Sunday, 17 February 2019

The Thirsty Crows - Hangman's Noose 2018

Over the years the Los Angeles psychobilly has gained a rep as a tough scene to get noticed in.Part of the reason is that a lot of the band's kinda sound the same.  Back in 2011, The Thirsty Crows came onto the scene with their self coined  "South Bay Rockabilly" sound.It's less rockabilly and more psychobilly with a huge shot of spaghetti,it's also damn kool.That sound helped the band get noticed and separated them  from the pack.They started out as a 3 piece ,put out a sweet self titled ep in 2014 and then morphed into a 4 piece,which gave them a fuller and  more dangerous sound.Then in late 2017 they signed up with Batcave Records.The result of all this is their debut album,  "Hangman's Noose", a stout release that hits with  confidence and scores a direct punch . Coming in with 14 tracks of modern psychobilly packed with a whack of spaghetti, some punk,rockabilly and a tinge of Americana .All 5 songs from the band's ep are redone here and long time fans won't be disappointed.It's a sweet and dark ride that surprises.Highlights include: " Hangman's Noose"," Heart Attack"," Midnight Rumble" and "Vengeful Son"
       Overall, "Hangman's Noose" is a well balanced ,and well produced effort that never gets heavy handed.The Thirsty Crows are a band that mean business here and this puppy cuts the mustard.Recommended!

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Manny Jr and The Cyclones - Hot Bop! 2018

For over 10 years now Quebec's Manny Jr and The Cyclones  have been  serving up a sweet mix of rockabilly,rock n roll  and  surf . They are flat out a class act  and one of Canada's best bands too boot.The band's last offering back in 2014; "Rockabilly Girl" (El Toro Records) nailed it and established  them as a top shelf  outfit. With their new offering " Hot Bop! " they are back after 4 years  and in fine form.This puppy strolls in with a whack of confidence and backs it up.We get 14 tracks that run the gamut from rockabilly ,50's rock, surf, a little western swing and honky tonk to straight up rock n roll .Hell they even throw in some banjo into the mix ,just to keep you on your toes.It's also a brisk and refreshing ride.Highlights include : " Cavalier Seul", "Hop Bop", " You're So True", Oh Baby Yeah" and "Dirty Rat".
       Manny Jr and The Cyclones  are aiming to please and succeed with 'Hot Bop!". This is a rockabilly band  that isn't afraid to spread their wings and as a result this is their best outing yet.Highly recommended!

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Octopus King - Kraken Escape 2018

      It's all about 100 percent Kraken Roll  and it's proprietors ,the Octopus King are bringing it on ,big time.Just recently  I caught wind of these cats that hail from the west of France and I\m glad I did and so should you.What they really throw down is a catchy mix of rockabilly,psychobilly and rock n roll.Their debut album " Kraken Escape" clocks in with 10 tracks of psychobilly/rockabilly that are not only kinetic but a blast of fun .They throw also in a couple of slower mid tempo tracks that will have you boppin'.As result this is a well balanced ride that has a great groove It's also never heavy handed and you gotta like that .Highlights include: "Dr. Jekyll", "Namor" , " Beer At Will" and " Keep On".

With "Kraken Escape";  Octopus King  have established themselves as a band to watch.This  is a more than solid debut that has not only alot  going on but also delivers the goods and leaves you wanting more.Recommended    

Screamin' Rebel Angels - Heel Grinder 2019

   Hard to believe it's been almost 6 years (2013) since the Screamin' Rebel Angels  released their killer debut album: "Hitch Hike".Since then they have been barnstormin' all over North America and Europe.They also have earned a rep as a flat out kool and likeable band that you have to check out.It's no secret that this is one top shelf outfit that knows how to rock out.For fans the wait for new material has been a long time coming and expectations have really  been high.Now the band has just dropped their sophomore follow up; "Heel Grinder" and this puppy truly delivers the goods.They ratchet it up big time and hit hard with a wild slab of rock n roll that will set a fire under your ass.We get 10 originals and 3 covers that for the most part hit the gas  and only slow down so you catch  your breath.There is a shot of rockabilly, a little blues and a little ragged soul here but it's pretty much all about rock n roll and that's what makes this damn kool.Hell, this is freakin' damn stout with no weak tracks to be found.Highlights include: "OH!My Soul", "Sweet Petunia", "Racing Death", "Iris" and "Heel Grinder"

    Make no bones here , "Heel Grinder" will color you impressed and it's one of the best  rock n roll albums to come down the pike in a long time.Just for that reason alone it's worth you throwing your hard earned cash down on.Highly recommended!!!     

