Sunday 27 January 2013

The Starlite Wranglers - Evil Red Flames 2012

 The Starlite Wranglers should be big this is one talented group  that just can't seem to get a brake.For some they are not rockabilly enough or to psychobilly and even to rootsy for others.After all  this Japanese band has always marched to their own beat. No matter how you take them ,they are a rockabilly band.It's been around 7 years since the band last  put out an album So "Evil Red Flames"(their 3rd album) was  long overdue and it just maybe their best.We get 15 tracks here that run the table from rockabilly to psychobilly to spaghetti to country and some tinges of blues.Highlights include:"Devils Trick", "Nasty Road","Ghost Train" and " Evil Red Flames".The Starlite Wranglers  play to their strengths here and that makes for a pretty good album.This is an enjoyable listen  and if your looking for something a bit  different this puppy is for you .Go ahead and check it out. 

The Boppin' Gliesers - Gotta Have My Way 2012

A couple of years ago this young french rockabilly band caught  a lot of people off guard with their way kool debut album "Gliese Attack". These guys play rockabilly that has been described as nervous,maybe so but this is  urgent, kinetic and damn good billy music.Now comes the follow-up "Gotta Have My Way"and this puppy kicks major butt.Coming in with 10 original tracks this is better than their debut album and that's saying something.This is rockabilly/rock n roll that gets right to the point.Highlights include:"I Walk With You", "Boppin' Gliesers","One Night Woman" and "Wild Wild Wild Man".The Boppin' Gliesers are young band that keeps getting better and "Gotta Have My Way" is a damn good album and is highly recommended.

Friday 25 January 2013

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Wednesday January 23, 2013

Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday January 23, 2013

1. Shakin Katz Theme…the Vanishers…Single (can)
2. You’re a Liar…Howlin Lou & His Whip Lovers…CD Bad Attitude
3. Wolves at the Door…the Schizophonics…CD Delicious, Hot or Cold
4. Insane Love…the Capone Bros…CD Insane Love (request)
5. Jedd’s Gold Sled…Crazy Aces…CD Greatest Hits Volume 2

6. Six Rounds…the Brains…CD Drunk not Dead (can)
7. Rag Top Baby…the MeeKats…Single
8. Ghost Bastard…Motor Zombies…CD Return of Motor Zombies
9. Saloon Bloodweiser…Messer Chups…Single

10. She’s so Flat…Alley Dukes…CD Go Back to College (can & request)
11. Nasty Road…the Starlit Wranglers…CD Evil Red Flames (request)
12. Lock Myself in my Room…Christian D….Single (can & request)
13. Dead End Town…Loveless…EP Loveless

14. Rockabilly Queen…Hellbound HepCats…CD Vol. #2 (can)
15. Rumble in the Jungle…Bang Bang Bazooka…CD Red, Hot & Horny (request)
16. Go!Go!Go!…Roy Orbison…CD Rockin Memphis
17. Limer….Luna Vegas…CD Demon Creepars, Asylum Seekers

Loco for London’s Locals
18. Betty Bones…Hell Cat & the Prowl….EP 3 Song Demo (can)
19. Drug Money….Trole…CD Self Titled (can)
20. Barbwire…Positively Stompin…CD Junk Drawer (can)
21. Who Done You Wrong….Back Seat Bingo…Single (can)

22. Freewheelin…the Matadors…CD Devil’s Music (can)
23. Buy Me a Drink…The Allens….CD Self Titled (can)
24. Your So Square…Uranus…Single (can)
25. The Devil don’t Tie my shoes….Black Frame Spectacle…CD Grady Session (can)

26. Shake Shake Shake a Rockin Rolla…. The Rumblebees….Single (can)
27. Bill Brodie…the Nasty Rashes….Single (can)
28. Gone, Gone Gone….Snuffy Jenkins…CD Green Teeth (can)
29. Ain’t no Rest for Elvis…the Pink Cadillac Scat Cats…EP Rip it Up (can)

30. That Baby…Jason & the Nomads…CD Warpspeed Ahead (can)
31. No Mercy….Sarah & Jeff…EP No Mercy (can)
33. Sneaky Pete…the Black Holes…CD Live at the Wick (can)
34. Long Gone Daddy…the Hi-Tones…Single (can)
London is filled with Many Great Bands that bring it to the table each week for our entertainment and We say thank You for the Music…So no matter we’re You Live Get out and Support Live Music !!

