Friday 29 April 2016

Shakin Katz Radio PlayList Wednesday April 27, 2016

Shakin Katz Radio PlayList
Wednesday April 27, 2016
Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme …. The Vanishers
2. Think Twice Before Cheating … Lucianos … Single
3. Don’t Say It Unless You Will … Restless … Originals
4. I Wanna Rock We Wanna Roll … The Royal Flush … Moonshine Truck   request
5. Don’t Cross Me … 24th Street Wailers … Where Evil Grows
6. Upside Down … The Black Moon Boys … S/T
7. Slave For The Beat … Pat Capocci … Call of the Wild
8. Pass That Bottle … Jenny & The Lovers … Strangelove
9. Babyshaker … The Boners … Hell Yeah!
10. Cadillac Smile … Sandbox Bullies … Cadillac Smile
11. Hoo Doo … Alice Jayne/Sirocco Bros … Single
12. Let’s Go Boppin … Danny Duke & Northern Stars … Drinkin’ Not Jivin’
13. Lawbreaker Man … The Johnny Hootch Gang … Cruize ‘n’ Booze
14. Devils Wave … The Gnarly Ones … S/T
15. Burlesque … The Neutronz … Motel Hell
16. They Get Bad Fast … Blazing Haley … Mas Chingon      request
17. All For You … Raise The Undead … Single
18. Race With The Devil … Guana Batz … Saving Grace
19. Lost Boy Choir … Clockwork Psycho … Nightmares From Laibach
20. Up Jumped The Devil … The Accidents … Waiting To Happen
21. Silent Type … The Quakes … Live By The Sword
22. Red Diesel Machine … The Veloninos … S/T    request
23. Evil Feeds … The House of Haunt … Monsters On The Loose
24. Boneyard Reef … The Kanaloas … Surf A Go Go!
25. Knockin' Bones … Big John Bates … Mystiki  request
26. Wild Bunch … Hank Sundown & The Roaring Cascades …  from their upcoming LP
27. Hot Mess … The Real Gone Tones … Hot Mess
28. Sweet Talk … The Millwinders … Ladies & Gentleman.....
29. Law Of The Jungle … Fifty Foot Combo … S/T
30. Two Bits For The Reaper … The Galactic Polecats … The Rockinest Cat In The Galaxy
31. Didn’t Start Livin’ … Teddy & The Tigers … Master Cuts
32. Brassy Dame … Palomars … Single
33. Hot Water … Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys … Fly Right With...   request 
34. You With Us … Da Silva Trio … Rockin' In Rome
35. Buy Me A Drink … The Allens … S/T
36. Everybody Have A Ball … Mississippi Queen … Oh Yeah!
37. Pepper Hot Baby … The Greasemarks … Griddle Greasin' Daddies
38. Tornado … Gutter Demons … Unfinished Business
39. Heads Are Gonna Roll … Raygun Cowboys … Heads Are Gonna Roll
40. Flyin Saucer Rock n Roll … Billy Lee Riley … Red Hot     request
41. 2 Am … The Wise Guys … Hot Summer Nights
42. Your Baby Blue Eyes … Roadkill Rockers … Play It Loud
43. Rockin' Harder … Lee Rocker … Racin’ the Devil
44. Beer Bottle Pockets … Ginger St. James … Tease

Sunday 24 April 2016

Sharna-Mae & The Mayhems - Love Drunk 2016

Since forming in 2015, young up starts Sharna-Mae & The Mayhems  have been on a pretty fast track.They have played on some major bills, developed a solid fan base and have some serious buzz around them.Hell they even got the attention of Western Star Records.One reason for their popularity is because they play fun and fresh  rockabilly and do it well.The band hit the studio  in February of this year and now their debut has dropped.So is the band worthy and live up to the buzz,while judging by their debut disc "Love Drunk" the answer is yes.Clocking in with 10 originals and 2 covers of mainly rockabilly as well as some country and rock n roll added into the mix.Ranging from kool rockers to a country ballad and it's all good.Throw in both female and male lead vocals and you get an album that has a pretty good flow and vibe about it .Hell this is a great sounding album.Highlights include : "Hot Rod Girl","Sugar In The Tank", "No Good Lover" and "Love Drunk".
 Sharna-Mae & The Mayhems are diffidently a band to keep an eye on and "Love Drunk" bares that out.This is a pretty strong debut that's fun, aims to impress and succeeds.Recommended!
Watching You
Watching You
Watching You

