Friday 31 May 2013

King Beez Shark Fin Soup new single

The King Bees are one of the finest surf bands out there  Masters of smash mouth surf these boys are a must see band. Here is the latest single Shark Fin Soup

 Shark Fin Soup live off the floor at Pezmosis Music Productions. The King Beez are Matt Groopie on lead guitar, Adam Tobe on rythm guitar, Mike Crombez bass, and John on drums. Recorded, mixed, mastered, and filmed by Mark Pezzelato.

Sunday 26 May 2013

Man or Astro-man? – Defcon 5..4..3..2..1 2013

Space surfers Man or Astro-man?  have decided it was time to climb back out of the missile silo and they are dragging the cold war back up with them.It's been over 12 years since the band released an album.From1993 to 2001 this was truly one of the hardest working bands out there putting out at least 10 albums and a ton of singles and eps.Oh and by the way hugely  influential .So now they're back with  "Defcon 5..4..3..2..1"and this puppy lands with the force of a titan missile.This is heavier, louder and more noisier than anything they have done in the past.Yet it still is full on with the sci-fi/space arc and you just know you are listening to Man or Astro-man?. Clocking in at around 36 minutes with 12 tracks of surf,noise, experimental rock,more surf and get this 5 tracks with vocals.The high number of vocal tracks may throw some fans for a loop, but they really add to the strength of the album.This is one tight, powerful and menacing disc.  Hightlights include :"All Systems to Go", " Communication Breakdown Pt. II", "Defcon 3" and "Antimatter Man". Defcon  is definitely one of MOAM's better albums and just for that reason alone it's worth picking up.Recommended

Saturday 25 May 2013

The Cheaterslicks - Rock'n'Roll Graveyard 2013

Some bands ride on the fact that they have a little  pedigree and think that's all  they need to be successful.  The Cheaterslicks  on the other hand have a ton of pedigree but man these guys  not only work it but they  continue to up the ante.Hailing from Bristol,England, the band has developed a good size following on both sides of the Atlantic. Their debut album "Rev Up,Burn Out" was more than impressive and now 2 years later the follow up is out.  "Rock'n'Roll Graveyard" serves up 18 tracks of really kool rockabilly that will definitely make you pay attention.This is rockabilly with shades of country and some blues  thrown in the mix.There is also some kool harp injected into this puppy.Highlights include: "Restless Wind","Nothing To Lose","Bad Bad Girl" and the title track "Rock'n'Roll Graveyard ". Better than their first album and easily one of the best releases this year.What we have here is a band with a ton of cred that again has delivered the goods.Highly recommended!    

Saturday 18 May 2013

BLUE ROCKIN' - Deep From The Heart 2013

If you haven't heard of  Blue Rockin' your not alone,hell I only found out about in the summer of 2012.This German outfit   has been making noise and kicking ass since 2002.Their music has been called everything from dirty rock n roll,bastardized billy, mean, nasty to just plain ugly.So whats not to like?
  Deep From The Heart  is the band's 4th album and it's damn good.This puppy drops in with 12 kool original rockers that hit you right in the gut.This is more than just rockabilly and psychobilly as the band adds garage,punk and straight up rock into the mix.Highlights include: "Every Hour 'N' Every Minute", "Old Car", "Party In The Woods"and "Killer Depression Blues". One thing for sure this is one raw,rough,unpolished and killer album you should pick up. Recommended .

Friday 17 May 2013

The Black Prints - The Black Prints 2013

French band The Black Prints claim that their goal is to play rock n roll and do it well.These kats certainly do that and the word is that over the last couple of years they  have become must see band in France.Having a couple of members from the legendary Dixie Stompers certainly doesn't hurt either.In 2012 they managed to score a song on the compilation: Rockers Kulture: The French Rockabilly Scene #3.Which brings us to their fine debut album "The Black Prints". Coming in with 10 tracks that stand firmly at the corner of rock n roll and rockabilly.Have to say this is one solid album that really nails it.Highlights include: "Go Back", "Two Tone Shoes","My Chick's Punky Doll" and "There's Rock n Roll On The Radio". One could easily get the feeling that this self titled disc will reach a large audience over time.It's not only good,it's also very likeable.So you should check it out.Recommended    pay what you want download

