers…CD Voodoo
25. Girls & Gasoline…The Hardtails…CD Self Titled request
27. When You're Gone….The Four Aces…CD Goin' Strong With...
28.  Midnight Express…New Seeds 55….Ghhhh rrrrrr
29. Two Tickets To Hell…Route 67….CD I Kill My Love
30. Pole Nectar…The Huaraches…CD Ride  request
31. Got The Water Boiling…Billy Lee Riley…CD Red Hot
32. Love Desire…Bad Dooley’s…CD  King of the Sea
33. Hot Rod Country…John Evans…CD Lollygaggin  request
34. Sunday…The Gutter Demons…CD  Misery, Madness, and Murder Lullabies
35. Surfin To Hell….Evil Elvis…CD Tattoo’d Fuckwit 
36. Go-Go Girl…The Hotrod Hillbillies….CD Under The Texas Sky
37. Made For Rock n Roll…Blue Rockin…CD Deep From The   Heart                                  
38. This Train Ain’t Stoppin…Black Frame Spectacle…Single
39. Swamp Thing…Southern Culture On The Skids….CD Zombified  request
40. Me, Myself & Why…Bonsai Kittens…CD Occupy Yourself
41. Bust It Up….Mezcal Bros…CD Neo-Rockabilly
42. Tumble & Fall…Kim Lenz….CD Follow Me
43. The Devil's Reef ... Rondo Hatton...CD S/T
44. Ginger St. James &The Grinders...CD Diesel & Peas

Sunday 14 September 2014

Clockwork Psycho - Nightmares From Laibach 2014

Since forming in 2011 Slovenia's Clockwork Psycho has created a ton of noise with their brand of psychobilly/punkabilly.Word is that this hard working band  has upstaged  some of the big name headliners  they have backed up and that they are an outfit too keep an eye on.For some out there this is the best  up and coming psychobilly band in Europe.Well I don't know about that but they are pretty damn good. If you want proof you just have to check out the band's debut album " Nightmares From Laibach"  which is nothing short of a blast of ass kicking  psychobilly .This puppy kicks in hard and fast with an intro , 11  psycho rockers  and then ends on a nightmare note.Once the band hits the gas they really don't let up.Clockwork Psycho actually manages to achieve a great mix of psychobilly  and punkabilly here and that  helps to elevate the album. Highlights include: "Today I Meet The Maker", "Lost Boy Choir", "Alone In The Wastes" and "Monkey On My Back".
           This is a very strong debut album  that comes off fast and loose but at the same time it's consistently damn  good.Recommended

Route 67 - I Kill My Love 2014

Back in 2012 Route 67 managed to grab the attention of more than a few people with their impressive   debut album  "Sinful Way". They even scored  a decent amount airplay here in North America and deservedly so.Here was a band that sat firmly at the intersection of rockabilly and psychobilly but you just knew that what ever way  they went it would be good. Well the band's sophomore album " I Kill My Love" has dropped and boy it's damn good .Leaning  more  to neo-rockabilly than psychobilly may surprise some fans but it really shouldn't.Clocking in with 12 tracks of billy bliss that are diverse and strong. Highlights include : " Bring The Bottle", "Mummy’s Curse", "She Hates Kids, She Can’t Cook " and the kool " Your Dog Is Crapping On My Lawn" .
 Route 67 has definitely upped they're game here and it shows,from the song writing to the actual execution this puppy rocks and holds your attention.This is a band on the move! Recommended! 

Saturday 13 September 2014

Lower Town Trio - Last Of The Rebels 2014

If your looking for some fun "brash rockabilly " the Lower Town Trio are diffidently a band for you.Hailing from the  Lockport , Buffalo area of New York State  these kats have been banging out their brand of billy music since 2007/08 .Over the years the band has developed a solid rep and great word of mouth, hell the word of mouth has even crossed over north of the border, into Canada. Having some pedigree(The Quakes) doesn't hurt either. In  late 2013  the band started working on their debut  and now the results are out in the form of "Last of the Rebels". This puppy lives up to all the buzz about the band ,we get 13 original tracks of fun and high energy rockabilly/psychobilly that are extremely likeable. We get  billy music that drags in punk, new wave  and hell even pop into a kool rock n roll  mix .The album  is chalked full of  strong and catchy tunes.Highlights include : "Elvis On the Radio","Gangster Killed the Rock Star"," Something Strange" and  the title track "Last of the Rebels"
          Lower Town Trio is a band that kinda goes their own way and that's a good thing.As a result of that  "Last of the Rebels" is a pretty strong and refreshing album that's really hard to resist.You gotta like that! Recommended


