Sunday 29 June 2014

Imelda May -Tribal 2014

    It's been around 4 years since Imelda May released "Mayhem" an album that really put her in the public    eye,since then she has kept pretty busy. With her band in tow she's been hard at it ,always touting it seems   and  getting her name out there.No one could argue that she isn't worthy of her popularity after all when talk about  Imelda May you talk about music,I mean good music,not some side show shit .That said " Tribal" is   her 4th album  and it's definitely her most rock n roll outing yet. With 12 tracks May shows again she's more than   just a rockabilly queen.We get slow burners to all out rockers that for the most part nail it.  May         really doesn't stray far from what she does best so that means we get rockabilly ,blues , a little country and     tinges  of jazz.Highlights include :"Right Amount of Wrong", "Five Good Men","Hellfire Club" and the tittle      track" "Tribal".                                                                                                                                                  

  Imelda May and her band really step it up on "Tribal" but you just know they would.From the   production,the song writing to the execution this baby puppy fires on all pistons .It's her strongest, most          consistent and toughest album so far.Recommended                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Thursday 26 June 2014

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Wednesday June 24, 2014

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
Wednesday June 24, 2014
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9 fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme….the Vanishers
2. Rockabilly Moon gueche…the Sharks…EP Space Race
3. Hellalujah…Batmoblie…CD Cross Contamiation
4. Born to Lose…the Creepshow…CD Life After Death
5. Bobby Sox Sinner…Memphis Morticians….CD Bereave it or Not…Another Album from…
6. Cruel Sea…Surfonica…EP Tales from the Sea of Istanbul
7. Speed Freak…Guana Batz…LP Powder Keg request
8. Delirious….the Tremors…CD Old Fashion Hillbilly Fued
9. Love Song…the Brains…EP request
10. Street Racing Man…Hot Rod Hullabaloo…CD Zombie Night in Canada
11. Woodpecker Rock…Stressor…CD No More Panic
12. Down the Line…the Highsiders….CD Self titled
13. Radio Dog…Beat Devils…Single
14. I’m Coming Home…Robert Gordon…CD I’m Coming Home
15. Your Sister…the Alley Dukes….CD zombie Night in Canada vol 2 request
16. Voodoo Transit…Bullet Biters…CD Stranglers Untied  request
17. Keep on Rockin….Delirium Tremens…CD Wake Up Corpses
18. Black Hearts Club…Pike Cavalero…CD In Torro  request
19. Don’t Be Shy….Pete Anderson & the Swamp Shakers….CD Enjoy the Ride
20. City Slicker Double Time…the Kingmakers….CD Chicago Hi Style
21. Bennett Cerf….the Shadow Men on a Shadowy Planet…CD VA Time Machine of Canada  Garage & Punk Surf
22. I Got a Hole In my Pocket…Four Star Combo….CD Wait a Minute Baby
23. Rock Me Baby…Lou Philips…CD Rock Me Baby
24. the Gothest Girl I can….Corb Lund….CD Cabin Fever
26. King of Dreams…Wild Rooster….CD No Way out of Hell
27. Baby Jane…Christain D & the Hangovers….CD Cut Loose & Live request
28. Ain’t that Pity….Cherry Tess & Her Rhythm Sparks….CD Drip Drop
29. Harvest of Souls….Rockin Rebels….CD Doomsday Rising
30. Covered in Sin….Long Tall Texans….CD the Devil Made Us Do it request
31. Use Your Claws…Black Frame Spectacle…CD Grady Session 2
32. DeathProof…King Beez…CD DeathProof Vol #1
33. Devil Yell….Hill Valley Lightening…CD Self Titled
34. Don’t say Bye….Hi-Strung Ramblers…Single
35. Hip Shakin Baby….Ollive Vee…CD Lonesome Girl
36. Take a Chance….the HardTails…CD Ready for a Fight request
37. Me, Myself & Why….Bonsi Kitten….CD Occupy Yourself
38. Get Em Gone….Koffin Rockers….Single
39. Gin & Cigarettes….Oscar B….CD La Mort Aux Trousses
40. 49’ Plymouth…..Out of Luck….CD Greetings from Outbackville request
41. Never Gonna Stop...Rev. Horton Heat ...CD Rev! 
42. No Mercy…Doghouse Rose….CD Self Titled