Murders in the zoo - Stay out of our business 2013

For some of us "Murders in the zoo" is a nifty little horror flick(1933) so when I heard that there is a Spanish surf band by the same name I just had to check it out.What they do has been described as "killer surf & rock instrumentals". I have to say what a kool surprise,they more than live up to that description. The band's debut album "Stay out of our business"clocks in at just under 25 minutes with 10 tracks of smash mouth surf.This is surf than slams the board down hard and fast.There are shades of  punk, psychobilly and even  a little bit of spaghetti here.Highlights include: "The Sioux Attack","Zombies From California", "Duel At Sunset" and "Surfing On The Cemetery".  If your looking for surf with a hard edge this puppy is diffidently for you  This is one hell of an album that leaves you wanting more. Recommended     Free download 

Shakin Katz Radio PlayList May 15, 2013

Shakin Katz Radio
PlayList May 15, 2013
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1. Shakin Katz Theme…the Vanishers…Single
2. Go Back…the Black Prints…CD the Black Prints
3. Reckless Rebel…the Rockcats…CD Rockin Together (request)
4. Sting Ray…the Dead Beat…CD Boss Sound 
5. Fast Shift…Born Losers…CD Cycle Guitar

6. Walk on By…the Topcats…CD Smashing to the Ground (request)
7. Rockin Roll Stone…Howlin Hound Dogs…CD Zombie Night in Canada 
8. Pass the Bottle…the Devils Daughter…Single
9. I Love You So…the Swingin BlackJacks…EP 4 Hot Tracks ( request)

10. Plat You Now, Dig You Later…Coffin Draggers…CD Single in the Garden Single
11. Wagon Wheel…Preying Saints…Single
12. Black Skies Roll…The Crazed…CD Black Skies Roll
13. The Last Luau….the Rock n Rebels…CD Doomsday Rising                                                             14. Devil in Me…Pete Turland…CD Both Wheels Left the Ground (request)
15. Maybelline…Alistair Christl…CD Un Marked Grave 
16. Decline…Kitty In a Casket…CD Bittersweet (request)
17. Mud Drag…the Devil’s Hotrod….CD Lucky Bastards ( request)

18. Hot Mess…Christian D & the Hangovers…CD Cut Loose & Live
19. Cold Cold War… Fatboy…CD Love Creole
20. Cut My Heart Out For You…Lou Cifex & the Hellions…CD Rock! Bop! Rockville (request)
21. Hot Rod…Las Avispas Locas…CD Self Titled

22. Ven A Jugar…MotorZombies…CD Return of the MotorZombies
23. Dual at Sun Set…Murder In the Zoo…CD Stay Out of our Business (request)
24. My Rockabilly Matian Girl…Voodoo Swing…CD Fast Cars, Guitars, Tattoos & Scars
25. Round and Round… the Sci-Phonics…CD Self titled 

26. Psycho Monkeys…Pitbull Farm…CD Glory Hole Hallelujah
27. Bail You Out…Dave Edmonds…Single (request)
28. Doom Buggy Hellride…Aloha Screwdriver…CD the Haunted Planet (request)
29. Knuckles…Punch Drunk Cabaret….CD Self Titled

30. Inner Demons…Demon City Wreckers…CD Inner Demons
31. The Monster Within…the Brains…CD the Monster Within ( request)
32. Robot Rock…the Rocketz…CD We are…the Rocketz
33. Women and Cadillac’s…Kings of Nuthin…CD Punk Rock Rhythm & Blues

34. Rockaway Beach…Tennessee Voodoo Coupe…CD Over the Moon 
35. Shake Shake Shake a Rockin Rolla…the Rumblebees…Single
36. High Heels…Mad Dog Cole…CD Son of Satan
37. Nitro.... Dick Dale…Tribal Thunder
38. Down Town Jail…Bikini Machine…CD Let’s Party with Bikini Machine…#18
39. Your Crazy…Carlos & the Banditos…CD the Good, the Bad, the Bandidos…#6
40. All By Myself…Israel Proulx…CD Mr. Frantic (can) new #21
41. Made for Rock n Roll…Blue Rockin…CD Deep From the Heart #11 new
42. 4 on the Floor…the Hi-Tones…Single (can) local #2

Back at You next Wednesday For a same change, Starting next week We are on Summer Hours here at the station now Shakin Katz Radio is on the air for 3 full hours 3:30-6:30pm

