Sunday 26 February 2017

Delta 88 - Rocket Powered 2017

You gotta give it to Delta 88,in a relativity short time this rockabilly trio has started showing up on radio and podcast playlist around the world.Part of the reason for this is that Delta 88 is just a fun and pretty good rockabilly band. With little or no hype they have managed to become a band that many people are keeping an eye on . In the fall of 2016 they released the  kool ep "Rockabilly Tales" on Western Star Records.Now in short order they have released their debut album "Rocket Powered " and it's just damn good. The album comes in with 15 tracks of 50"s rockabilly that impress.Also all 4 tracks from the ep are included here.This is straight up rockabilly that's done very well and doesn't take itself too seriously.We get both male and female lead vocals which keeps things fresh and lively. Highlights include: "Bootprints:, "Hurricane Katie", "Redheaded Reaper", "Boppin' Little Witch" and "Rocket Powered ".
     Your not going to go wrong in picking up "Rocket Powered". It delivers a big bang for your buck and it's a flat out winner.Whats not to like. Highly recommended.

Grumpynators - City Of Sin 2017

Over the last few years there has been has been a rise in bands playing a style/genre of music that combines hard rock,metal and rockabilly.Almost by default ,some have called it "motorbilly" and love it or not it's a growing genre.One thing for sure is when done well it's pretty kool.Case in point,the Danish outfit  Grumpynators. These cats have been blowing away a growing following since 2011 with their brand of "motorbilly".With 2 eps and a stout  debut album "Wonderland"  under their belt,they have earned a rep as a killer band All which brings us to "City Of Sin" their latest and best release so far.This puppy kicks the door in with 12 tracks that hit hard, fast and go for the throat. We get way more hard rock than rockabilly and the result is a very catchy ,loud and brisk affair.Only on a couple of tracks do they slow things down a bit and that helps to balance out this  enjoyable ride. Highlights include: "St. Elvis Day" ,"We Are The Outcasts", "Hotel 2nd Age" and "Take The Last Dance With Me"

      The Grumpynators  seem to be more focused  here and have really stepped it up with "City Of Sin". No pussyfooted around here folks,this puppy rocks Recommended  

Thursday 23 February 2017

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, February 22,2017, Chrw 94.9 fm

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
Wednesday February 22, 2017
Chrw 94.9fm

1. Shakin Katz Theme … The Vanishers
2. Sliced And Diced ... Kings Of Hong Kong ... Strange Thing     request
3. Chili &Tequila ... Nick's Airlines .... Take Off 
4. Like A Bat ... Bad Luck Gamblers ... Casino Maldito    
5. Pole Nectar ... The Huaraches ... Ride      request
6. Time To Bop ... The Royal Flush .... single
7. Got You On My Mind ... Maryann & The Tri-Tones .... Kitten Walk 
8. Trouble On The Line ... Hayden Thompson ... single 
9. She Has To Go ... The Hi-Strung Downers ... Here She Lies    request
10. Stari Vlak ... Greaseballs .... S/T  
11. Silver Mine ... Acting Apes ... Facing The Facts
12. Hellbound Heroes ... The Phantom Creeps ... Hellbilly Rebel Fire
13. Psycho ... Screamin' Sins .... Deadly Seven  
14.  Swamp Fever Stomp … The Frogs … Inshallah
15.  Lipstick On My Microphone … Eve Hell & the Razors … When The Lights Go Out
16. Cold Cold Sunday … Sqt. Fury … Psycho Vision
Sewer Surfin' … The Spastiks … Sewer Surfing
18. Hurricane Katie ... Delta 88 .... Rocket Powered
19. Hard Moon … Hill Valley Lightening … S/T        request
20. Women In Black … Donna Dunne … Single      request
21. Dirt Road ... Southern Culture On The Skids ... The Electric Pinecones 

