Sunday 28 December 2014

Jake and the Lawless Men - Grande y Sucio 2014

Young Irish rockabilly upstart  Jake Allen  has been making noise now for a few years now but back in 2012  he really grabbed attention with the very kool ep "Long Lost Heart". Hell it was good enough in fact  that  Wild Records went and snagged him.Since then this hard working outfit has gone from being called Jake Allen and His Band  to Jake and the Lawless Men. Now in 2014 the long awaited debut album, "Grande y Sucio" is finally here and it was diffidently worth the wait. This puppy strolls in with 12 solid rockabilly tunes(9 of which are originals) that rock, bop and will have you moving.There are splashes of the blues and some country thrown into the mix as well, all of which add a kool vibe to the album.Highlights include: "Mess About Man" ," Cheap Thrills","This Night" and "Recipe For Love".
The title of the album "Grande y Sucio" translates to Big and Dirty and that's not far off the mark .This puppy is also a pretty damn strong effort that is fresh and very appealing.Recommended! 


BANG!MUSTANG! washed up on the European surf scene back in 2010 with a ton of expectations on their back.After all here was a band with great pedigree and enough talent to raise the bar when it comes to the surf music.Well they have definitely more than lived up to the expectations ,to many followers of surf  they are simply one of the best "modern surf " bands period. Their 2012 debut album"The Big Twang! Theory" basically nailed it  and they are considered a must see band. Now in 2014 they're back with the sophomore effort "SURFIN' NSA!"  and this puppy  really is pretty impressive   .Coming ashore with with 16 tracks of  pure modern surf .We get  a disc full of spaghetti, spy ,power surf and more .This is rich  impressive surf  that flows  and leaves you wanting more.Highlights include: "Haunted By A Shadow", "Giant Zora" ,"Charles Bronson" and " Surfin 'NSA".
     BANG!MUSTANG! have delivered in spades here and one has to ask just how good they  really are.Pretty sweet and highly recommended!

Sunday 21 December 2014

Frantic Rockers - Savage Beat 2014

One of the biggest surprises  of 2014 has been the emergents of the  Frantic Rockers,this young LA blues rock band has caught on in a big way with the rockabilly community.Also surprising is that they signed on with Rhythm Bomb Records a label you really don't associate with the blues. That was and is a smart move by both camps. Hell from all accounts they blew the lid off  the joint at this years Viva Las Vegas .One thing for sure  is that the Frantic Rockers are one killer band that play hard driving blues with  rockabilly overtones  and with a bit of punk attitude. All this leads us to the band's debut album "Savage Beat " and this puppy totally kicks butt.We get 13 tracks (10 originals) that push hard and deliver the goods.This is "rockin' blues" that hits the nerve  bang on. You can't help but  to be impressed with the guitar and harp playing here as well as whole execution of the songs.This is one tight band. Highlights include: "All Through The Night", "I’m Gone", " Have Some Fun Tonight" and " Rumors".
     Savage Beat  is straight up impressive from start to finish and easily one of the best albums of the year.As they say, "this is Mustard" Highly Recommended!!!

