Wednesday 30 June 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Annual Canada Day Special Playlist,June 30,2021


0.Shakin Katz Radio Theme    The Vanishers
1. Goonie Bird    The Royal Crowns    32 Miles  From Memphis     request
2. Wild Wild Mummy    The Devil's Hot Rod    Dirty Rocks For Broken Hearts
3. Honey Don't Kool Off On Me    Hank Angel and His Island Devils    All Hopped Up !
4. Wild Wild Baby   The Nerrvous Fellas   The Other Side Of Rock N Roll
5. 1963 Galaxie   Swank   The Survival Issue
6. Go Go Island    Urban Surf Kings    Surf Vs. The Flying Saucers
7. Here Comes The Night   Billy Guitar   Shakin' Up North
8. Salamay    Hank Davis    One Way Track       request
9. Rock To The Music    The Rhythm Jestors    Ultimate Rockabilly Classics
10. Shake Shake   The Blue Tones    The King Story
11. 30 Days   Ronnie Hawkins    The Roulette Years    request
12. Guitare Jet   Les Jaguars     S/T
13. My Baby Rocks    The Dixie Fried Hep Katz    S/T     request
14. Shakin Down    The Shakedown Combo    Shakin Down 
15. Rumble Strip    The Dice Cubes    Got Lucky!
16. Cat Fight   Alistar Christle    8 Songs By
17. Midnight Train   Screaming Black Cadillacs    S/T   request
18.Last Of The V-8 Interceptors    The Reverb Syndicate   Last Of The V-8 Interceptors    request
19. 6 Rounds    The Brains   Drunk Not Dead  
20. I'm A Rock   The Deadcats    Bucket O Love
21. Shake Your Brain    The Blackrats   Shake Your Brain   
22. Bust Out The Boogie   The Black Frame Spectacle    The Grady Sessions 2
23. Whole Damn Bottle   Running From Daylight   Elvis Ain't Dead Yet
24. Trantula Twist    K.V. Raucous and The Cave Dwellers    Beach Party At  Drac's
25. Playground Horror Peepshow   The Gutter Demons   Enter The Deamonz    request
26. Kings Ransom   Matchless    Pills and Blades   request
27. With Venegance    The Devil's Sons   Godless Creatures
28. Psycho Ball And Chain   The Greepshow    Sell Your Soul
29. Surfin' To Hell    Evil Elvis    Tattoo'd Fuckwit
30. Skeleton Dance    The King Beez   Death Proof  Vol.1
31. The Evil Eye   The Matadors   The Devil's Music
32. The Hanged Man   The House Of Haunt   Habeas Corpses
33. Dodging Bullets    The Meat Hookers   Zombie Night In Canada Vol.2
34. Kitten With A Whip   Big John Bates  Flamethrower
35. Chains    The Farrell Bros.  This Is A Riot     request
36. Break These Chains    The Raygun Cowboys   Cowboy Up!
37. Casbah    The Blue Denons     single
38. Ain't No Rest For Elvis   The Pink Cadillac Scat Cats    Rip It Up  ep
39. Devil Girl Stomp    Twin Fin   Whiskey Wine and Venom Love  
40.  Mai Tai    The Thing From Outer Space    single
41. She's My Rock & Roll   Burnin' Ethyl    Rock n Roll Combustion   request