22. Jukebox Jump … Si Cranstown …. Old School
23. My Pink Cadillac … Hal Willis … Shakin' Up North
24. Eternal Summer … The Kickers … Rockin' At Midnight Hour
25. You Ain’t The Boss Of Me … Joe Jack Band … Two Wrongs 
26. Deadman’s Clothes … The Phantom Cowboys … Deadman’s Clothes
27. Glow In The Dark … Nekromantix … A Symphony Of Wolftones & Ghost Notes
28. Go Away … Clockwork Psycho … I Don’t Give A Fuck        request
29. Your Time is Up … Frantic Flinestones … Jamboree
30. Lawless … Bad Luck Kitty … Afortundo Diablo       request
31. A Kiss Like This … John Lindberg Trio … Hell Of A Ride     request
32. Electrified …. Kingmarkers … Live At Sun Sessions
33. Devil In Me … The Pinstripes … Gotta Roll     request
34. Rock Around With Ollie Vee … The Highsiders … S/T
35.Rattle Snake Daddy .... Crazy Cavan 'N' The Rhythm Rockers ... The Real Deal
36. Mean … The Real Gone Tones … Hot Mess  
37. Never Again … Blazing Haley … Mas Chingon
38. Hot Pot … The Bahareebas … Tell Me A Story About
39. Confessions Of A Psycho Cat … The Dead Beats … We’ll Die Cool 
40. Walk On The Edge ... Rezurex ....  Psycho Radio
41. Desert Haze … The Wreck Kings … Wrecking Machine
42. I’m Gonna Ride … Brioles … Love, Rhythm & Hate 
43. Down The Line … The Black Holes … Live at the Wick
44. Don’t Ya … Cherry Divine … Ain’t No Fool
45.Matador ... The Grande Bois ... Surf Salvation
46. Upside Down … The  Black Moon Boys S/T

Sunday 19 February 2017

Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men - Voodooo 2017

Back in 2012 Donna Dunne started making a name for herself  with the release of the single "Woman In Black". A  kool slice of bluesy rockabilly with tinges of gypsy and Americana .Many considered her  a "retro-revamped rock n’ roller"but her sound is also a mix bag of roots music. Over the years she has earned a rep as a no bullshit , hard working artist who knows what she wants. In late 2016  in a surprising move she hitched up with psychobilly legend and Diablo Records head honcho Phil Doyle.Originally they were going to do a single but then quickly the goal became an album .The buzz about this project was and is  pretty solid .Then word of  who the band ,The Mystery Men were got out and that even jacked up the buzz more.Doyle had brought in Phil Polecat on Bass & Craig Erikson(Moonshine Stalkers) on Drums ,which had many wondering if Donne Dunne was truly outside of her wheelhouse. The answer to that is a resounding no and proof is in the results.The album "Voodoo" has now dropped and it's a winner.This puppy is a strong,refreshing and diverse outing that is hard to resist.Clocking in with 12 tracks of a delicious brew that mixes blues, gypsy,rocknroll and rockabilly.We get  rockers to ballads, all of which come off with a stout swagger.Considering who's in this band some people may think this is a restraint affair but don't let that fool you .At times "Voodoo" is haunting as well as powerful. Highlights include: "Lovespell", "Mystery Man", "Shame","Voodoo" and "I Huffed &I Puffed".
      Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men  have scored a direct hit with "Voodoo".It may not be what one expects from Diablo records in that it's not a psychobilly/ rockabilly release but it has a style and flair that's unique.This is a great sounding ,well produced album that sticks with you.Hopefully we will be hearing more from this outfit in the future.Highly recommended.                                                             