Saturday 20 December 2014

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
The Christmas Show
Wednesday December 17,2014
1.Shakin Katz Theme…. The Vanishers
2.Santa Claus Is Back In Town…Laura Hope & the Arktones
3.Stomp That X-mas…. Guitar Slingers
4. There’s Trouble Brewing…Jack Scott
5. Merry Twistmas…The Boppers
6. Who Likes X-Mas Anyway…Luis & The Wildfires
7. North Pole Rock…Cathy Sharpe
8. Deck The Halls…The Benders
9. Gunslingin' Santa…Knock Gallery West
10. Stuffin' Her Stocking…. Bloodshot Bill
11. Shot My Baby For Christmas…the Vaudvilles   request
12. Run Run Rudolph…Chuck Berry      request
13. Feliz Navidad…Los Straight Jackets
14. Turkey Tossin'…. Thee Waltons
15. Drummer Boy…The Bonboras
16. Jingle Bell Rocks…The Green Reflectors
17. Santa Skipped My House…Rio & the Rockabilly Revival
18. New Baby For Christmas…Ted Daigle
19. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree... Chuck Deville/Wayne Van Snick
20. Christmas At The End Of The Bar…. The Vanishers
21. Eggnog Twist…Thee Elfmen   request
22. Renny The Radioactive Reindeer…The Nightmares
23. I Found The Brains Of Santa Claus…Jason & The Sharptones
24. Sleigh Ride…. The Wuzzels
25.  Blue Suede Santa…. Hillbilly Casino   request
26. Merry Christmas Everyone…. Shakin Stevens   request
27.  Jingle Bells…The Kingmakers
28. Rock N Roll Christmas…The Continentals
29. Mama’s Twist’n with Santa Claus…. Mark Anthony
30. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer…. Merry Widows
31. Creepy Christmas party… Los Pistosleros
32. Santa Bring Baby Back…Frantic Flintstones
33. Santa On The Roof…Reverend Horton Heat    request
34. It Will Be A Rockin Christmas…Ruthie & the Wranglers
35. Don’t Make Me Kick Your Ass This Christmas…. Mark Stevens  request
36. God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman….Legendary Shack Shakers
37. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree…Brenda Lee
38. Twinkle Little Christmas…JD McPherson    request
39. Rudolph The Red Nose Riendeer…Urban Surf Kings   request
40. Merry Christmas…Asmodeus
41. Hey Santa Claus…Nelson Carrera 
42.Santa Baby ... Lisa Marrie Lewis 
43.Christmas Boogie ...The Swing Cats
44. Merry Christmas…The Creepshow

Sunday 14 December 2014

Pat Capocci - Pantherburn Stomp 2014

 Pat Capocci is without a doubt one of the best artist out there and no one who is familiar with his catalog will argue that.I'm willing to bet a lot of rockabilly kats don't even know his name and that's a shame! With a handful of albums under his belt this Aussie  has earned a reputation as one of best when it comes to rockabilly.Now with his first release for Wild Records , Mr.Capocci  is showing that he's more than just a rockabilly guy. Pantherburn Stomp is nothing short of a tour de force.Clocking in with 13 original tracks that range from straight up rockabilly ,r&b to rock n roll and tinges of jazz. This is dirty ,intense and extremely good.Highlights include: " Pantherburn Stomp", "Genie In A Bottle","The Cobra" and "Thunderchief".
   Simply put  "Pantherburn Stomp" is one of the years best  and is diffidently Capocci's best album yet and that's saying something. It is an album that raises the bar and a must have! If you don't know Pat Capocci is, you should and you can start right here! Highly Recommended!!

The HI-Strung Downers - Here She Lies 2014

Alberta ,Canada  may not have a large rockabilly scene but it has and still produces  a whack of top flight bands.The latest impressive band to emerge is  The HI-Strung Downers ,these kats play "greasy" rockabilly/rock n roll and have a rep as a killer band.It also doesn't hurt having a ton of pedigree too boot in a band.  That said The HI-Strung Downers debut album "Here She Lies" is pretty kool rockabilly that is full of female troubles ,heart break and attitude.In other words taking out the trash, in more ways than one and getting on with life(you gotta like that). This bad boy slides in with  9 tracks of damn good and catchy rockabilly/rock n roll .Highlights include: "Why Baby, Why, Why, Why?", " 28 Hours","Wasting My Time" and "She Has to Go". 
         The HI-Strung Downers are a band in which all 4 members not only write material  but also can sing lead  and as a result "Here She Lies" manages to sound a bit refreshing and diverse from start to finish. Hell Brent Cooper ( of the Ramblin’ Ambassadors) produced this baby so you know it's good ! Recommended! 