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Plalist, June 16,2021


0. Shakin Katz Radio Theme    The Vanishers

1. They All Come Back( if you want them)   The Defiant Ones    Savage Songs From The Teen-Age Jungle

2. Imposter   Tasteless   The Bad Taste ep

3. Ready To Go   Restless   Ready To Go

4. Goodbye Charlie   The Farrell Bros.   Rumble @ The Opry     request

5. Hemoglobin The Magnificent    The Hamiltones    Dracula Invitional  1791

6. Dynamite   Ian Spider Cubitt    Invasion Of The Body Snacthers  ep

7. Psycho   The Ricochets   Chain Dog    request

8. Get Out Of My Head   Speed Sickers    Inestable

9. Dance   Banane Metalik    No Surrender  ep

10. Till Death Do Us Apart   Mad Sin   Unbreakable   request

11. We Gotta Go   The Brains   Zombie Nation

12. Surfnado    Toxic Riders   Turbo Surf

13. Viuda Nerga   Los Hell Gamblers    single

14. House On Haunted Hill   Rezurex   Skeletons

15. Hellalujah   Batmobile   Cross Comtamination

16. Bullets Don.t Argue   Ghuoltown   Curse Of Eldorado

17. Guts 'n Glory   Numbskulls   Back Fae The Dead

18. Gaywatch   Aloha Sluts   Return Of The Sluts ep

19. Driven Home   The Hot Rod Gang   Rollin' Down Home

20. Greaser Bop   The Great Pretenders   Moscow Stone Greasers

21. Go Baby Go   Brandon Cunning   Halfway There

22. Shakin' Dog   The Mezcal Bros.   Shakin' Dog

23. Hi- Heeled Hot Rod    The Millwinders   Ladies and Gentlemen....     request

24. Smoker   Walter Broes and The Mercenaries   single

25. Love Chevy    The Sloe Gin Fizz     single

26. Lover's Curse    The Luckies     single

27. Fakebella    Backyard Whiskers    single

28. Shake'Em Up Rock   Howlin' Hound Dogs   Raw Deal 

29. 53 Buick    Uranus    You're So Square

30. Nuevo Oeste   Los Blue Marinos    Big Mamma   ep

31. Shotgun Daddy   Whiskey Jean    My Little Miss &Other Rockin' Original   ep

32. Buy Me A Drink   The Allens   S/T

33. Show Me How To Live   One Dollar Trio   Slapback

34. Life You Get   Red Hot Trio    Nineteen   ep    request

35. Let's Go    Lara Hope & The Ark - Tones    Let's Go

36. The Shred Shed    Stories From Shamehill   Royale With Chesse 

37. Revolution   Mothra Slapping Orchestra   Catch Your Monster Final Round!   request

38. Never Again    Blazing Haley   Mas Chingon    request

39. Give Me The Mic!   The Gangnails    Rollin' Tunes 

40. Deadbeat Holiday   Hellblazers   Psychobilly Mind Fuck  ep

41. Hell From The Hills   Torn Down Units   Hell From The Hills ep

42. Lonely Boy   Beat Devils    Dig  My Beat

43. Ontario Rawker    20 Flight Rockers   S/T 

 A Drink   The Allens 

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, June 9, 2021


0. Shakin Katz Radio Theme    The Vanishers

1.Rock' n Roll Radio    One Dollar Trio   Slapback

2. Don't Ring The Bell   The Spunyboys   Just A Little Beat

3. Hot Pink Cowboy Boots    The Great Pretenders    Moscow  Stone Greasers

4. Leopard Print Unbrella   Coal Davie and The Rockabillionaires   single 

5. Getting High, Getting Low    Johnny Rumble and The Law 4000   single

6. Rockabilly Town Reloaded    Crazy Cubes    Rockabilly 25 Years

7. Spiderman    The Kaputniks    single

8. Your My Queen Bee    Hightdrivers    Supercharged

9. She Has To Go   The Hi-Strung Downers   Here She Lies    request

10. Headin' Out Country    Emma and The Ragmen    single     request

11. Shaker Attack    The B-Shakers    Shaker Attack 

12. Always Blue   Gunsmoke   S/T

13. Hitchcocks    Last Man   single

14. Whatever's Left Of Me    Bat Hearse  S/T