Thursday 16 February 2017

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist Wednesday February 15, 2017,Vossa Rebels Give Away Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist, Vossa Rebels Give Away
Wednesday February 15, 2017
Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme … The Vanishers
2. Rockabilly … Bad Luck Kitty … Afortundo Diablo
3. Dead Transmission … Graveyard Johnny’s …. Dead Transmission   request
4. Blood … The Brains … Hell n Back       request
5. Rock n Roll & Alcohol … Batmobile … Brand New Blisters     request
6. Rescue Me … Chilli Con Curtis … No Fun In Acapulco
7. Boogie Woogie Dynamo … The Silvertones … New Hi-Fi Westernbilly Styles
8. Pin Up Shake … Lolo & The Brigidas  … PinUp Shake
9. Wild Jungle Rock … The Bopcats … S/T
10. 49 Women … Frank Rothstein … 49 Women ep
11. Aim To Please … 24th Street Wailers … Wicked    request
12. Surf’s Up … The Surf Katz … Single
13. Bedop … Vossa Rebels … Bedop
14. All Right All Night … Shakin' Pyramids … The Shakin' Pyramids  request
15. Hillbilly Life … Six Gun Romeo … Welcome To The Show
16. Shame … Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men … Voodoo
17. Devil Don’t Tie My Shoe … Black Frame Spectacle ... Grady Sessions   request
18. Took A Long Time … Doyley & The Deadbeats … The Guv’nor: A Tribute to Nigel Lewis
19. Rip It Up … Wanda Jackson … The Party Ain’t Over
20. Death Race … The El Caminos … Behind To Surf
21. I’m The Wolfman … Thee Epileptic Hillbilly’s …. Tales From The Underworld
22. Psycho Wheel ... Spike ... Weird Of The Best
23. Scare Waves … The Loveless … Born Weird
24. Hellbound … The Avery Wolves … Wreckin' With The Wolves
25. Take The Last Dance With Her … Grumpynators … City Of Sin
26. Necro Girlfriend … Galactic Polecats … The Bad Are Better Off     request
29. Knuckle Duster … Evil Farm Children … Knuckle Duster
30. 3 o’clock In The Morning … Whiskey Daredevils … The Good Fight
31. Beach Blanket Bingo … Stories From Shamehill … Made In Amsterdam single
32. Rockin Rollin Stone … Howlin' Hound Dogs  … Zombie Night In Canada
33. Loraine … The Empires … Welcome To The Psycho-Billy Adventure Club
34. Good Too Be Bad … The Sugar Daddys … Single
35. I Know The Rules … Nico Duportal & His Rhythm Dudes … Dealing with My Blues
36. It’s Been A Long Time … The Excellos … Rise Up
37. Shake My Knees ... Miki Lamarr … Women
38. Rockabilly World … Rockin’ Aldo & The Gold Searchers … Raise The Flag!
39. Bad Damn Cat … The Twilghters … S/T
40. Girls Like You … Burnin Ethyl … Pop The Hood
41. Johnny Valentine … Carmen Ghia & The Hot Rods … Flying Saucer Baby 
42. I Itch ... Johnny Legend ... I Itch
43. Brassy Dame ... The Palomars .... single
44.Thunderbird ... The Bullets ... single
45. Rocket Booster ... The Green Reflectors ... Home With The Green Reflectors  
46. I’m Gonna Find A New Lover … The Hi-Flyers … Get Up & Dance
47. Line Haul Blues … The Sin & Tonics … Begin The Sin
48. Black Slacks … Robert Gordon … The Masters 
49. Long Legged Boogie … Buzz Deluxe … S/T request

Sunday 12 February 2017

Bad Luck Kitty - Afortunado Diablo 2017

 Bad Luck Kitty erupted onto the Australian rockabilly scene back in 2015 and quickly established themselves as one of the country's hottest act.They backed up the buzz with the release of a pretty kool self-titled  EP that gained international attention and rightfully so.Their brand of neo-rockabilly/psychobilly is a fun and fresh blast that's hard to resist.Now there back with a killer debut album," Afortunado Diablo "and this puppy rocks. Clocking in with 10 tracks(including 2 from the EP) that are nothing short of hip shaking action.We get a whack of neo- rockabilly/with a mix of psychobilly and rock n roll that hit the spot.This is one fast and neat ride that leaves you wanting more.Highlights include: " Edge Of Town", "Lawless", "Booty Call", and "Rockabilly"

    You just know that  Bad Luck Kitty are a band that means business but they also know that it's about having fun and "Afortunado Diablo" bears that out .This is a mighty stout debut album from an exciting band that you should check out.You'll have no problem letting this kitty into your house. Highly recommended.  

Thursday 9 February 2017

Shakin Katz RadioPlaylist Interview with Donna Dunne Wednesday February 8, 2017 Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin Katz Radio Playlist
Interview with Donna Dunne
Wednesday February 8, 2017
Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme … The Vanishers

2. I Huffed & I Puffed … Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men … Voodoo
3. Women In Black … Donna Dunne … Single
4. Voodoo … Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men … Voodoo 

Live Interview with Donna Dunne
5. Angel Of Music ... Donna Dunne & The Mystery Men ... Voodoo
Big Thank You to Donna Dunne for taking time to come on the show

