Sunday, 10 April 2016

The Real Gone Tones - Hot Mess 2016

Since  2011 the Polish  outfit The Real Gone Tones  have quietly developed a solid  rep as a pretty fine rockabilly/rock n roll band.One reason for the band's appeal is that they much more than just a rockabilly band.These kats willing stray into country, rhythm'n'blues, even swing and do it well. Throw in both male and female  vocal leads and the results are one strong outfit.   Their 2015  debut album  "So Cool" is an impressive effort that managed to solidify the band as a top notch act and  garner the notice of El Toro Records.With the El Toro signing the band has wasted no time getting out their sophomore effort, "Hot Mess". No sophomore jinx here as this puppy strolls, bops  and rocks pretty damn good.We get 14 originals and 1 cover of mainly rockabilly and rock n roll. With some shades of the blues,country and rhythm'n'blues added in. The result is one kool mix that's totally enjoyable. Highlights include: "  Cranky Wagon", "Rock'n'Roll Hiccup", "Slum Fun", " Mean" and " Laundromat"
       Overall "Hot Mess " is a strong, fun and brisk album that's hard to resist.The Real Gone Tones have released another fine album and you should keep an eye on these kats.Highly recommended.                 

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