15. Krakatoa Man    Kings Of Hong Kong   Empire Of Fuzz

16. Attack Of The Giant Purple Lobster   Washington Dead Cats   Best Of...

17. Rhythm Of Your Soul   Queens Of Everything   God Save The Queens

18. Sharknado  Apocalypse    Killer Tone Jones   Sharknado  Apocalypse   request

19. Instragram    Hellblazers    Psychobilly Mind Fuck   ep

20. Twisted Nightmares    Graveyard Bashers    Wreck' Em Dead

21. Dead Man Walking    Frentic Trio    Undead Insurrection   ep

22. Villian    BAT!    Bat Music For Bat People   request

23. Hellbound     Hellbound Hitmen    Dial M For Murder

24. Bonneville Blast    The Green Refectors   Long Distance Jams   Season 2 Episode 1  request

25. Drop The Hammer    Speedbilly   Raise Hell / Praise Dale   ep

26. Jukebox Massacre   The Freak Billyz    Monstros

27. Sinners and Saints    The Creepshow    Life After Death

28. She's Hot    69 Cats   Seven Year Itch     request

29. Night Of The Sadist   Thee Twangjackets    single

30. Psycho Boring   Surf Aliens    Coquetel Anunnaki

31. A Train Called Rock 'n' Roll    The Bopcats    Wild Jungle Rock   request

32. I Ain't Going Home With You    The Confusionaires   From The Headache To The Heartache

33. Cuts So Deep     Remote Kontrol    single

34. Mayhem    Imelda May    Mayhem    request

35. When Life Comes Knockin'    Love Tattoo    When Life Comes Knockin' 

36. Poser   Frankie and The Pool Boys   Spin The Bottle

37. Hot Rod   Las Avispas Locus    S/T    request 

38.  Kustom Kulture Baby   Anti Edge and The Shadowbirds   Old Cars,Tattoos,Bad Girls and Wild Guitars

39. Psychobilly Popstar   The Caravans    No Mercy

40. Motorhead Girl   Hillbilly Moon Explosion    Damn Right Honey!

41. Absolutley Sweet Marie   Jason and The Scorchers    Fervor    request

42. Polton Rock    K.V. Raucous and The Cave Dwellers   Beach Party At Drac's  

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, June 2, 2021

 0. Shakin Katz Theme      The Vanishers

1. Victims Of  Period    The Radios   Victims Of The Radios

2. Shoot Shoot    Batmobile     Bail Was Set At 6,000,000     request

3. Mad City     Stressor    Trip To Mad City

4. Nuke Storm    The Lab Ratz   Ecape From The Lab

5. Rampton Rage    The Nevrotix   Paranoid

6. Bonneville Blast    The Green Reflectors    Long Distance Jams Season 2 Ep.1

7. I Fell In Love With A Dead Girl     Bat Hearse    Single

8. We Are Rockers    Godless Wicked Creeps    Hellcoholic   request

9. Wrath Of Grapes    Mad Man Horse    Tango In Rostov   ep

10. Rock Out   Banane Metalik    No Surrender   ep

11. Psycho Like You   Milwaukee Wildmen    Blood Moon Shadow

12. Accident Or Incident    Fifty Foot Combo    S/T

13. Cold Nose Bleeds    Deadbeatz    Single

14. Up & Down   The Ramblin Bandits    Up & Down 

15. If You Love My Woman    Shook Boys     Young Breed  Compilation Vol.3

16. Live Slow, Die Old    The Dice Cubes    Make Me Motor

17. It Must Be Love   The Honky Tonk Pounders   Dead End Road

18. Mad Dog   The Volcanics   Stompin' Garage

19. Spend Your Quaratine With Me   The Sundowners    Single

20. Little Lou   Darrel Higham   Jitterbop Baby 

21. Big Ass Rock   The Fat Rats   S/T

22. One Night    Hicksville Bombers    Danger Road   

23. Jessie B    The Hellbound Hepcats   NO.2       request

24. Gypsy Beat    The Royal  Pacifics    Single

25. Rat Tail   Raw King Rats    Single

26. Keeper Of The Flame   Loveles Bastards   Keeper Of The Flame   ep

27. Devil's Due    Derek Lee Goodreid    Single