Friday 12 December 2014

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
Wednesday December 10, 2014
3:30-6:00pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme …. The Vanishers…. Single
2.Come Over…Tami Neilson … Dynamite
3.I Dig Rock…Twisted Rod…. Demo
4.Christmas At The End Of The Bar…. The Vainshers …Single request
5.Tribal…Imelda May… Tribal
6. Road Rage…The Saucer-men… Valley Of The Rattling Bones
7. Rev It Up…..Straight Eight Deluxe…. Chopped, Channeled, and Lowered
8. Terry…. Long Tall Texans ….. The Devil Made Us Do It… request
9. Egg Nog Twist…. Thee Elfmen…. Christmas With The Elfmen
10. Brunette & Blonde…Rebound…. Tiger & Ravens... request
11.Monkey On My Back…. Clockwork Psycho…. Nightmare from Laibach
12. Defending Go- Kart Champions…. The Huaraches… Steal Second
13. Run Run Rudolph…. The Kingmakers…. ep The Kingmakers Christmas
14.Evil Feeds…House Of Haunt… Monster On The Loose
15. Santa Skipped My House….Rio & the Rockabilly Revival…. Runaway Train request
16.Let’s Go…Six Gun Romeo….. Welcome To The Show  request
17. Small But Loud…Charlie Hightone & the Rock-its….. Small But Loud
18. Pantherburn Stomp…. Pat Capocci… Pantherburn Stomp request
19. Christmas Star Track….@Skiffle Billy Cocktail…. Single
20. Meat Shakes …The Greasemarks….Single
21. Shamen of Oge ... Luna Vegas…. from the traveling minstrels of doom
22. Fat Back…Link Wray …. King Of The Wild Guitar ... request
23. Buy Me A Drink…. The Allens … Self Titled
24. Sleigh Bell Rock….3 Aces & One Joker…. Rockabilly X-Mas
25. Poor Man’s Son… Loonapark…single
26. Girl With Chupacabra…. The Gang Nails… Bullets from the Underground
27. Devil Doll…Jack Rabbit Slim…. Emperors New Clothes
28. Santa Claus is Back in Town…. The Creepshow…. single
29. Boppin Bernie…. Levi Dexter…. Roots Man
30. You’re A Mean One, Mr.Grinch…. Van Orsdels….  Psychobilly Christmas
31. Baby Jane…. Christian D & The Hangovers…. Shake It or Leave It
32. Out of Gas…The Noisy Boys… Out of Gas
33. Something For Nothing…..Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band…. Between the Ditches
34. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer…. Urban Surf Kings… Live video
35. Gotta Move… Santos…. Single
36. Sweet Willie…. The Booze Bombs…. Out Of Time
37. Sweet Talk …..The Millwinders…. Ladies & Gentlemen
38. I Dig You Baby…. Marvin Rainwater…..Single
39. Rat Rod…. Hank Angel…. Loud Fast & Out Of Control request
40. Shopping Mall Santa….. Blue Moon Special…. Single 
41.Nicky Peck and The Vikings... Window Shopping ...demo
42. Stock Car Stomp…. Randy White…. Rockin’ Racin' & Cruisin’

Saturday 6 December 2014

The Loveless - Born Weird 2014

Very  late in 2012  the young upstarts The Loveless released a self titled  "ep ". It was a release that sadly was missed by many outside of Ohio .The "ep" is pretty damn good and those who heard it for the most part loved it.Killer psychobilly and you just knew the band was only going to get better.  Some time later the song "Mean Green "surfaced  and this time the band started to get some major interest. Now in 2014 the band has finally dropped their debut album and this time out  they aren't going to go under the wire. Born Weird  is let's just say a  slobberkocker. Clocking in with a whack of psycho rockers that lean slightly  more towards psycho than punk and this puppy has  more than enough of bite to satisfy . We get 12 tracks including a bonus cover of "Sonic Reducer". Highlights include: "Mean Green" , "King Greaseball" , "Speed Demon" and the kool "Devoured By Ants"
        The Loveless come off here as a band that's ready to step it up .This is a lean and mean outfit that is on it's game.  If your looking for aggressive and hard  rock n roll  "Born Weird" is a sure fire pick up. Recommended!                   