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio Wednesday May 8, 2013

PlayList Shakin Katz Radio
Wednesday May 8, 2013
3:30-6pm, Chrw 94.9fm

1. Shakin Katz Theme…the Vanishers…Single                                                                                    2. Faded Newspapers…Silver Shine…CD In the Middle of Nowhere
3. Dirty to Be…69 Beavershot…CD Maximum Rockabilly (request)
4. Back Up Baby…the Greasemarks…CD Griddle Greasin Daddies (request)
5. Elvira…Gambles Mark…CD the Cho Incident

6. Hey Baby…the Dentonators…CD Nothin to Lose (request)
7. Checkmate…Rich Layton & the Troublemarkers…CD Toughtown
8. Betty Bones…Hell Cat & the Prowl…EP 3 Song Demo 
9. Los Muertos…the High Tides…CD Desert Sands ( request)

10. Mud Run…the Flattrakkers…CD Getting Dirty
11. Hip Shakin Baby…Ollie Vee…Single                                                                                           12. Scare Myself to Death….Bastard Sons of a Rock n Roll Devil…CD Swing from the Gallows 
13. Hot Rod Boogie…Vince Ray & the Boneshakers…CD the Sound Effects of Sex & Horror

14. Within Sanity…Chainsaw Lobotomy…CD Close but No Cigar ( request)
15. Zombies from California…Murders In the Zoo…CD Stay Out of Our Business
16. Surfin to Hell…Evil Elvis…CD Tattoo’d Fuckwit                                                                             17. Johnny Can’t Dance…Toreadors Trio…CD Johnny Can’t Dance

18. Day 38.…The Katacombs…CD Graveyard Rumble 
19. Running High…Blue Rockin'…CD Deep From the Heart
20. All the Time…Tennessee Voodoo Coupe…CD Over the Moon 
21. Forbidden Fruit…Marti Brom…CD Not for nothing (request)

22. My Big Fat Baby…Sonny Hall & the Echo’s…CD Rockabilly Shake Out
23. Crazy Legs…Gene Vincent…CD Totally Essential Rockabilly
24. Sweet Talk…the Millwinders…CD Ladies & Gentleman 
25. Defcon…Man or Astro-man…CD Defcon…5...4...3..2..1

26. 40 Days…Ronnie Hawkins & the Hawks…CD the Roulette Years 
27. Turn it On…Rocket to Memphis…CD Do the Crawl
28. Gone Gone Gone…Snuffy Jenkins…CD Green teeth 
30. I Got a Dog…Marty Allen…CD the Sun Sessions 

31. Cucaracha in Leather….the Brains…CD the Monster Within 
32. BowHunting Song…Bourbon Boy‘s…CD Shotguns, Trucks & Cattle
33. Pot Belly Bill…Sick Sick Sinners…CD Hospital Hell (request)
34. It’s Midnight…Lead Sled Rocket…CD the Show (can)

35. Psychobilly Band…Reach Around Rodeo Clowns…CD Whip it Out (request)
36. The Gothest Girl I can…Cob Lund…CD Cabin Fever 
37. She’s So Sleazy…the Bullets…CD Son’s of the Gun (request)
38. My Phone…the Moggies Rockabilly Trio…CD Resident Hellvis

39. Wilde Rockin Ted…Wild Rooster…CD Little Angel
40. Knuckle Duster…Evil Farm Children…EP Knuckle Duster
41. Rockabilly Nightmare…Alphabet Bombers…CD Panic Attack

42. Big Bang…Hard Money Saints…CD Live Death Match
43. Dream of Love…the Black Knights…Single 
44. Lady Pomp Gal…the Royal Crowns…CD Vol. 3 ( request)

Thanks for all the phone calls and request made over the past two weeks…Shakin Katz Listeners always Rule the Air Waves…

Saturday 11 May 2013

The Silver Shine - In The Middle Of Nowhere

Hungarian "punk n rollers" The Silver Shine are one busy lot.It seems that they are either in the studio and or are  touring non stop. Since 2004 these kats have been blurring the lines between punkabilly and psychobilly to such a degree that most fans ,haters and critics probably really don't know which side of the line  to put them.I'm one of those who think they lean more towards punkabilly than psycho.That said The Silver Shine  have just dropped their 7th album "  In The Middle Of Nowhere" and it's one pretty solid release .Sure it may be more of the same but that's not a bad thing .Clocking in with 8 originals and 2 covers this may be their  best album yet.One reason for this is that the band's bassist Krista Kat is taking on more of the vocals duties.Along with front man Ati Edge this gives the band  2 strong vocal leads .Highlights include: " Never Again ","If I Was To Start It All Again","Faded Newspapers" and "On the Way Back Home ". The Silver Shine are a band that have a kool and unique sound and they(the band) are on top of their game here.You may want to drop a few bucks down on this puppy.