Matchless - Pills & Blades 2016

When Matchless formed back in 2007 the buzz was that these kats would fill the void of The Gutter Demons.There was unfairly high expectations leveled on the band to say the least.In 2009 the band released the solid and good  ep "Don't Leave Your Day Job" and it left many wondering about them(again unfair). The ep was more rockabilly/rock n roll and not psychobilly.Then in 2010 they released the excellent debut album "Randomly Generated Numbers", a kool mix bag of rock n rock.From straight up rock n roll to roots to billy and punk, all done with a raw edge.Now in 2016 there back with the  sophomore album "Pills & Blades" and this puppy is nothing short of a knock out punch.This is 15 tracks of snarly killer hard rock/psychobilly that's all done with a punk sneer.Hell this is one damn smokin' album that kicks in hard and doesn't let up.No week track here and as a result this is one really consistent effort that truly delivers.Standouts include: " King’s Ransom", "Afterbite", " Pills & Blades","One in a Billion" and "Tunica Molesta"
    Matchless have diffidently stepped up their game on "Pills & Blades"and are a band that just keeps getting better  each time out.In short this is one tough, confident  and one stellar album that you should grab up.Highly recommended!!!!

Thursday 21 April 2016

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Wednesday April 20, 2013 3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday April 20, 2013
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme… The Vanishers

2. Hot Rod Girl … Sharna Mae & The Mayhems … Love Drunk
3.Don’t Fight … Ric & The Dukes … Don’t Fight ..... Single
4. Leave Me Alone … The Jet-Sons … Hellbound Stories    request
5. Hup Two Three Four … The Ramblin' Ambassadors …  Avanti
6. Hot Rockin' Mama … A.J. & The Rockin' Trio … Howlin' At The Moon
7. Wastin' Our Time … The 3 Kings … Outcasts     request
8. Baltimore … The Bellfuries … Working Man’s Bellfuries
9. Sophie … The Lazy Lovers ... Canicule   ep 
10. Out In The Dark … The Brains … Out In The Dark     request
11. One Mile From Heaven … The Silver Shine … Hold Fast
12. Bottle Caps & Broken Glass … Nuke Mutant … High Class Demo
13. Everything Is Broken But Our Love … The Living Deads … S/T    request
14. Run Away … The Rhythm Reactorz … S/T
15. Dead Transmission … Graveyard Johnnys … Dead Transmission     request
16. The Spy Invasion … The 427’s … Mavericks
17. Mother Of Mojo … The Super Kings … Volume One
18. King’s Ransom … Matchless … Pills & Blades
19.  Mr. Don … Hot Clover Club … Broken Wings
20. No More Days … Luis and The Wild Fires … Heart-Shaped Noose
21. Sex God,Rock n Roll … Brass Knuckle Boogie … Sex, God, Rock n Roll
23. Motorhead Sally … The Bullets … Sons Of The Gun
24. I’m The Wolfman … Thee Epileptic Hillbilly’s … Tales From The Underworld
25. My Pschobillity … The Lab Ratz … Terror is Loose
26. Rockin at the House of Strange … The Meteors … Wrecked Forever   Single
27. The Thing From Outer Space … The Thing from Outer Space … demo
28. Call Me Evil … The Calrizians … Great Lakes Surf Battle
29. I Don’t Need No Doctor … Demented Scumcats … Splatter Baby
30. Hard Luck … The Chop Tops … Deadly Love
31. Cuckoo Song … The Lucky Devils … A Mental Journey
32. 100thMonkey … Black Frame Spectacle … S/T
33. Lowdown Truck Driver … Fabulous Bandits …. Red Foot Pride
34. You Don’t Love Me Anymore … Frantic Flintstones … Psycho Samba My Way
35. You Gotta Me Rockin' … Booze Bombs … Ice Cold Whiskey
36. Chains … The Farrell Bros … This Is A Riot
37. Frantic … The Rip’em Ups … Killswitch     request
38. Sweet Love … Speed Crazy … Tales From The Train Wreck
39. Your Always Gone … Straight 8’s … Girl Trouble
40. Love And The 45 … Eve Hell & the Razors … When the Lights Go Out
41. Beggin' On My Knee’s …The Kabooms … S/T
42. School Of Rock n Roll … Snakebite … Rock it Through The Blues
43. Cool Off Baby … Terry O’Connel & His Pilots … S/T    Demo
44. Red River Rock… The Thing From Outer Space … Demo