Wednesday 25 June 2014

Dee's Honeytones - Hot Damn 2014

For the past few years it seems Europe has been undergoing a rhythm & blues revival.What's really kool about this scene is that a lot of the bands involved are just straight up good.Case in point,  Dee's Honeytones,  is a Dutch band with some pedigree (Dee-Ann and the Nightcaptains and 69 Beavershot) that   has been winning over folks since 2011 with their brand of  killer "Boppin' Rhythm & blues". Hell apparently these kats are a big draw on the festival circuit over in Europe.In  late 2013 the band headed into the studio and now the results are out .
       "Hot Damn" the band's debut album is a fine and diverse album that clocks in with  13 very likeable tunes that will have you movin' and grovin' .We get  a mix plate of r&b, rock n roll ,blues ,a little country, rockabilly and shades of swing. There is something for everyone here and it's done very well.Highlights include: "Hot Date', "Dripping Honey","Loving Man","You're Mine" and the tittle track "Hot Damn".

  With "Hot Damn" Dee's Honeytones have managed to deliver one of the better albums to come out this year and they are definitely a band to be reckoned with.Recommended!

Sunday 22 June 2014

The Moonshine Stalkers - Splatter House 2014

Back in 2011 The Moonshine Stalkers released the stellar ep "Look Who's Stalking"  and you could say it  caught more than a few people by surprise .Since then the band has developed a pretty solid rep as an old school psychobilly band  with a fresh  and modern  sound. Hell the phrase "psychobilly power trio" has been used to describe them.Last year (2013) they released the single "Necropolis Station",another killer effort  that really cemented them as a band to watch out for.So now in 2014  the band has dropped their debut album "Splatter House" and man it's pretty damn impressive.
         This puppy comes out swinging and doesn't let up.We basically get 12 (including both the a and b sides of "Necropolis Station")  kinetic psycho rockers that are sure to please and hard to resist. The band  has  more than lived up to the buzz here and have delivered a truly strong  and consistent psychobilly album.At times some of the tracks have a familiar feel that you may have heard of in the past  but there is a freshness to it all that comes through. Highlights include:"Devil's Kick","Slingshot","Stomp'em Dead" and "Spy vs Spy".
    The Moonshine Stalkers are on a roll here and this is one psychobilly album you should run out and buy. Highly Recommended ! 

Sunday 15 June 2014

Thr Tremors - Old-Fashioned Hillbilly Feud 2014

When it comes to ass kickin' rockabilly few bands can match The Tremors  or as some people call them "the Scourge of the South". If your not familiar with them ,well let's just say they play a brand of ragged and fast  rockabilly with a some fuel injected hillbilly and a little trailer park attitude thrown into the mix .The bands last release was the stellar "Demon Boogie Fever" and that was back in 2009.Now after 5 years the band has released "Old-Fashioned Hillbilly Feud" their 4th and arguably  best album yet.This is one full throttle blast of fun  that crashes in with 11 original tracks and 1 cover that will color you impressed . As in the past, The Tremors don't dick around here and as a result this puppy clocks in at under a kool 24 minutes.Highlights include:" Cabin Fever" ,"Delirious", "Means as a Snake" and "Bundle of Nerves".
     Old-Fashioned Hillbilly Feud  may be a short album for some  but it really does pack a hell of a punch.This is great rockabilly that's raw ,rough ,kool and refreshing.The Tremors are a band that has always delivered  the goods,refuses to be boring  and as they say : always leaves you wanting more.  Highly Recommended

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Interview with Chuck De Ville Wednesday June 11, 2014

