Sunday 27 January 2019

Octopus King - Kraken Escape 2018

      It's all about 100 percent Kraken Roll  and it's proprietors ,the Octopus King are bringing it on ,big time.Just recently  I caught wind of these cats that hail from the west of France and I\m glad I did and so should you.What they really throw down is a catchy mix of rockabilly,psychobilly and rock n roll.Their debut album " Kraken Escape" clocks in with 10 tracks of psychobilly/rockabilly that are not only kinetic but a blast of fun .They throw also in a couple of slower mid tempo tracks that will have you boppin'.As result this is a well balanced ride that has a great groove It's also never heavy handed and you gotta like that .Highlights include: "Dr. Jekyll", "Namor" , " Beer At Will" and " Keep On".

With "Kraken Escape";  Octopus King  have established themselves as a band to watch.This  is a more than solid debut that has not only alot  going on but also delivers the goods and leaves you wanting more.Recommended    

Screamin' Rebel Angels - Heel Grinder 2019

   Hard to believe it's been almost 6 years (2013) since the Screamin' Rebel Angels  released their killer debut album: "Hitch Hike".Since then they have been barnstormin' all over North America and Europe.They also have earned a rep as a flat out kool and likeable band that you have to check out.It's no secret that this is one top shelf outfit that knows how to rock out.For fans the wait for new material has been a long time coming and expectations have really  been high.Now the band has just dropped their sophomore follow up; "Heel Grinder" and this puppy truly delivers the goods.They ratchet it up big time and hit hard with a wild slab of rock n roll that will set a fire under your ass.We get 10 originals and 3 covers that for the most part hit the gas  and only slow down so you catch  your breath.There is a shot of rockabilly, a little blues and a little ragged soul here but it's pretty much all about rock n roll and that's what makes this damn kool.Hell, this is freakin' damn stout with no weak tracks to be found.Highlights include: "OH!My Soul", "Sweet Petunia", "Racing Death", "Iris" and "Heel Grinder"

    Make no bones here , "Heel Grinder" will color you impressed and it's one of the best  rock n roll albums to come down the pike in a long time.Just for that reason alone it's worth you throwing your hard earned cash down on.Highly recommended!!!     

Friday 4 January 2019

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Interview with Johnny Toxik of the Gutter Demons Wednesday January 2, 2019 Radio Western,Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
Interview with Johnny Toxik of the Gutter Demons
Wednesday January 2, 2019
Radio Western,Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Theme … The Vanishers
1.Shakin' Bones … The Skiffle Billy Cocktail … Hatshakers
2. Lickety Split … James G. Creighton … Big Train      request
3. You Come Undone … The Greasemarks … S/T
4. Poser … Frankie & The Poolboys … Spin the Bottle 
5. Move Around … Dime Store Dukes … Look At That Moon
6. Percolate … Kim Lenz … Single 
7. Love Is cruel … Maibell & The Misfires … Single 
8. Hawgtied … Ramblin' Ambassadors … Avanti      request 
9. Hot Days … Looney Boppers … Jungle Party 
10. Namor … Octopus King … Kraken Escape 
11. Cold Call … Gutter Demons … No God, No Ghost,No Saints
     Interview with Johnny Toxik of The Gutter Demons  and a big thank you to him for coming on the show 
12. Damage case … Gutter Demons … No God, No Ghost, No Saints 
13. After Dark … Gutter Demons … Unfinished Business
14. Dead Love … The Devil's Sons … Black Moonshine     request 
15. La Falta De Coz Es Inminente … Los Tiros … Fiebre De Oro 
16. Dv8or … Hellfire Revival … Greatest Hits
17. Perfect … Reverend Horton Heat … Whole New Life 
18. Grave Digger Rock … The Polecats … The Polecats    request 
19. Something’s Gotta Shake … The Highjivers … Something's Gotta Shake     request 
20. Damaged Goods … Jane Rose & The Deadend Boys … Damaged Goods    request
21. I Know The Rules … Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes … Dealing With My Blues 
22. 009 Dick Tiki … Tiki Creeps … Idol Worship 
23. Pass That Bottle … Jenny & The Lovers … Strangelove 
24. Brassy Dame … The Palomars … Supper Club Riot 
25. Within the Ghouls … Night Nurse … First Aid 
26. Evil Machine … ConCombre Zombie … Daylight Comes 
27. Hold Em' High …The Silverhounds … Never More 
28. Throw It All Away … The Quakes … Quiff Rock! 
30. The Devils Yell … Hill Valley Lightening … S/T 
31. Cotton Pickin’ Rocker … The Crank-Tones … Vibrate With The Crank-Tones 
32. Women Fever … Rock-a-Tones … Shakin' Up North