Friday 12 September 2014

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio Wednesday September 10, 2014

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday September 10, 2014
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme…The Vanishers…Single
2.The Black Horse…The Coffin Nails…CD Murder On The Orient Express
3.Get On Out…Teenage Zombies….CD Zombiefied  request
4.Whatever Happen To Rock n Roll… The Mojo Kings…Single
5. Girl From Outer Space…The Benders…CD Tres Cereza
6. Grease Monkey Blues…Matchless…CD Randomly Generated Numbers       request
7. No Time For You…The Rhythm Shakers…CD Flipsville
8. Hot Mess…Christian D & the Hangovers…CD Shake It Or Leave It  request
9. Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor…Johnny Horton…CD Johnny Horton 56-60
10.Bad Lil Betty…Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys…CD Damaged Goods
11. Rumors…The Frantic Rockers….CD Frantic Beat
12. All Over The Town…The BopHounds…CD Self Titled
13. California Long Board….The Fabulous Blue Wabbits….CD Instwoh-Mentals vol.1
14. Something Else….Eddie Cochran…CD Greatest Hits
15. Ain’t Heard Nothin Yet….Dagmar and The Seductones…CD Come Back To Me
16. Back To The 50’s…Melvis & The Jive Cats…CD Mr. Jive
17. Gennie In A Bottle…Pat Capocci….CD Pantherburn Stomp  request
16. Monkey On My Mind….Clockwork Psycho…CD Nightmare From Laibach
17. Shot Down…The Wolftones…CD Red Light Blues
18. 44…Lucky 13…CD Come Back Home
19. Don’t Settle….Hill Valley Lightning….CD Self Tilted  request
20. When You Burn…The Limit Club…EP Wild Four  request
21. Love Song…The Brains…EP Covers(tbr)  request
22. Hackbrett…Frantic Flintstones….EP Lost Highway
23. That Ain’t Nothing But Right….Mac Curtis…CD Rebel Rock
24. Twang’em High…The Derangers…CD The Legend Of Daphine Blue & The Westernmental Sound
25. Hot Rod…Las Avispas Locas…CD Self Titled
26. Wampus Cat…Paul French….CD I Monster
27. Devil Doll….Jack Rabbit Slim….CD Emperor’s New Clothes
28. Your Dog Is Crappin On My Lawn…Route 67….CD I Kill My Love
29. Reckless…The Classy Chassys….CD Let’s Riot
30. I’m Victim Of Your Love….The Scannerz…CD Scannerz
31. Rockin My Life Away….The King Bees….CD The King Bees 1&2
32. . Buddy I Got You…Emmy Lou & The Rhythm Boys….CD Bye Bye Baby
33. I’m Coming Home…Robert Gordon…CD I’m Coming Home
34. Fujiyama Mama…Wanda Jackson…CD Rebel Rock
35. Let’s Party…Luis & the Wild Fire…CD Brain Jail
36. Old School Troublemaker…Fender 55….CD Troublemaker
37. I Dig Rock…Twisted Rod….Demo
38. Earth Quake….Jason & The Nomads…CD Warp Speed Ahead
39. Radish Rock…Rapid Radishes…CD Self Titled request
40. 1943….The Blackout Bombs…EP Band From The Pub
41. Motormouth…the Dragstrip Devils...Demo