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
Interview with Chuck De Ville
Wednesday June 11, 2014
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme…the Vanishers
2. Cabin Fever…the Tremors…CD Old Fashion Hillbilly Feud
3. Break these Chains…Raygun Cowboys…CD Cowboy Up request
4. Rumors…Frantic Rockers…CD Savage Beat…request
5.Loving Man…Dee’s Honey Tones…CD Hot Damn 
6. Elegant Robbery…Operation Diamond Bikini…EP Hello Chief
7 .Mon Bebe Saint Comment…Israel Proulx…CD Mr. Frantic request
8. I Love You My Way….Twisted Rod…..Demo
9. Please Don’t Touch…Matchbox…CD Just Go Wild Over Rock n Roll
10.Could Have Bin ...The Vanishers...CD Haggersville Dance Party
10. Psycho Rider….Raise the Undead….Single
11. Breakout…Rockin TomCats…..Single
12.House Of Blood...Rockin TomCats…...Single
      Interview with Chuck De Ville
13. Deathwave…Rockin TomCats…..Single
14. In Cuffs Again…Nathan Harris…CD to the Woods.
15. Crazy about the Girl…Bloodshot Bill…CD Thunder & Lightening
16. Claitus Song…the Adels…CD Milfshake request
17. Kathy Jean… Ronnie Hawkins…CD the Roulette Years
18. A Line in the Sand…Black Frame Spectacles…CD Grady Sesions
19. Suburban Surfer…King Beez…Singles 2008-2009
20. Backseat Bingo…Hill Valley Lightening…CD Self Titled
21. Rock Me…the Straight 8’s….CD Girl Trouble…brand new
22. Psycho-Rama…the Gutter Demons…CD Room 209 request
23. Devil Kick….Moonshine Stalkers…CD Splatter House
24. Chupacbra…Hola Ghost…EP Chupacbra
25. Bat’s in the Belfry….Hipbone Slim & the Knee Tremblers ….EP Skadaddle
26. Dusty Boogie…the Dusty Brothers…Single
27. Let’s Go…..the Six Gun Romeo….CD Welcome to the Show request
28. Rock to the Music….Rhythm Jesters…Single
29. Five Good Man…Imelda May…CD Tribal request
30. Rockin Love…Shakedown Combo….CD Shakin Down
31. Don’t Sweat it….Sweet Mandy & the Teen Twisters
32. Sweet Talk….the Millwinders….CD Ladies & Gentleman
33. the Rumble Tumble…the Skiffle Billy Cocktail…CD Billy Budha &the Curse of the Red Mustang     request
34. Rex Rides Again…Rev. Hank…CD Longhorn
35. Blue Suede Shoes…the Rockabz…EP Ignition
36. School Bites…Evil Elvis…CD Tattoo Fuckwit
37. Barbwire…Postively Stompin….CD Junk Drawer

Sunday 8 June 2014

Nathan Harris - To the Woods 2014

Back in 2010 Nathan Harris and a couple of buddy's formed a band called The Avery Wolves. What really separated them from the pack was that  they were pretty damn good and oh they are  a psychobilly band  from Alaska. You just know that's gotta be a tough place for a psychobilly band too come out of.In 2012 the band released the  mighty fine Ep "Wreckin with the Wolves”. When the band went on hiatus during 2013(their now back) ,Nathan started working on a solo album  and the result is the impressive" To the Woods". This puppy rushes in with 9 kool and original tracks that really deliver the goods.For the most part this is pretty solid psychobilly  that at times  leans towards the horror angle.But I have to say this one album that isn't dragged down by that. Highlights include: " Voodoo House Rise", "In Cuffs Again' ,"Born in Black" and the tittle track "To the Woods".
      Overall  "To the Woods " is a consistent,strong and fresh  album  that shouldn't go unnoticed .Hell this will appeal to more than just the billy crowd ,it's a hard rockin' disc that really pays off. Recommended