Friday, 4 January 2019

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Interview with Johnny Toxik of the Gutter Demons Wednesday January 2, 2019 Radio Western,Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
Interview with Johnny Toxik of the Gutter Demons
Wednesday January 2, 2019
Radio Western,Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Theme … The Vanishers
1.Shakin' Bones … The Skiffle Billy Cocktail … Hatshakers
2. Lickety Split … James G. Creighton … Big Train      request
3. You Come Undone … The Greasemarks … S/T
4. Poser … Frankie & The Poolboys … Spin the Bottle 
5. Move Around … Dime Store Dukes … Look At That Moon
6. Percolate … Kim Lenz … Single 
7. Love Is cruel … Maibell & The Misfires … Single 
8. Hawgtied … Ramblin' Ambassadors … Avanti      request 
9. Hot Days … Looney Boppers … Jungle Party 
10. Namor … Octopus King … Kraken Escape 
11. Cold Call … Gutter Demons … No God, No Ghost,No Saints
     Interview with Johnny Toxik of The Gutter Demons  and a big thank you to him for coming on the show 
12. Damage case … Gutter Demons … No God, No Ghost, No Saints 
13. After Dark … Gutter Demons … Unfinished Business
14. Dead Love … The Devil's Sons … Black Moonshine     request 
15. La Falta De Coz Es Inminente … Los Tiros … Fiebre De Oro 
16. Dv8or … Hellfire Revival … Greatest Hits
17. Perfect … Reverend Horton Heat … Whole New Life 
18. Grave Digger Rock … The Polecats … The Polecats    request 
19. Something’s Gotta Shake … The Highjivers … Something's Gotta Shake     request 
20. Damaged Goods … Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys … Damaged Goods    request
21. I Know The Rules … Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes … Dealing With My Blues 
22. 009 Dick Tiki … Tiki Creeps … Idol Worship 
23. Pass That Bottle … Jenny & The Lovers … Strangelove 
24. Brassy Dame … The Palomars … Supper Club Riot 
25. Within the Ghouls … Night Nurse … First Aid 
26. Evil Machine … ConCombre Zombie … Daylight Comes 
27. Hold Em' High …The Silverhounds … Never More 
28. Throw It All Away … The Quakes … Quiff Rock! 
30. The Devils Yell … Hill Valley Lightening … S/T 
31. Cotton Pickin’ Rocker … The Crank-Tones … Vibrate With The Crank-Tones 
32. Women Fever … Rock-a-Tones … Shakin' Up North

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Looney Boppers - Jungle Party 2018

Unless you follow the Russian billy/rock n roll scene , you probably aren't aware of how many really good bands there are coming out of Russia. Hell I'm talking top shelf outfits ,one of those bands is the Looney Boppers and man these kats not only rock but they are also a whack of fun.Hailing from St. Petersburg and Leningrad, they are loaded with pedigree and have a rep for been a wild rock n roll act that takes no prisoners.The band's debut album "Jungle Party" is nothing short of a blast of kool rock n roll.Slamming in gear with 12 originals that mash up rockabilly,psychobilly trash, calypso,exotica and even a little shot of country .It covers a lot of ground,pushes the genre lines and always keeps the foot on the pedal.This is a band that's on a mission and as a result this is one stout and fun ride.Hell there isn't a weak track to be found but here are a few highlights: "Oriental Rock", " What About Your Love ", "Country Soda", "I'm Lazy"and "Hot Days"
    From start to finish  "Jungle Party" delivers the goods.It's a  pretty stellar debut album by a band that doesn't take it self too seriously.Let's just say it's flat out kool and one that you'll hit the repeat button for.You definitely want to check it out! Highly recommended!! 