28. Big Black Dog   Remote Kontrol   Single

29. Pathetic Me    Crash Rebels   S/T  ep    request

30. Shark Bait    Men In Gray Suits    Shark Bait   ep

31.Night Of The Sadist   The Twangjackets    Single

32. Killer On The Road   The Earls Of Satan   Take Me Down To Hell

33 .Little Girl   The Garbage Bags   Hunting For The Wild

34. White Rabbit    Hypnophonics   Give' Em A Slap Vol. 2    request

35. The Devil Don't Tie My Shoes    The Black Frame Spectacle   Grady Sessions    request

36. Destination Saturn   The Hang Ten Hangmen    Destination Saturn   ep

37. Satan's Hideaway    Phantom Rockers    Single

38. Lucky Charm    Demented Are Go    Welcome Back To Insanity Hall   request

39. My Baby ( Likes To Rock & Roll)     Swicthblade Valentines   Calvalcade Of  The Scars V/A

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, May 26, 2021


0.Shakin Katz Theme   The Vanishers
1.Give Me The Mic!    The Gangnails     Rolling Tunes  
2. Dark Days    Doghouse Rose    The Harder They Fall     request
3. Tear It Up    The Devil Wrays    Hard Times 
4. Whatever Happened To Rock n Roll    Mojo Kings   Whatever Happened To Rock n Roll   
5. Heads Are Gonna Roll    Raygun Cowboys     Heads Are Gonna Roll  
6. Against The Tide    Colt Cobra    Gasoline X  Colt Cobra   Split
7. Twisted Nightmares    Graveyard Bashers    Wreck'em Dead
8. Get Out Of My Head    Speed Sickers   Inestables
9. Cold Call   Gutter Demons    No God No Ghost No Saints    request
10. Bikes Beer and Wild Guitars    Kings Of Hong Kong    Rat Bikes and Wild Guitars From Mars
11. Wolf Bite   The Avery Wolves    Call Of The Wolf 
12. Traque' par le temps, sauve' par l' espace Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards   Retrofurturism Vol. 2
13. Let's Go   Laura Hope & The Arktones   Here To Tell A Tale
14. Right Time    The Ventons    Right Time 
15. Lonesome Rider    Eddy & The Backfires    Dead Man Stare
16.  It's Too Late    Snakebite   Rock Rumble & Roll
17. Down Out  and Restless   Lou Cifer and The Hellions    Rockville Revelation 
18. Trench Run   The Surf Hermits   Hang Zen
19. Go Baby Go    Brandon Cunning    Halfway There
20. Rat Rod Mama    The Best Bad Influnce     Rock- It!    request
21. This Is The Night    The Palomars   Out Of The Past
22. Hey Mae    The Zodiacs    Here At Last
23. Schwip Schwap    Wild Rooster   single
24. Contra Las Cuerdas    Los Mambo Jambo    Exotic Rendezvous 
25. Little Mama   Kent Wennman  Rockabilly Quartet     single
26. Smokey Page Bettie   AT's Roots  & Ramblin     single   request
27. Long Gone Fool    Danny Duke and The Northern Stars   Long Gone Fools
28. Maryann   Peter & The Wolves    Papa's Goin' Out Of Town
29. Lockdown Lonely (Alt. version)    The Honkabillies   The Lockdown Sessions
30. Surf and Destory    Baja Bug   The Surf Will Rise Again   
31. The Beast    Phantom Rockers    single
32. Massacre   The Grave Mistakes    Dig Your Own Grave    request
33. The Lost Boys Choir    Clockwork Psycho   Nightmares From Laiback
34. One More Jack    Dead Bollox   Mad Like Me
35. Still Alive   Grumpynators   Still Alive    request
36. Space Age Jimmy   Danger Death Ray    single
37. What You See Is What You Get   Blue Rockin'    No Secerts... Just Rock n Roll
38. Good Life Baby    The Flattrackers    single
39. Hide Your Mind    The Mighty Interceptors     Hide Your Mind It's The The Mighty Interceptors 
40.  Jack O Bones    Wreck Ya To Death    Wreck Ya To Death
41. Return Of The Angry Gentlemen    The Reverb Syndicate    Mondo Cacti