35. Collegeman…Billy Lee Riley…CD Red Hot (request)
36. Arch Stanton…the Sub-Vectors…Single.
37. Mein Deutsches Motorrod…Corb Lund…CD Cabin Fever (can)
38. High Heels…Mad Dog Cole…CD Son of Satan

39. London Streets….Hancox…CD Vegas Lights.
40. Hell Must Be Empty….the Meteors…CD Doing the Lords Work
41. The Goat Mode…Bevel Emboss…CD Celluloid
42. Big Hit…Lucky Bullets…CD Dead Man’s Shoe…#19 new
43. Kristy…the Farrell Bros….CD This is Riot (can & request)

Now that was Fun….thanks for the Request and Chit Chat it’s always a pleasure and Thank You to all of London’s Local Bands that Play each week for our Dancing and Drinking Pleasure…Hats of to each of You!!!

And if You Missed the Show …Shakin Katz Radio is always archived!!!

Till next Wednesday….Have a great Week Folks….Same time 3:30-6:00pm…Same place CHRW 94.9fm
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Sunday 20 January 2013

The Schizophonics - Delicious, Hot or Cold 2012

Sometimes a band seems to come out of nowhere and catches you off guard.Case in point The Schizophonics(from London England) and these guys have just dropped a damn good debut album called " Delicious, Hot or Cold". This is more than rock n roll that leans heavily on old school psychobilly .We get shades of punk, rockabilly and a healthy dose of twang to boot.The album comes in with 12 tracks from the dark side that will definitely grow on you.Highlights include :"Jack The Snipper", "What A Way To Go", "Route 666" and "One More For The Basement".Bottom line here is that this is a fine slice of rock n roll that to say the least is delicious.Recommended.  

Saturday 19 January 2013

Motorzombis – El Regreso De Motorzombis (2012)

Lots of bands claim to be influenced by horror movies but few take it to the depths that Motorzombis do.It seems like that's all these psycho Spaniards sing about. Since 2005 they have been dishing out their brand of "Locobilly" and are consider by many to be one of Spain's better psychobilly bands and who am I to argue.That said,  "El Regreso De Motorzombis" is the band's second  album and it should come as no surprise that the band continues down the horror path.Some  people out there say that the band is horror-punk,but make no mistake here this is  psychobilly not horror punk and that's a good thing.Slashing in with 12 psycho-rockers this puppy kicks a little ass.Highlights include: "Ghost Bastards", "The Stuff","Dead Rockers Rumble" and "Herbert West,Re- animador". At times the album has a familiar ring  yet it still sounds fresh  and the band sings mainly in  Spanish.This is by far the best disc Motorzombis .For that reason alone you should check it out.   

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist A & J’s Top 10 Releases of 2012 Wednesday, January 16th, 2012

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
A & J’s Top 10 Releases of 2012
Wednesday, January 16th, 2012
3:30-6:00pm CHRW 94.9fm

1. Shakin Katz Theme…the Vanishers…Single (can)

Honourable Mention
2. Prove Your Love is True…B & the Bops…CD Don’t Stop the Rock Bop
3. Sweet Talk…the Millwinders…CD Ladies & Gentlemen
4. Too Late…Fretones…CD Stop Frettin
5. Deathproof…King Beez…CD DeathProof Vol.#1 (can)