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Stories From Shamehill - Royale With Cheese 2018

 Even since they washed ashore in 2012 Stories From Shamehill  have been making waves with their tight and infectious surfrock. They released a pretty stout ep; "Same Same But Different" back in 2015  and followed it up with 2 equally strong singles," Live In Amsterdam" (2016) and El Salto del Jalapeno(2017).All got international airplay and as a result the band has established themselves as a surf band to keep an eye on.Now they are back with the stellar debut album, "Royale With Cheese".We get 8 original tracks of  top shelf surf  that will cure your ills.Just like in the past, this is traditional surf with a really kool modern edge. From  mid tempo board riders to some fast paced surf action that adds some aggression into the mix. As a result this  puppy is a delicious stew that leaves you wanting more.Highlights include: "Sting Like A Bee", " The Whole Shebang","The Shred Shed" and "Witch-Hunt".
      Short and sweet ,"Royale With Cheese" clocks in at just under 23 minutes.It's also an impressive outing that you should add to your hit list.Highly recommended! 

Friday, 21 December 2018

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, The All Christmas Show Wednesday December 19, 2018 Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, The All Christmas Show
Wednesday December 19, 2018
Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Theme … The Vanishers 
1.Dragstrip Holiday … The Dice Cubes … Single 
2. Stomp That X-mas … The Guitar Slingers … Single 
3. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus … The Learners … Single 
4. We Wish A Surfy Christmas … The Green Reflectors … Single
5. Crazy Reindeer Sleigh Ride Race … The Lenne Brothers … Santa’s Plane 
6. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer … Thee Merry Widows … Psychobilly Christmas       request 
7.Renny The Radio Active Reindeer … The Nightmares … Wreckin Around The Xmas Tree 
8. Run Rudolph Run … Chuck Berry … Single 
9. Give it Up For Christmas … The Big Gun Show … Single 
10. Blotto ln The Grotto … Little Timmy Tinsel & The Fairy Lights … Western Star Christmas Party       request
11. Santa On The Roof … Reverend Horton Heat … We Three Kings  request
12. We Three Kings … Twang-O-Matics … No Sleep Til’ Bethlehem     Ep
13. Santa Cross The Border This Year … Los Damn Ramblers … Single 
14. Don’t Make Me Kick Ass This Christmas … Mack Stevens and The Red Light Boys … Hillbilly Proud      request
15. Green Christmas … The Unkool Hillbillies … Merry Christmas 
16. Santa’s Gonna Kick Your Ass … The Arrogant Worms … Christmas Turkey 
17. Shot My Baby For Christmas … The Vaudevilles … Psychobilly Christmas request 
18. Gunslingin’ Santa … Knock Gallery West … Punk Rock Christmas 
19. I’m Getting Pissed For Christmas … Bamboula … Psychobilly Christmas    request
20. Come All Ye Faithful Surfer Girls … The Chevelles … Christmas A Go- Go
21. Santa’s Got A Mean Machine … JD McPherson … Socks      request  
22. The Christmas Twist … Jack Rabbit Slim … Western Star Rockabilly Christmas Party 
23. How The Grinch Stole Christmas … The Black Flamingos … Single 
24. I want Christmas … El Camino … Western Star Rockabilly Christmas Party
25. A Christmas Twist … Si Cranstoun … Old School
26. Jingle Rock … Tommy Lee & The Orbits …  Single
27. Holly Jolly Rock n Roll Party … Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene … Crime Scene Christmas
28. Sleigh Ride … The Cavaleros … Single 
29. It'll Be A Rockin' Christmas This Year … Ruthie & The Wranglers … Single 
30. Turkey Tossin' … Thee Waltons … Single 
31. Santa Claus Is Back In Town … Creepshow … Single 
32. Stuffin’ Her Stockin' … Bloodshot Bill … Single
33. Merry Christmas Everyone … Asmodeus … Psychobilly Christmas 
34. X-mas Record Hop … The Black Knights … Cruisin’ Christmas
35. Welcome Mr. Santa … Lady Luck Combo … Single
36. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree … The Jets … The Singles
37. Christmas Carol ... The Black Moon Boys .. Nuthouse
38. Christmas Startrack ... The Skiffle Billy Cocktail ...  Single 
39. Christmas At The End Of The Bar … The Vanishers … Single