Sunday 5 May 2013

Tennessee Voodoo Coupe - Over The Moon 2013

Deep from the inner bowels of Toronto Canada comes "100 proof reckless hillbilly jive" courtesy of Tennessee Voodoo Coupe.These kats have been dishing out a brand of hillbilly/rockabilly  since 2007 and have made a pretty good name for themselves in the process .In 2011 the band released a solid debut " Radio Transcripts:Live In Person" that  caught more than a few people off guard .Now the band has just dropped their first  official album "Over The Moon" and I gotta say it's pretty good. TVC scores here with 9  infectious tracks(7 originals and 2 covers) that play to the bands strengths.This  is a great mix of hillbilly and rockabilly with shades of swing. Highlights include: "Tallahassee Hillbilly Hot Rod Voodoo Gal","Geraldine"," Rock'n'roll Heart" and "Hillbilly Bop".The band also does a kool cover of " All the Time" that kicks the album off .Overall this is  not an album that will blow you away, it's not that kind of billy music but it is  very solid, enjoyable and sounds right.You may want to check this puppy out


Lou Cifer And The Hellions - Rock! Bop! Rockville! 2012

If you haven't  heard  of Lou Cifer And The Hellions you really are missing out on something damn good.These German teddyboy rockers have been tearing it up and knocking them dead over in Europe since 1995. Too many out there they are the kings of Teddyboy rock n roll and too others they are just a killer rock n roll band.The band last released an album( Rockville Nocturne) in 2008, so you could say " Rock! Bop! Rockville! ", the bands 5th album has been long over due.No surprises here,this is one killer disc that clocks in with 17 kool tracks that will light a fire under anyone's ass.Hightlights include: "I Can't Help It", "Time Bomb", "Fake Plastic Rock'n'Roll" and "Cut My Heart Out". Really there are no weak tunes  here,this is one really strong album and you don't have to be into  teddyboy rock to like this.Let's just say if you love rock n roll,your going to love this puppy.Lou Cifer And The Hellions are a band you should have in your collection  and  Rock! Bop! Rockville! is a mighty fine starting point if you don't. Highly recommended

Friday 3 May 2013

Chainsaw Lobotomy - Close, But No Cigar. 2013

A few years back Chainsaw Lobotomy  emerged from the primordial ooze of Welland, Ontario and quickly made a name for them selves. Here was  a psychobilly band that at times sounded like skater-punks lost in the swamps of Louisiana .You could ask 10  people to describe their music and you probably would get 10 different answers. Despite this in 2010 the band's 3 song demo managed to get some good airplay in Ontario. So it has been a bit of a wait for the band's debut album.  Close, But No Cigar drops in with 10 tracks that best can be described as a swampy stew  of mental chaos that goes down surprisingly  smooth .This is a band that is truly "beyond genres" and still manages to hold it all together.We get blues,psychobilly, punk,bluegrass and a swamp donkey thrown in too boot( just kidding about the donkey).Highlights include:"Swampwater","Sexcetelyne","Withinsanity" and the kool anthem "Too Dead Too Skate". There is much to like about this album  even though it may not be for everyone.If your looking for something a bit out there this puppy is for you. Close, But No Cigar is like a trip into a dark and dangerous swamp that's kinda kool.Recommended!                          Free Download