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, May19, 2021 ,CHRW 94.9 FM


0. Shakin Katz Radio Theme     The Vanishers

1. Smoky Page Bettie   AT's Roots & Ramblin     single

2. Don't Let Go     Bloodshot Bill    Get Loose Or Get Lost

3. Half In The Bag    Six Gun Romeo   single

4. Life's A Drag    The Rough Housers   single    request

5. Love Me    Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin' Pins    Thats Life

6. Crime Wave    Los Dedos    S/T ep

7. That's The Day ( I Never Will Forget)   Pepita Slappers    single

8. Tribute To Rock 'n' Roll     Nine Lives    single    request

9. 3 Days In Memphis    The Hurricanes    Devil's Choice

10. Sure Know What Your Doin'    The Royal Crowns    Vol.3

      B-Shakers jingle

11. Rocket Gal    The B-Shakers    Shaker - Attack

12. Snubbed    Alberta Beach    S/T  ep

13. What Did I Do Wrong    The Loveless Bastards    Keeper Of The Flame   ep

14. Frenzy    The Tripplejacks    Wan Chai Sessions Live  ep

15. Bone Stimulator    The Dead Beat Jacks    Graveyard Chicks Are Easy

16. Midnight Prowler    Stage Frite    Revenge Of The Killer Coypu    request

17. Till Death Do Us Apart    Mad Sin    Unbreakable   

18. Eat My Dust    K.V. &The Cave Dwellers    Beach Party At Drac's

19. Messiah Of The East   Madhouse    Fragile Like A Bomb

20. Speed Crazy    Vulture Club   God Slaves At Planet Retard    

21. Losing Control    Spitfire Demons    Death From Above   ep

22. Mad At You    Speedmobile    S/T  ep

23. Pedal To The Metal     Speedbilly    Hillbilly Speed Freak ep

24. Pistolero    The Cavaleros    Atomic !

25. Pay Me In Cash    The Matadors    single

26. Green Death Fever    Christian D   single

27. Jacqueline    Adriano Batolba Trio    How Much Does It Cost If It's Free

28. Sweet Fanny Mae    Sonny West   Feel The Heat

29. Bad Attitude    Howlin' Lou & His Whip Lovers   Bad Attitude 

30. Surf Burger     The Terrorsurfs    Mutant Surfin' Trash

31. Well!   Dave Del Monte & The Cross Country Boys featuring Crash Gordon    single 

32. Upside Down    The Black Moon Boys    Nuthouse     request 

33. Bottle To The Baby   Charlie Feathers    Best Of...    request

34. Hoy Hoy   The Collin Kids   Rockin' Rollin;

35. Hepcat    Larry Terry   Ultra Rare Rockabilly Vol.1 

36. Ramrod    The Bel-Airs    Volcanic Action

37. Stomp   The Slick-Tones   single

38. Rockabilly   King Drapes    Rockers On The Loose

39. Hummin'    Rockabilly Strangers    Midwest To Southwest

40. Two-Bit Hustler   Boom! Boom! Deluxe    Teenage Juvenile Delinquent Rock n Roll Horror Beach Party

41. I'm A Hobo    Howlin' Ramblers   Men With Broken Hearts   request

42. Road Trippin'   Vern Jules & The Aquanauts    The Spectre

43. Chicago Typewriter   The Dixie Fried Hep Katz    S/T

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Shaki Katz Radio Playlist, May12, 2021


0. Shakin Katz Thene    The Vanishers

1. Long Long Night    The Monster Klub    single

2. Dance   Banane Metalik   No Surrender  ep

3. Five Minutes Of Fury    Johnny Nightmare   Kicking Satan Out Of Hell    request

4. Six Rounds   The Brains    Drunk Not Dead     request

5. I Don't Need You Anymore   Calamitiez    S/T

6. The Devil's Tail    Vern Jules & The Aquanaunts    The Spectre

7. Dead Sled    Karl "Rascal" K    S/T  ep

8. The Bug Of Planet Zee    The Krewmen    The Adventures Of ...

9. Over The Hills    The Quaranteds    Over The Hills 

10. Psycho   Screamin' Sins    Deadly Seven

11. Crossbone Prince    Los Hell Gaamblers    single

12. This Is Not A Cooperate Athem    Cheap Violent Cats   Pandemonium In Our Quirky Town

13. Shaker -Attack    The B-Shakers   Shaker- Attack

14. Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie    Harry and The Hounds    Release The Hounds