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Voodoo Zombie - Reviresco 2018

 It's been almost 6 years now since Voodoo Zombie's last release,the single "Zombiewalk"(2012).While they are back and in a big way with their third album, "Reviresco". This time out they are on the new upstart label Batcave Records.Whats not new is that they worked again with Rene De La Muerte (The Brains). So you just know that  "Reviresco" is one damn rockin' affair .Pulling no punches we get an intro,a radio spot and 10 original tracks of stout and catchy psychobilly.Two of the tracks have previously been released , "Armor Psycho" and "Zombiewalk" are reworked here .This is psychobilly that at times has a hard rock edge but the band mixes it up.From an acoustic driven number to all out psycho rockers.Highlights include: "La Llamada De Cthulu", "Un Mejor Cadillac", "Amarte Es Peligroso" and "El Mesias"
 Voodoo Zombie have scored a winner with "Reviresco" It's well produced  and has a great vibe.It's easily their best effort yet and shows that they have a lot more to offer up. It's a powerful and fun ride that you want to get in on. Highly recommended!!

Friday, 14 December 2018

Shakin' Katz Radio Playlist, December 12 2018 With special co-host Andrew Bellini-Rutledge Of Running From Daylight

0 .Shakin Katz Theme ... The Vanishers    Cdn
1.  Love Is Cruel ... Maibell & The Misfires ... single    
2. I Smell A Rat ... Shoebox Revue ... Money  ep    
3.Bales Of Cocaine ... Rev. Horton Heat .... The Full -Custom Sounds Of ... 
4. Crime Scene Christmas ... Kerry Pastine & The Crime Scene ... Crime Scene Christmas  
5. Cone On Everybody ... Craic N Roll ... The Early House  
6. Keep On Moving ... Bloodshot Bill ... single  
7. Santa Bring My Baby Back To Me ... Susie Blue & The Lonesome Fellas ... single
8. Okinawa ... Black Flamingos ... Play Speedway and Other Hits
9. Bombat Belus ... No Escape ... Frederic et le Petit Monstre  ep
10. Heartbreak Hotel ... Sandy and The Wild Wombats .... Wanderlust
11.We Arrived ...The Troubled ... Spacing Away 
12. Father Christmas ...Los Gatos Locos ...  ... Psychobilly Christmas
13. 010010 ... The Tsunamibots .... Man Vs. Machine      request
14. No Surfers In My Town ... Amphibian Man ... No Surfers In My Town  
15. Psycho Killer ... The Hellhates ... From The Roots To The Edge  
16. Carry Me Home ... The Living End ... Roll On 
17 Bloodline ... The Devil's Sons ... Godless Creatures        request 
18. Get Away ... Nick's Airlines ... Sky Pirates 
19. It's Coming Down ... Raygun Cowboys ... The Cowboy Code  
20. Eyeball In My Martini ... The Cramps ... Look Mom No Head
21. Stampede ... The Mighty Swell ... Off The Top With... request   
22 Christmas On Plastic ...  Bad Detectives ... Western Star Christmas Party. 
23. What She Says ... The Hellcat III ... single  
24. You'll Still Be Ugly Tomorrow ... The Hard Rollin' Daddies       request  
25. I Won't Stand In Your Way ... The Stray Cats ... The Best Of....
26. The Shred Shed ... Stories From Shamehill ....  Royale With Cheese    request  
27. Dark Days ...Doghouse Rose ... single 
28. Bust Out The Boogie ... Black Frame Spectacle ... Grady Sessions II    
29. Elvis Ain't Dead Yet ... Running From Daylight ... Elvis Ain't Dead Yet  
30. Deck The Halls....The Wave Benders .... Surfin' Christmas  
31. Make A Mess ... The Confusionaires ... It's Time To Make A Little Mess With...
32. Shopping Mall Santa ... Blue Moon Special  ... Dance Around The X-Mas Tree 
33. Sorrow And Pain ... The Delta Bombers .... Pressure And Time 
34. Dark And Lonely Night ... Tiger Army ...  V    
35. Clubfoot The Avenger   .The Reverb Syndicate .... Last Of The V8 Interceptors