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Wednesday June 4, 2014

Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday June 4, 2014
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme….the Vanishers….Single
2.Wreck Ya to Death…Jack O Bones…Single
3.Rock-a-Bop…Sweet Mandy & the Teen Twisters….CD Good for Nuthin
4.Down the Line…the BopCats….CD Self titled
5.Bad attitude….Howlin Lou & His Whip Lovers…CD Bad Attitude request
6. All the Time….Tennessee Voodoo Coupe…CD Over the Moon
7. Rumours….Frantic Rockers…CD Savage Beat request
8. Love Song…the Brains…upcoming Ep request
9. Midnight Ball…Dale Rocka & the Volcanoes…
10. Zombie Train…the Neutronz…EP Devil on Your Back
11. Empire Santo…the Blue Demons…Self titled
12. Earthquake Coming…Stressor…CD No More Panic  request
13. Smoke stack Cadillac…Punch Drunk Cabaret…CD the Juke Joint Revival Hour
14. Los Muertos…the Hi-Tides…CD Desert Sands
15. Now I’ve Found You…Hellcat and the Prowl…3 Song demo
16. Non Stop on the Black Top….the Cigar Store Indians….Single request
17. Friends Till the End…Raise the Undead…Single
18. Peter Crushing…Surfin Wombatz…CD Dr. Sathans House of Terror
19. Last Train to Death Valley…Reverb Syndicate…CD Mondo Cacti
20. Freight Train Blues Boogie…the Smokin 45’s…CD on the Boards request
21.Gypsy Curse…the Moonshine Stalkers…CD Splatter House
22. Hot Rod Lincoln…the Highsiders…CD Self Titled
23. Honey Hush…Johnny Burnette…CD Johnny Burnette and the More Kings of Rockabilly
24. Savory Club Stomp…the Jetaways…CD Rockin the Night Away
25. S.O.B…Doghouse Rose…CD Self titled
26. Welcome To The CorpseShow...Corpse Show Creeps...CD Blackblood Call
27. Skeleton dance….the King Beez….CD DeathProof Vol request
28. Bad Bad Girl….the Cheaterslicks…CD Rock n Roll Graveyard  request
29. Idoit Song…Asmodeus…CD Diabolique Royole
30. Deathcar Joy Ride…the Butchery Boys…CD USDA Condemned
31. Somebody Fools…Spo-Dee-O-Dee…Single
32. Rocco Perri…the Hi-Tones…Single
33. Launch Code…Luau or Die…Demo
34. Please Mr. Driver…Ginger St.James..EP Tease
35. Pole Nector…the Huarraches…CD Ride
36. It isn’t Right…the Lunatics…CD Come nude!!! Bring Beer
37. Flip Floppin Mama…Danny Duke & the Northern AllStars…CD Drinkin not Jivin
38. I’ve Been around…3 Bad Jacks….CD Pictures & Memories from Home request
39. Guitar Picker…Chris Martin….CD Let’s Riot Vol #1 
40. Pussy Whipped….the Blue Demons…CD Self Titled

Sunday 1 June 2014

Surfin' Wombatz - Dr. Sathans House of Terror 2014

The Surfin' Wombatz  have been kicking around off and on since 1987 with a brand of fun, horror based old school psychobilly .For some" back in the day" the Wombatz were just a fun band that wasn't serious and known more as "a  bunch of lager-swilling psychobillies". In 1989 they managed to release the album "Lager Loutz" a decent effort than had a few kool moments.However in 1990 the band released the real kool single "Peter Cushing"(a 3 song single)  that was  from   "the forthcoming LP : Dr. Sathans House of Terror". Apparently this has become kind of a running joke to more than a few people, including the band .
  In 2013 the band released  a 4 song ep called "Peter Cushing Ep". Well now in 2014 the band has  finally delivered  "Dr. Sathans House of Terror" and to tell you the truth this is a surprisingly damn good album.Coming in with 13 tracks of sci-fi , horror and at times funny old school psychobilly  that's all good. Hell we get all 4 songs from the  "Peter Cushing" ep and a whack of kool and nifty tracks that really deliver .Highlights include: the kool "Peter Cushing", " Alien Abductors", "The Curse of the Pharaoh’s Chamber Pot" and the killer "Planet of the Psychobilly Apes".
     The strength of   "Dr. Sathans House of Terror" is that it doesn't take itself so serious.This is a fun album  that's full of strong and very likeable songs that you won't forget ,hell even your kids will think your kool if they hear you playing this! Recommended    

Pete Anderson and The Swamp Shakers - Enjoy The Ride 2014

When legendary Latvia  rocker  Pete Anderson put The Swamp Shakers together back in 2009  it not only was a big deal it also came on the heels of his last solo album .You could say that many people were expecting big things and the band came out of the gate fast and hard.As a result they became one of Europe's top rockabilly draws despite the fact that the band hasn't released an  album until now in 2014.  Their debut album "Enjoy The Ride" may have been a long time coming but man is it damn good .With 14 originals and one cover this is one truly fun ride.We get straight up rockabilly,50's rock n roll and a little  swing.This puppy literally will have you movin' and groovin'. Highlights include: " Hot Rod Rocket" ,"
Don't Be Shy"," I'm Flabbergasted", "You Will Be My Hot Rod" and " Red Corvette" .
        From start to finish  "Enjoy The Ride" is one really solid album.This isn't  "nasty" or "wild" rockabilly, it's just damn good rockabilly that's hard too beat and truly likeable.Highly recommended!!