Honourable Mention
6. Psycho Friend…Route 67...CD SinFul Ways
7. Let’s Go…Stessor…CD Let’s Go
8. Sweet Marie…SnakeBite…CD Let’s Rock n Roll
9.Clambake…Ramblin Ambassadors…CD Ramble On (can)

Ambers Top Release 2012
10. Sweet Baby…Bad Dooleys….CD King of the Sea
9. Rocky Planet….The Skiffle Billy Cocktail…CD Billy Budda & the Crazy Curse of the Red Mustang
8. Jaw Droppin Mama…Blue Collar Combo…CD Introducing the Blue Collar Combo
7. Lucky Charm…Demented Are Go…CD Welcome to Insanity Hall
6. That Lady…Hellbound Hepcats…CD No#2 (can)
5. Bust out the Boogie…Black Frame Spectacles…CD Grady Session #2 (can)
4. Out of Gas…the Noisy Boys….CD Out of Gas
3. Chase…Bikini Machine….CD Let’s Party with Bikini Machine
2. Devil Doll….Jack Rabbit Slim…CD the Emperors New Clothes
1. Red Hot Car…Epileptic Hillbilly’s….CD Insanity

Honourable Mention
20. Road Rage…the Neutronz….CD Kuncklehead
21. Prisoner of Your Charm….Rusti Steel & the Star Tones…CD Café-a-la-Rock
22. Rock n Roll Queen….The Rumble Jacks…CD Big Ladies
23. Dragstrip Murder Mystery…Surf Vaders…..Dragstrip Murder Mystery

John’s Top Releases 2012
10. Rat Tech….Surf Zombies….CD Lust for Rust
9. Who are You…the Delta Bombers…CD Wolf
8. Under attack…Kdv Deviators…..CD Lost Contract
7. Pedal Pusher…Rondo Hatton…CD Self Titled
6. Bone Breaker…Guitar Slingers….CD Adios Amigo
5. Up, Back and Off….Black Frame Spectacle…CD Grady Session 2 (can)
4. Could Be…Royal Crowns…CD Vol.3 (can)
3. Rock n Roll Shipwreck…Jack Rabbit Slim…CD the Emperors New Clothes
2. Epileptic Fit…Demented Are Go…CD Welcome back to Insanity Hall
1. Midget the Killer…..Poison Bar…CD Mutated Liquidators

Honourable Mention
35. Heads or Tales….Johnny Knife & His Rippers…CD Sinister Street
36. Rex Rides Again…Rev Hank…CD Longhorn (can)
37. Where’s the Lady Luck….Relax Trio…CD Shake & Roll
38. Wasted Nights….RayGun Cowboys….CD Cowboy Up (can)
Great and Awesome selection of Music from the Billy & Surf World was played on Shakin Katz this past Year….So much new music was released and this is so Kool . Thanks to You the Listener for your request to keep Us always searching and To the Bands what more can be said than“THANK YOU”.

Next Week We are doing a “Loco for the Local” featuring the mighty and vibrant bands that make our local scene past & present….and on that note London’s own the Hi-Tones are back in action this Saturday night at Call the Office for the “3rd Annual London Britches Falling Down”

Have a great Week Folks….back next week same time 3:30-6:00pm….same place CHRW 94.9fm

Sunday 13 January 2013

Crazy Aces - Greatest Hits Volume 2. 2012

If I told you about a kool surf band out of Nashville  you may well be laughing at me ,but hear me out. We have 4 of Nashville's  top sidemen coming together to form Crazy Aces a surf band .I can  only think what the f....are these guys bored with playing country music.They put out a debut album and it's called "Greatest Hits Volume 2" and it's KILLER .This puppy rides in with 13 original tracks that will impress any die-hard surf fan.These boys run the table from  spaghetti , eleki(Japanese surf), spy to traditional. Add to that some garage , a little touch of punk,a good dose of twang and well you get the picture.Highlights include: "Theme From Crazy Aces","Arigato Terauchi", "Jedd's Gold Sled" and "Boogie Bored". This is a surprising ,kool  and invigorating album that leaves you wanting more.What can I say Country musics loss,surf musics gain.Recommend  