Sunday 7 September 2014

The Derangers - The Legend of Daphne Blue and the Westernmental Sound 2014

 Way back at the start of 90's The Derangers  made a whack of noise when they released  the track "Rio Sangre". That one song would cement them into surf rock history ,it was and still is Spaghetti surf at it's best.The band remained active till packing it up in 2000 leaving only a few recordings behind. In 2013 the band got back together and now have released their first official album,"The Legend of Daphne Blue and the Westernmental Sound". This  is really a best of/retrospective album  that truly shows just how good this band is .Riding in with 13 tracks of killer surf that are nothing short of damn kool .You wanna know what kool sounds like,well here it is.From traditional surf to spaghetti to straight up  instro rock this puppy nails it.Highlights include: "The Impaler", "Twang 'em High","'69 Firebird" and "Rio Sangre"

               When it comes to getting more bang for your buck "The Legend of Daphne Blue and the Westernmental Sound"  more than delivers .This is strong, timeless and will stay with you. If your a fan of surf this is a must have ,hell even if your not, it still will color you impressed .Highly recommended !

Friday 5 September 2014

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio Wednesday September 3, 2014

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday September 3, 2014
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme…The Vanishers…Single
2.Shake…Sirocco Bros…CD Sirocco
3. Something Wicked This Way Comes…Jittery Jack…CD Gonna Have Time with…
4. Loving Man…Dee’s Honeytones…CD Hot Damn
5. Wreck You To Death…Jacko Bones…Single request
6. Knockin Bones…Big John Bates…CD Mystiki…
7. Jaded Fool…Rocket 350…CD Feats of Strength  request
8. Thrills & Sensations…The Quakes….CD Quiff Rock
9. Vulcan…Los Tiki Phantoms….CD Regresan De La Tumba
10. That’s Rock 2…The Moggies….CD Squirrel Cereal Killer
11. Psycho-Rama….The Gutter Demons….CD Room 209 request
12. Five Minutes Of Fury….Johnny Nightmare…CD Kicking Satan Out of Hell
13. This Train Ain’t Stoppin…Black Frame Spectacle…Single request
14. Manhunt…Evil Jokers…CD Not The First Day In A Crazy Home
15. Stingray Shuffle No.1…427’s…CD Surf Noir
16. Treat Me Nice….The Tigersharks….CD Bottoms Up
17. Bungalow…The Baboons….CD Back Scratch
18. Ain’t No Laughing Matter…The Millwinders…CD Ladies & Gentleman
19. Stroll Earthquake….Lew Lewis & The Twilight Trio….CD Red Hot Baby
20. What’s On Your Radio…The Living End….CD State Of Emergency request
21. Screamin Saturday Night…The Ricardo’s….Single
22. Wretched Soul…The Go-Go Cult…CD This Is The Voice Of The Go-Go Cult  request
23. Old School Boogie…Spellbound…CD Stir It Up
24. Maybelline…Allistair Christl….CD Unmarked Grave
25. PeeWee’s Loot…Bang Bang Bazooka…CD Red Hot & Horny
26. Square Wave…The Treblemakers…CD The Treblemakers Versus The Doomsday Device! 
27. Tokyo Rose….Whiskey Kill…CD Pissed Off Betty
28. Boppin High School Baby…Don Willis….CD the Roots of Psychobilly Vol.#2
29. Highsider Stomp…The Highsiders…CD Self Titled
30. Rock the Bong…The Degenerated…CD Aargh 
31. Mess Of Me ...The Vanishers...CD  H.D.P.
32. Half Past Dead…..The Katacombs…EP Self titled request
33.  West Coast Boogie….Voodoo Swing…CD Keep On Rollin
34. Evil Eye…The Matadors…CD Devils Music request
35. Ride The Torpedo…Skarekrows…CD Tales From The Skarekrow
36. I’m Gonna Tell My Daddy…Rhythm Sophie…Single request
37. Little Red Head….The Swingin Blackjacks….EP 4 Hot Tracks
38.  No Matter What I Do…Burnin Ethyl….Single request
39. School Of Rock N Roll….Gene Summer….CD The Roots Of Psychobilly
40. Struttin….Nikki Hill & Deke Dickerson With The Bo-Keys….EP Soul Meets Country
41. Frettone Boogie….The FretTones…CD Stop Frettin
42. Rock Bop baby….Bubba J…Demo
43. School Bites…Evil Elvis…CD Tattoo’d Fuckwit