6. Batmomaniacs … Batmobile … Brand New Blisters
7. Rosie Marie … Galactic Polecats … The Bad Are Better Off Dead
8. Irene … The Vanishers … The Biggest Hand   request
9. Pocket Pistol … Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremeblers  … Tombtone Rock
10. Snarling Darlings … The Raccoons … All Draped Up
11. Baby That’s What I Like … Mystery Gang … Wild 50's Nights 
12. Light Me Up … Raygun Cowboys … S/T     request
13. Lil’ Irene … The Vossa Rebels … Bedop 
14. Collarbomb … The Hangmen … Necronomicon Single
15. Evil Feeds … The House Of Haunt … Monsters On The Loose    request
16. Rat Rod … Hank Angel … Load Fast & Out Of Control
17. Coming In Hot … Pat Capocci … Single
18. Olas De Andromeda … DeSurfers … S/T
19. Let’s Get Drinkin … Twin Fin … Whiskey Wine and Venom Love
20. Banana Splits … The Griswalds … Better Late Than Never
21. First National Bank … Joe Jack Band … Two Wrongs

22. Colt Del Tipo420 … Los Tiros … Expertos En Gagaria
23. Dear Highway …. Gunsmoke … Dear Highway
24. Rev It Up … Straight Eight Deluxe … Chopped, Channelled , and Lowered
25. Sins And Secret … The Backseat Boogie … Perfect For Parties
26. Rock n Roll … Frantic Flinstones … Freaked Out & Psyched Out reguest
27. Down The Drain … The Headless Horsemen … Psycho Boogie HellRaiser
28. Go Royal Fingers Go … The Royal Fingers … Wild Eleki Deluxe
29. Dead Rocker Rumble … Motor Zombies … Return Of The Motor Zombies
30. If I Didn’t Care … Howlin Ric & The Rocketeers … Cannonball
31. Never Enough … Tigersharks … This Is Not A Boat Accident
32. Rock Around The Clock … Billy Haley … Greatest Hits      request
33. Out Of Gas …The Noisy Boys … Out Of Gas
33. Come Over … Tami Neilson … Dynamite
34. Let’s Boogie … The Bad Companions … 12 Bars 
35. Bad Attitude ... Howlin' Lou And His Whip Lovers ... Bad Attitude
36  Bop A Billy Girl .... The Trouble Boys .... We Keep The Drapes Alive
37. The Fly With The X Ray Eyes ... The Guitar Slingers .... Carnevil Of Souls     request
38. Tarantula … Bob Regan … Original Canadian Rockers
39. That Man Drives Me Mad ... Sunday Wilde .... Blueberries & Grits

Sunday 5 February 2017

Batmobile - Brand New Blisters 2017

Batmobile the name says it all,hell they are the band that sealed the deal for many people(including me) when it comes to psychobilly. This legendary Dutch band has a rich and impressive catalogue that few band's can touch.The band's last full album was 1997's "Welcome To Planet Cheese" so when word of a new album came out in mid 2016 the buzz was pretty big.Well that new album "Brand New Blisters" is about to explode into the public and it's nothing short of a knock out punch.This big dog snarls,bites and doesn't back down.Clocking in at around 31 minutes with 15 tracks means Batmobile is all business here.Right from a fast and familiar start to the last track this puppy lives up to all the buzz.From psychobilly to maximum rock n roll to hints of garage and even a couple of ballads, this is one damn stout.There are no bad tracks here so the bang for your buck is big.Highlights include: " Batmomaniacs","Never Gonna Stop", "It's Rock & Roll", " Apeface" and "Rock & Roll and Alcohol".
        Batmobile have been around more than 30 years now  and unlike many of their counterparts they have stayed together with no membership changes(it's still the original lineup) and have never made big claims about themselves.So respect is do .If anything  "Brand New Blisters" shows they haven't lost a step and they still have what it takes.Believe me there is still a lot of gas in the tank.This is a fun, kinetic and killer album that is a must have!  Highly recommended!!!

Koffin Kats - Party Time In The End Times 2017

It's been over 13 years now since the Koffin Kats crawled out of the underbelly of Detroit .In that time they have released  7 damn good albums and arguably have become one of  America's most influential and important psychobilly bands.They  have a very distinct style/sound  and that's what has always separated them from other psychobilly bands Hell their influence can be heard in a whack of bands and not just young ones.That said it's been 3 years since the stout "Born Of The Motor" was released and now the band has released the long awaited follow up "Party Time In The End Times". No surprise here as this puppy comes out of the gate damn strong and hits hard.We get 12 tracks of kool madness but this time out the band leans back  to their (horror) roots.As a result it it's not as in your face as the last couple of albums and it's actually better.Also the band are back to the original lineup and that helps make this a strong and refreshing release.Highlights include: " Witch In The Woods", " Party Time in the End Times", "Dark World" and "Radiator Chains"
   After all this time The Koffin Kats sound like a young hungry band on " Party Time In The End Times" and that's kool .This is another killer album from a top shelf outfit. Highly recommended. 