15. Sounds Of The Highway    The Tin Cans    Back For More

16. Let's Go    Cousin Harley    Let's Go

17. Jolene    Pink Cadillac Scat Cats    Rip It Up  ep

18. Docking Bay 69    The Surf Hermits   Hang Zen

19. Dance Baby   Ricky Rocket & The Phantoms    single

20. Lone Legged Linda   Ross & The Wildest   Young Breed Compilation Vol.3

21. Little Red Head   The Swingin' Blackjacks   4 Smash Hits   ep

22. Crazy Days, Crazy Nights   The Raccoons    single

23. Shut Up Baby    The Scuffy Kings    Beer O' Clock

24. S.OS.   The Kaputniks    A Breif History Of The Cold War Vol.2

25. I'm An Old Man   The Rocket Revellers   Let's Have Some Fun  request

26. Flat Top Boogie   The Unkool Hillbillies    single   

27. I Don't Need    Lily Locksmith    single   request

28. Lucky Penny    JD McPherson   Undivided Heart & Soul    request

29. Burlesque    The FetTones    Stop Frettin'

30. Black Sand Beach   The Coffin Daggers   The Eleki Album

31. Party Plates    Lords Of The Highway    More Rock Than Billy

32. Grave Stomp   The Grave Stompers   Black Leather Ghouls From Fiendsville

33. 66 Cuts   Graveyard Bashers    single

34. Universal Hero Superstar   The Redneck Zombies   True Bavarian Hellbilly

35. Dead Man Walking   Frenetic Trio   Undead Insurrection   ep

36. Escape Plan Delta Omega    King Ghidora   The Secert Origins Of An Unknown  Plantery Destoryer

37. Let's Go and Kill Tonight   Oscar B    La Mort Aux Trousses

38. Blue Eyes    Flesh   Resurrection       request

39. Bottle Caps & Broken Glass   Nuke Mutants    Speedbilly Rock 'n' Roll

40. Think I'm Turning Psycho   The Dukes Of Bordello   Deaf Or Gory  ep

41. Good For Nothing   The Two Steps Goodbye   The Age Of Atom  ep

42. Go     The Huaraches   Curl Up With ....

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Shakin Katz Radio playlist ,May5, 2021