Big Black Cadillac - Let's Get Reckless 2012

Big Black Cadillac have been laying down their brand of rockabilly / rock n roll since 2006.After releasing a demo  and playing a ton of gigs this Norfolk(England) outfit  developed  a pretty good rep and managed to get signed by Nervous Records.The result of this is the bands debut "Let's Get Reckless" and it's one solid album.Coming at us with 12 tracks (only 2 covers) of  modern rockabilly that at times borders on straight up rock n roll.Highlights include: "Walking On A Tightrope ","As You Like It","Not Guilty" and the kool surf tune "Surf Storm". BBC already  has a pretty good reputation and  "Let's Get Reckless" will only add to that .This is not only a enjoyable listen it's also pretty good and you gotta like that.

Sunday 6 January 2013

The Frogs - Witch! 2012

Young  Swiss  psycho's The Frogs made a name for themselves with their 2010 debut "Revenge Of". For some fans of old school psychobilly  the band was seen as a breath of fresh air, too others it was a case of more of the same .However you look at it "Revenge Of"  is a good debut album.Now the band is back with their sophomore release " Witch! " and it's pretty damn good .Yeah it's still  faithful to old school but the album sounds  fresh and modern (dare I say). Clocking in with 14 brisk tracks  The Frogs have diffidently step it up here.Highlights include : "Joliboy", "Avanche", "Last Of The Teenagers" and "Old Nick's Wine". This  isn't heavy handed ,true to the old school and a hell of a lot of fun. You may want to check it out even if your not into old school psychobilly.

Howlin' Lou and His Whip Lovers - Bad Attitude 2012

This past year Howlin' Lou and His Whip Lovers  was a band that I heard a lot of praise about ,so I was really looking forward to hearing their debut release. I have to say this Italian outfit  is killer and "Bad Attitude" more than lives up to all the hype. This is a fireball of rockabilly/rock n roll  that just keeps coming at you.Dropping in with 12 killer tracks (7 originals and 5 covers) that leave you wanting more.No dogs here ,this is solid from start to finish. Stand out tracks include: "Bad Attitude", "Your A Lair", "Miss Tissy" and "Justine" If you like your billy raw, intense and fun this is for you .Definitely one of the better albums to come down the pike this past year and that's saying something. Highly Recommended 

Friday 4 January 2013

Shakin Katz Radio Listeners Top Release of 2012 Wednesday January 2nd, 2013 playlist

Shakin Katz Radio
Listeners Top Release of 2012
Wednesday January 2nd, 2013
3:30-6:00pm, CHRW 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Radio Theme…the Vanishers…Single (can)
1. I Got a Dog….Marty Allen…CD the Sun Sessions (can)
2. Johnny Can’t Dance….Toreadors Trio…CD Johnny Can’t Dance
3. Nessie’s Haggis Hat…Glasgow Tiki Shakers…CD Little Orbit
4. You Done Me Wrong…the Fret Tones…CD Stop Frettin

5. Psycho Love Cat…the Rusty Robots…CD We Are
6. Salty Dog Blues…Steve Taylor…CD Drum Boogie
7. Baby Boy…Texas Steve & the Tornadoes…CD Take Cover
8. Motorsurf….Captain Twang & Hi-Rhythm Cat…CD Motor Surf
9. Tell’in Yha Baby…Bloodshot Bill…CD Homicide (can) 17 

Start of The Listeners Choice Top Release of 2012
10. Wasted Nights…the Raygun Cowboys…CD Cowboy Up (can)
11. Cut Me Down…Fatboy…CD Love Creole
12. Lot Lizard…Lords of the Highway…Death Before 2nd Place
13. Giji…Les Malleche`…CD Partis En Road test (can)