Friday 3 February 2017

Shakin' Katz Radio Playlist Amber & John’s Top 10 Albums of 2016 Wednesday February 1, 2017 Chrw 94.9fm

Shakin' Katz Radio Playlist
Amber & John’s Top 10 Albums of 2016
Wednesday February 1, 2017
Chrw 94.9fm

1.Shakin Katz Theme … The Vanishers

Amber’s Honourable Mentions 2016

 1. Wake Up Screaming … Coffin Daggers … Aggravatin' Rhythms
2. Baby Me & You Are Through … Twisted Rod … Boozin and Boppin
3. Swamp Fever Stomp … The Frogs … Inshallah
4. Wrong Side … Evil Dalton …Your Blood
5. Sugar In The Tank … Sharna Mae & The Mayhems …  Love Drunk
6. Feel So Bad … The Infernos … Too Hot To Handle
7. Rock n Roll Morte … The Bone Machine … Sotto Questo Cielo Nero
8. Pinch Your Hips … The Booze Bombs … Ice Cold Whiskey
9. Backseat Boogie Nights … Relax Trio … 111
10. Devil Girl … BackDraft … Pull The Trigger  

Amber’s Top Ten of 2016
10. Rockabilly Radio … The Pinstripes … Gotta Roll
9. Dead Hero’s … Milwaukee Wildmen … Bloodmoon Shadow
8. Do You Believe In Werewolves … Jack O Bones …Three Jacks 
7. Law of The Jungle … Fifty Foot Combo … S/T
6. Do it Like Gorilla Does … The Magnetix … Rabbit The Robot Robot The Rocket
5. You Ain’t Doing Me Right … Voodoo Swing … To You My Friend 
4. Last Man On Earth … The Zipheads … Z2 Rampage 
3. Hyena Bop … The Nevrotix … Paranoid  
2. Afterbite … Matchless … Pills & Blades  
1. Devil On Your Back … The Neutronz … Motel Hell

John`s Top Ten of 2016
10. Love You Little Boy … Norm & The Nightmarez … Psychobilly D.N.A.
9. Hot Mess … The Real Gone Tones … Hot Mess
8. De Bop … The Rhythm Torpedoes … Hop In The Rod  
7. Digging Your Hole … Hi-Strung Downers … Can’t Feel Good All The Time
6. Martian Fever … The Magnetix … Rabbit The Robot, Robot The Rabbit
5. Accident Or Incident … Fifty Foot Combo … S/T
4. Last Man On Earth … The Zipheads … Z2 Rampage
3. King’s Ransom … Matchless … Pills & Blades
2. Painkiller … Ramblin' Bandits … On A Hill      
1.Rampton Rage … The Nevrotix … Paranoid 

John`s Honourable Mentions of 2016

1. Test Flight … The Volcanics … Stompin' Garage
2. Waiting For You … A.J & The Rockin’ Trio … Howlin’ At The Moon
3. Girl On The Moon … The Kings Of Outer Space … Space Invaders
4. Sold By Jawas … The Tsunamibots … The Crushing
5. Too Hot Too Bop … Mike Fantom & The Bop A Tones … Too Hot Too Bop
6. My Psychobilly … The Lab Ratz … Terror Is Loose
7. Red Diesel Machine … The Veloninos … S/T
8. Visitors … Moonshine Stalkers … Last Day On Earth 
9. Northern Style … Hoodoo Tones … Confessions Of A Loner 
10. Detonation Time … Punch Drunk Cabaret … Electrik Steam Show 

Thank You to all the Bands and Record Companies that sent Us Music this past year…it was a Stack Year filled so much cool music…We are grateful and humbled by the over whelming response this past year. We received just over 250 releases that were shared over the airways in 2016. So John and i say Thank You and Hats off to all of You for keeping the beat alive and Keeping Us a Rockin!