The Hi- Boys - Shake 2014

No one can accuse The Hi-Boys of not going for it.This Australian band has literally come out of nowhere  to signing up with Wild Records in a span of less than 2 years,that's impressive.This is a rockabilly band that says it plays "Wild traditional rock n roll music". The band's ep from 2013 managed to snag some  radio airplay( mainly the song "Corn Liquor") here in North America and interest in them  keeps growing.That said the band's debut album "Shake" certainly  will live up to all expectations .We get 13 original tracks of  kool rockabilly that will have you up movin' and grovin'. This is rockabilly with little flashes of country and blues tossed in and the results are freakin' catchy and also damn good! Highlights include: "Shake"," Walking Out Your Door","I'm Gone" and "Trouble"
       The Hi-boys have achieved a pretty good balance with "Shake". There is enough here to keep the  rockabilly purist happy  but it diffidently will also appeal to everybody else.Some albums are easy to like and "Shake" is one of them. Damn straight! Recommended

Friday 5 December 2014

Shakin Katz Radio Wednesday, December 2, 2014

Shakin Katz  Radio
Wednesday, December  2, 2014
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme.....The Vanisher….Single
2.Sloopy Bop…Bebo & The Goodtime Boys… Let The Fun Begin
3.The Stutter…Blind Rage & Violence… T he End of Rock n Roll  request
4.The Fly With The X-ray Eyes…The Guitar Slingers… Single request
5.Shake Your Brain…The Blackrats…Shake Your Brain
6. Snoopy’s Christmas…The Royal Guardsmen…Single
7. Stiletto Cool…Brain Setzer… Rockabilly Riot All Original  request
8. Teenage Love Is Misery…. Ray Condo & His Hardrock Goners…. Blast From the Past
9. Slave For The Beat…Pat Capocci…Single
10. Psychobilly Band…Reach Around Rodeo Clowns …..  S/T
11. Sideburns & Switchblades… Raygun Cowboys… Underworld Boogie
12. Tarantula…Bevel Emboss… Celluloid request
13.You Can Look(But You Can’t Touch)… Silvertooth Loos & The Witch… Swamp Stompin
14. Thrill Me…Three Bad Jacks… Crazy In The Head
15. Twinkle Little Christmas Star…JD McPherson….Single
16. Hot Rod Daddy…Jane Rose & the Deadend Boys…. Damaged Goods request
17. The Vow…Black Frame Spectacle…  EP   S/T
18. Terror is Loose…The Lab Ratz…Demo
19. Graveyard Rumble…The Katacombs…. Graveyard Rumble
20. Full Throttle…Snakebite… Full Throttle request
21. Trouble Bound….Sugar Daddys… I’m Bad For You
22. Shamen of Oge …Luna Vegas… "from the traveling minstrels of doom"
23. Inspector Clouseau…The Highliners…. Live At Diablo Studios
24. Tell Me Baby…The Hi-boys…Shake
26. S.O.B…..Doghouse Rose…S/T
27. Midnight Hour…The Kickers…EP  Rockin at the Midnight Hour
28. Rocket Fuel…The Treble Kings…. Whiskey Anthems
29. My Blue Kapitain….Pepita Slappers… Honey Bee
30. Sleigh Ride…The Ventures…. S/T Christmas album
31. Off The Hook…. Spellbound…. Rockabilly  Vinyl Vaults
32. Lose My Mind…The Rhythm Shakers… Voodoo
33. Boogie Woogie Dynamo…The Silvertones… New Hi-Fi Westernbilly Styles
34. Got To Make Her Mine….Pat Roberts & The Honeymakers…. Devil
35. Dateless Night…. The Nervous Fellas… Born To Be Wild
36. Off Beat Boogie….Roy Hall… Roy Rocks
37. Beer Bottle Pockets…Ginger St.James… Diesel & Peas
38. Make My Christmas Wish Come True….John Lindberg Trio… Crusin' Christmas
39. Now Go…The Grave Brothers… Clash Of The Primitives
40. Wild Night….The Blue Cats…. Rockabilly Vinyl Vaults
41. Dracula Has Risen…The Coffin Shakers…. Dark Wings & Over The World
42. Get Ready Ted…The Ragged Rebels….  Rockin' Out The Ragged Way
43. California Longboard ... The Fabulous Blue Wabbits ... Instwoh-Mentals Vol.1
44. Be Boppin' Baby ... Marc &The Wild Ones ... She Put A Spell On Me
45. Hackbrett ... Frantic Flintstones ... Lost Highway
46. No Mercy…. Doghouse Rose…. S/T