0. Shakin Katz Radio Theme   The Vanishers

1. Stomp   The Slick Tones   single 

2. Don't Stop    Relax Trio    single  

3. Hooker Bop     Small Town Pimps    BINGO

4. Georgette    The Bad Companions    Route 666 The Devil's Highway  V/A

5. I Got Stung    The Devil's Sons   Black Moonshine   ep

6. Smoker   Walter Broes. and The Mencenaries    single

7. Tribute To Rock 'n' Roll   Nine Lives   single

8. Cruisin' With My Baby    The Side Burns    Freakout 509

9. Fakabella   Backyard Whiskers    singl

10. This Train Ain't Stoppin'   Black Frame Spectacle   S/T ep

11. One Hand Looose   The Wheelgrinders   Crank It Hard    request

12. Echo Hotel    Terremotor   Veneno Da Cana  

13. Rock Out   Banane Metalik   No Surrender  ep

14. Dellamore Dellamorte   One Rrevived   S/T  ep

15. Final Plague   Sickscrew    single

16. Government Flu   Doyley and The Rejects  Influenza Hysteria

17. Jukebox Masacre   The Freak Billyz   Monstros     request

18. Psycho Boing   Surf Aliens  Coquetel Anunnaki

19. Moonrise Boogie   Western Spies & The Kosmonaunt   S/T ep

20. Flashback   The Trillionairs  Hidden Tunes From New Deminesions 

21. Psycho Holiday   Hellstompers   Let's Go Stomp

22. Swamp Fever Stomp   The Frogs   Inshallah

23. Crazt Cat Rock  R.I.P.   Demos

24. Arizona Blues   The Lab Ratz   Escape From The Lab   request

25. Hotep California   Terreur Twist   Hotep California

26. Call Me  Southern Culture On The Skids  At Home With ...   request 

27. Black Coffin   The Rockin' Hills    Walking With No Heart  ep

28. Drip Drop   John Linberg Trio   single

29. Who's That Lyin'   Cousin Harley   Let' Go

30. Calm Down   Brady and The Bazookas    single

31. Penetration    Secret Agent    A Pair Of Aces   request

32. Alice Jayne/ Sirocco Bros.   Hoodoo   single   request

33. Fight The Man   Rockabilly Strangers   Midwest To Southwest   request

34. Runaway Boys   The Stray Cats   Built For Speed

35. Custom Job   Buzz Deluxe   Stay Slick

36. Taste Like Chicken   The Ripkatz    From The Outside

37. Journey To The Center Of Surf    The Madeira   Ancient Winds   request

38. Whole Damn Bottle    Running From Daylight   Elvis Ain't Dead Yet

39. Dark Days   Doghouse Rose   The Harder They Fall

40. Ragdoll    Knocksville    Vol.2

41. Hotdoggin'   Luau Or Die    single      

Tuesday 27 April 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist , April 28, 2021