Friday 15 April 2016

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist April 12, 2016

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
April 12, 2016
CHRW 94.9 FM
1.Shakin Katz Theme … The Vanishers
2. The Blob … The Test Pilots … Parachute Party
3. One In A Billion … Matchless … Pills & Blades request
4. Rampton Rage … The Nevrotix … Paranoid
5. Accident Or Incident … Fifty Foot Combo … S/T
6. Slum Fun … The Real Gone Tones … Hot Mess
7. Rock Around The Town … The Drunken Hobo’s … Hobo Hop
8. Rattle Shakin' Mama … Twisted Rod … Boozin' & Boppin'
9. Keep On Rocking …Christian D & The Hangovers … Single
10. Don’t Settle … Hill Valley Lightening … S/T
11. Maryjane … Frantic Rockers … Low Down Dog
12. Town Called Malice … The Neutronz … Motel Hell
13. Suffer … The Koffin Rockers … Dead End ep
14. Slide …. Six Gun Romeo … The Filth
15. You Got Me Rockin' … The Booze Bombs … Ice Cold Whiskey
16. Reason … Lota Red …  Green Memphis
17. Instigator … The Coffin Daggers … Aggravatin' Rhythms
18. The Thing From Outer Space …  The Thing From Outer Space … Live demo
19. XXX … Jack Rabbit Slim … Rockin' With Jack Rabbit Slim    request
20. Red Hot Rockin' Blues … Lee Denson  … Single
21. Run Me Down … The Galactic Polecats  … The Rockinest Cat In The Galaxy
22. He’s The One … Bang Bang Betty & The H-Bombs … S/T
23. I Got A Dog …. Marty Allen … Sun Sessions 
24. Heartbreaker … Jittery Jack … Gonna Have Time With Jittery Jack
25. Gotta Be … The Jime … Mean Side Of Town
26. Hip Shakin Baby … Ollie Vee … Lonesome Girl  request
27. Too Hot Too Bop … Mike Phantom & The Bop-A-Tones … Too Hot Too Bop
28. Lucille … Little Richard … It’s Only Rock & Roll
29. Quit Starring … Brian Baker & the Memphis Knights … Rollerskate Baby  request 
30. Your My Baby ... Roy Orbison ... Classic Rockabilly    request
31. Dick Tracy … Jonny And The Shamen ... Anthology Of Espionage
32. 6 FT Lorraine … Whiskey Kill … Wrecker
33. Cat Fight … Alistair Christl … Eight Songs By...
34. Moon Dog … The Silverhounds … Hellacious request  ep
35. Hard Times … The Roughnecks … Psycho Attack Over Europe
36. Knock Knock Kockin' … Switchblade Valentine … S/T
37. Blood Sweat & Tears … Cold Blue Rebels … Love Of The Undead  ep
38. Give An Inch(Take A Mile)... El Camino ... The Way
39. Sound Of Boogie … Eight Bomb … Daytona Dynamite
40. What’s Inside A Girl … Rockin Rhonda & The Rhonkeys … Bad Girl Rockabilly
41. Lock The Door… Delta Bombers … S/T  request
42. I’m Wise … The Rubber Chukkes … Kill My Neighbour 
43.  I’m Man Enough … Texas Steve & The Tornados … Take Cover
44. Hey Mr. Phillips … The Riot Rockers … S/T
45.  Don’t Loose That Grove  … Chris Martin Trio … Young Blood