Amber Smith of Shakin Katz Radio & Jackpot Vintage London Fuse Article

Earlier this year, Amber Smith found herself looking at a tantalizing offer to bring Jackpot Vintage back into a commercial space, and couldn’t resist. Partnering with Uber Cool Stuff and Candy Dice Jewelry, the entrepreneurs opened a joint space in February at 122 Dundas St. Smith feels incredibly lucky to have been given the opportunity,“We opened up February 16th. It was kind of a real rush to get in here,” Smith explains. “Myself and another gentleman were approached, and we just knew the mix would be good. Chris [of Uber Cool Stuff] and I were originally from the Met, and we knew that both of our stuff crossed over, in the people, but also in that retro vibe. So that’s what we’re trying to do in here, and then we invited Candy Dice Jewelry to come on board with us.”
The mix is certainly eclectic! A combination of retro men’s sportswear, 1970s plaid shirts, and the most intriguing trinkets and retro accessories grabs your attention as you enter on Dundas St. Towards the middle of the store, Candy Dice’s earthy, unique jewelry pieces pull you in for closer examination, as each charm and feather reminds you of something or someone each piece would be perfect for. Lastly, Uber Cool Stuff delights with quirky, pop cultural and fun accessories, toys and games. A perfect place for the collector, aficionado, or to find something unique that no one else has. Smith talks about her own collecting, and how Jackpot Vintage came to fruition.
“I’ve been collecting for years. When I first started collecting vintage, it wasn’t for the nostalgic factor, it was more about the fact that I needed to save money in college,” she laughs. “I found some really great vintage shops in Peterborough, which is where I went to university. As time went on, I learned and started to respect some of these pieces, because they were timeless. I have a couple of pieces that are still in my wardrobe from a long time ago, and I just kinda started to embrace and collect over the years.”

Smith has always been self employed, but while her nostalgic wardrobe imbueds her with a passion, practicality inspired her to make her collection and her sharp eye for vintage pieces available to others. “I decided I would start to sell online, and from being online I wound up at the Met, and when it closed I didn’t know what I wanted to do exactly so I took some time off, then opportunities kind of fell in my lap very quickly, and now I’m here,” she smiles.
When asked what her favourite vintage piece in her collection is, Smith’s face lights up. “My straw dress,” she elaborates, “It’s a crocheted straw dress from Mexico - a halter, full skirt, petticoat underneath - absolutely unbelievable.” Smith also notes how important it is for pieces such as these to be appreciated for their nostalgic and historic values. “It’s pretty spectacular. I’m going to bring it down, just so people can see. I have a couple of pieces like that, really obscure and very very rare. People should see those kinds of things.”
Niche collections are particularly fascinating and Smith notes her collection has its unique aspects, while her partner’s has different focuses. “People do bits and pieces of it. Such as vintage men’s sportswear - my partner just loves it - he’s always got things he’s collecting. He has quite a nostalgic collection of the early days of drag racing, so we want to bring that out, and others as special features, not for sale, just so people can see that stuff.” Their collection enhances the cultural landscape of London, but their involvement does not stop there.

The dedication of Smith and her partner to enhancing the cultural scene in London is sincere, having run Shakin’ Katz radio for six years. “Absolutely love that. My partner John and I, a lot of people call him Johnny Boy - that’s what I call him on air – we just really love Rockabilly music.” The show airs on CHRW 94.9 every Wednesday 3:30-6 pm. “It was kind of a very fluke thing once again. We had the London Rockabilly/Psychobilly Crew, we promoted and brought rockabilly, surf and psychobilly bands into London for quite a few years, and took a little bit of a break from that. Shakin Katz has been unreal, it’s just opened up the doors to so much music out there.”
Rockabilly and Psychobilly are a genre of music characterized by fast rhythm inspired by country/western influences and blues, with Psychobilly as the faster, more punk rock version. “A lot of people don’t know there’s huge pockets of Rockabilly and Psychobilly scenes in Columbia, in Northern Europe, in Australia. And our fan base is more than just London, and that’s what’s  really really cool about it. We just cannot believe the overwhelming response we’re getting to doing this.”
Even though London, ON isn’t considered a world city, for a local radio show to be able to reach thousands of excited listeners every week across the world is phenomenal. Amber’s top Psychobilly picks? “A Canadian band called The Gutter Demons, and right behind them is The Brains - my two favourite Canadian ones.” Picking Rockabilly favourites is a little more tough for the radio host. “I have so many of them, I am trying to think. Surf bands, right now is Aloha Screwdriver - ask everybody to check them out!” she beams. “ I’m kinda more into the Psychobilly. I was a metalhead when I was a kid, and my partner was a punker and so it kinda slams it all together.”
When asked whether she would consider the unification of two of her passions, as “living the dream,” Smith laughs. “I think I’m living the dream right now. I’ve been self employed all my life, and I’ve had a lot of really successful businesses. I’ve been very fortunate. This is fun - really really fun. I enjoy collecting, I love the thrill of the hunt. I think the two balance each other out. Doing the radio show plus buying the vintage, and they just kind of merged together.”
Visit Amber at Jackpot Vintage on 122 Dundas St for your new favourite vintage piece or tune into CHRW every Wednesday for Shakin' Katz Radio!