Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Hicksville Bombers - Voodoo Doll 2015

Over their long career The Hicksville Bombers have consistently delivered top notch rockabilly.These kats have been kicking it out since 1992 all while staying the course(7 albums),hell you know exactly what your getting here and that's a good thing: rockabilly with a little blues and country on the side. It's been 4 years since the their last album , the pretty stout "Ready To Rumble"and to the band's many fans that's way too long .While the wait is over with the release of "Voodoo Doll " and yes it has been worth the wait.This puppy  koolly rolls in with 15 tracks of rockabilly done just the way you would expect from the The Bombers,meaning damn good.We get a great mix of rockers, strollers and ballads as well as a few older songs that have been rerecorded .Highlights include: "Memphis Cat", "So Hot, She's Cool", " Low On Gas" and " Can't Buy Your Goodbye".
      The band decided to have "Voodoo Doll" produced by the folks at Western Star and that has proven to be a smart move.This has a more punched up and  fresher feel than their  previous releases.As a result this is one great sounding album and it's also their best yet! Very  Recommended !! 

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