0. Shakin Katz Theme   The Vanishers

1.Half In The Bag    Six Gun Romeo  single

2. Feel Real Fine    Shook Boys    Young Breed Compilation Vol.3

3. Bullet In The Head    The Jets    Bolt Of Lightning    request

4. Boppin' Guitar    Legacaster   Boppin' Guitar  

5. She Got The Moves   Silvertooth Loos & The Witch   Witch Music

6. Alien Secretion    The Surfaders     Shaken and Distrubed

7. Brand New Shades Of Cool    Lonesome Dave Fisher   single

8. Sit Down Comedian    Dave Del Monte & The Cross Country Boys    single

9. Can't Go On Livin'    Bloodshot Bill & His Bluecaps   Fathers &Sons Of Garage Compilation

10. High Priced Women    Arsen Roulette   In Mono Phonic 

11. Man From Uncle    The Greystone Collective    Cathode Rays    request

12. 66 Cuts   Graveyard Bashers   Wreck'em Dead

13. Comes Out   Robin   single

14. Who Killed The Cheerleader   Nekromantix    Life Is A Grave   request

15. What Have I Done    Sir Psyko and His Monsters   Zombie Rock

16. Walltown Kid   Jack Ice   Weclcome To Our World

17. Tarantula Twist   K.V. Raucous & The Cave Dwellers    Beach Party At Drac's

18. Hot Rod Car   Norm &The Nightmarez   The Chamber Of Chills

19. Get Back In The Swamp   The Metoers  Skull N Bones

20. Satan Takes A Holiday   The Moonshine Stalkers   single

21. Surfin' To Hell    Evil Elvis   Tattoo'd Fuckwit

22. Head Shot   Cracks   Psychotic Pride  

23. Maximum Radiation Level   The Jugaloons   Ruin The Party   request

24. Bikes Beer and Wild Guitars   Kings Of Hong Kong   Rat Bikes & Wild Guitars From Mars  Side 1

25. Take Me Down To Hell     The Earls Of Satan   Take Me Down To Hell   ep

26. The Madness Of Suzuki Seijiun   The Broadway Twisters  South By South West 2   request

27. The Doors Of Heaven   No Hit Makers   S/T  ep   request

28. Para Que Esperar   Nu Niles    S/T

29. Skeleton Dance    King Beez   Death Proof Vol.1

30. Got Noboby To Love   The Voodootones   single

31. Sinner Not A Saint   The Beat From Palookaville    single

32. Lovin' Smile   Corra Lynn and Her Rhythm Snacthers   Rockin' The Way I Feel

33. Come Destroy Me   Marti Brom and Her Rancho Notorious   Midnight Bus  request

34. Hot Mess   Christian D and The Hangovers  Shake It Or Leave It

35. Tsunami Fly   Los Caminos   Road To Santa Cruz

36. Let's Buzz    Action Andy & The Hi- Tones   Route 666 The DEVIL'S Highway   V/A

37.Make Me Motor   The Dice Cubes   Make Me Motor

38. Dosis De Rock   Nicotyna   Sesion De Rock

39. Drunken Robot   Steve and The Ghost Trio   Drunken Robot

40. I Wrote My Baby A Letter   The Nitros   Something's Gotta Give

41. 3 O'Clock Baby   The Wolftones   Neo- Rockin' Blues-A-Billy

42. Natural Disater   The Tiger Sharks   Walk With Me   

d Shot   Cracks

Monday 19 April 2021

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist , April 21, 2021


0. Shakin Katz Theme   The Vanishers
1. Hong Kong Sex Bomb    The Side Burns    Freak out 509
2. Shake It Baby    The Bopshack Shakers    Meteor
3. Rollin' Out    The Bloodshots   On Fire
4. She's So Flat   The Alley Dukes   Go Back To College   request
5. Superkings   The Bahareebas    Back TO Details - The First Demos
6. Wobbly Wagon   Mark Styles    Long Time Gone
7.Take Me Home Tonight    The Lucky Rockets    Rockabilly Moonquake
8. It's Saturday Night    The Razorbacks    Go To Town    request
9. I'm A Total Jinx    Atomic Leopards   Double Jinx 
10. Gnossienne No.1(I Can't Get No)   The Tremolo Beer Gut 
11. Hookline    The Bloodstrings   A Part  ep
12. Amor Psycho   Voodoo Zombie    Reviresco   request
13. Ghost Radio   The Kings Of Outer Space   Ghost Radio  ep
14. Peggy Suicide   The Deadcats   Purr Mayhem   request
15. Souvenirs du future    Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards   Retro Future  Vol. 2 
16. After Midnight    The Gangnails      single
17. Wolf Bite   The Avery Wolves    Call Of The Wolf
18. Meth Crancker    Speed Sickers    Inestables
19. Bullet    The Meantraitors     single
20. Psycho Ball and Chain    The Creepshow    Sell Your Soul
21. Crypt Kicker    The Green Reflectors   Vol.3  ep
22. (Let's Go) Psycho    69 Cats   Seven Year Itch  
23. Knee Jerk   Pussy Cat and The Dirty Johnsons   Beast 
24. Whatever Happened To Rock 'n' Roll    The Guitar Slingers  Psycho Cop  ep
25. Dead Transmission    Graveyard Johnnys   Dead Transmission 
26. Zombie Fight    The Grande Bois   Grande Finale
27. Big Black Dog   Remote Kontrol    single    request
28. Cats Got Nine Lives   Nine Lives   All The Lonely Hearts
29. Mercy Mercy   Fatboy   Diggin' The Scene    request
30. Lovers Curse   The Luckies   single
31. Salt Shaker   North Melbourne Surf Club   S/T
32. Leota   Jeff Allen M    single
33. Rock Crazy Baby   Art Adams & The Rhythm Knights    single   request
34. Drugstore Rock n Roll   Janis Martin    The Female Elvis
35. I Need A Man   Barbara Pittman   The Sun Story  
36. Oh Sugar   Ronnie Hawkins      Oh Sugar
37. Mai Tai   The Thing From Outer Space   single
38. Kiss Me   The B-Shakers   Kiss Me  ep
39. She'll Be Gone   The Bedrock Bullets  She'll Be Gone ep 
40. Gnarly Ride   Mark Malibu and The Wasagas   Dance Party A Go Go