Sunday 10 April 2016

Fifty Foot Combo - S/T 2016

Fifty Foot Combo, the kings of "Monstrophonic" sound are back and ready to kick ass in a big way. If you don't know who Fifty Foot Combo  are you should. Back in 2006 and after 6 albums these kats packed it in. Their brand of wild garage,surf and trashy rock n roll had made them one of the best bands out there.They were popular ,had a killer rep,were in your face and they always delivered the goods.Back in 2012 the band got back to together and started playing gigs .In 2014 they really started to get out and have released a couple of singles (2014, 2016) with guest vocalist.Now in 2016 they're back with a self titled album,their first  since 2004. So the big question is it any good.While hell yeah, it's damn good and these kats aren't holding back.We get 13 tracks of kool, at times raw and intense garage/surf  rock n roll.In other words just what you would expect. From wall of sound to spaghetti infused to garage to surf and  a little psychedelic the band covers a lot of ground and does it well.Hell we even get 2 versions of "Wild Man"  Highlights include : "Accident Or Incident", "Decompression", "The Maker" and "The Descent"
    Fifty Foot Combo are on a mission here and this is right up there with their best works.Not a easy feat.This is loud, proud and just killer rock n roll.Highly Recommended!!!

The Real Gone Tones - Hot Mess 2016

Since  2011 the Polish  outfit The Real Gone Tones  have quietly developed a solid  rep as a pretty fine rockabilly/rock n roll band.One reason for the band's appeal is that they much more than just a rockabilly band.These kats willing stray into country, rhythm'n'blues, even swing and do it well. Throw in both male and female  vocal leads and the results are one strong outfit.   Their 2015  debut album  "So Cool" is an impressive effort that managed to solidify the band as a top notch act and  garner the notice of El Toro Records.With the El Toro signing the band has wasted no time getting out their sophomore effort, "Hot Mess". No sophomore jinx here as this puppy strolls, bops  and rocks pretty damn good.We get 14 originals and 1 cover of mainly rockabilly and rock n roll. With some shades of the blues,country and rhythm'n'blues added in. The result is one kool mix that's totally enjoyable. Highlights include: "  Cranky Wagon", "Rock'n'Roll Hiccup", "Slum Fun", " Mean" and " Laundromat"
       Overall "Hot Mess " is a strong, fun and brisk album that's hard to resist.The Real Gone Tones have released another fine album and you should keep an eye on these kats.Highly recommended.                 

Sunday 3 April 2016

The Test Pilots - Parachute Party 2016

In early 2015 The Test Pilots came screaming out of Sweden with one hell of an ep entitled "Deadly Rhythms". These kats totally caught  pretty much all of the psychobilly/rockabilly crowd off-guard .The band then preceded to gain major international airplay and praise.Their brand of psychobilly/neo-rockabilly is strikingly fresh,exciting and full of potential.Now with the release of their debut album " Parachute Party" The Test Pilots are smacking down their hand and it's one that's hard to beat. We get 10 tracks here (9 new) that you can't help but dig.This is modern psychobilly with  old school flare and a stiff shot of neo rockabilly.At times it sounds familiar but it always sounds original and fresh,it's not your typical psychobilly. Highlights include: " The Blob", "Jumble Stomp", "Deadly Rhythms", Thin Blue Line" and "Flipped Out,Twisted n' Trashed".
        You just know these guys don't hold to the usual constraints of psychobilly and that's a good thing.  The Test Pilots are one seriously talented outfit and "Parachute Party" bears that out. This is a killer album from start to finish and one you should snap up. Highly recommended!!