14. Devil Gate Drive…. Restless…CD Sounds Like Restless
15. Dragstore RaceShop… Jaguar &The Savannas…West Side Stories
16. Pill Poppin Daddies…the Royal Crowns…CD Volume 3 (can)

17. Go Buddy Go…the Tin Cans…CD Unbreakable
18. Come Back Baby….Jackrabbit Slim…CD Emperors New Clothes
19. Getting No Where Fast…Hellbound Hepcats…CD Vol. 2 (can)
20. Use Your Claws….Black Frame Spectacle…CD Grady Sessions (can)

21. Gambler…the Basementones…EP Gambler
22. Deathproof….King Beez…CD Deathproof Vol.1 (can)
24. Lucky Charm…Demented Are Go… CD Welcome Back to Insanity Hall

25. Sweet Talk…the Millwinders…CD Ladies & Gentleman (can)
26. Jaw Dropping Mama.. Blue Collar Combo….Introducing Blue Collar Combo
27. Girl Meat Fever…the Meteors….CD Doing the Lords Work
28. Crime Scene…the Los Striaght Jackets…CD Jet Set

29. Wiggle Dress….the Neutronz….CD KnuckleHead
30. No Mercy…Sarah & Jeff…EP No Mercy (can)
31. WildCat…the Quakes…CD Planet Obscure
32. Dead…the House of Haunt…EP Highway Horror CD single

33. Lie to Me Baby…Stressor…CD Trip to Mad City
34. Twist & Twang…Rev Hank…CD Longhorn (can)
35. Josephine…Wild Wax Combo…Single
36. 5000 Coffins…Buzz Deluxe…Single (can)

End of The Listeners Choice Top Release of 2012

37. Cat Fight…Alistair Christl…Single (can)
38. Dear Highway…Gunsmoke…CD Dear Highway (can)
39. Allright Baby…Rowdeymen…CD Gas, Liquor & Fireworks (can)
40. Psychobilly Band…Reach Around Rodeo Clown… CD Whip it Out (request)
41. Abducted…the Hypnophonics…CD Last Band on Earth (can)
42. The Minor Blues…the High Tides…CD Desert Sands (can)

Happy New Year Everyone and Hello 2013….
2012 rendered Us a great list of New Release to Fall unto the airwaves this past Year….So We start 2013 off with a little special on Your selection of Listeners Fav’s and what a Great List by the Way…….So Thank You to all that placed their vote on what Was Your Favourite Release in 2012, For the Listeners Special .
We had over 125 new CD / EP/Singles released to the airwaves this past year…thanks to the all Bands for the music and the Listeners for make some request that sent Us a searching for the new music You wanted to Here.

And don’t for get to check-out Johnny Boys Review Page at:
Slams Review 2:
And on face book at:

Next Week We are off the airwaves but back at You on Wednesday January 16th for A & J Top 10 Releases of 2012...Have a great Couple of Weeks and See Yha same time 3:30-6:00pm same place CHRW94.9fm.

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Toreadors Trio - Johnny Can't Dance 2012

You may not have heard of The Toreadors Trio  but these dudes are big hitters in their native Finland  and have managed to make a ton of noise in and around Northern Europe.Since 2008 they have been playing a brand of refreshing modern rockabilly .Fans of the band call the bands music "Twistin'Neo-billy" and others have called  it rock n roll with a teddy-boy attitude.One thing for sure these guys are top shelf .   Johnny Can't Dance is the band's long awaited debut  and no surprises here ,this puppy delivers the goods.Coming in with 13 tracks (7 originals)that run from straight up billy to straight up rock n roll. Highlights include: "One More Chance" ,"I Can Tell", "Cruising On The Highway" and "Johnny Can't Dance".  This is a fun and  damn solid album  that lives up to all the hype . The Toreadors Trio  are diffidently a band to keep an eye on. Recommended