Sunday, 3 April 2016

The Test Pilots - Parachute Party 2016

In early 2015 The Test Pilots came screaming out of Sweden with one hell of an ep entitled "Deadly Rhythms". These kats totally caught  pretty much all of the psychobilly/rockabilly crowd off-guard .The band then preceded to gain major international airplay and praise.Their brand of psychobilly/neo-rockabilly is strikingly fresh,exciting and full of potential.Now with the release of their debut album " Parachute Party" The Test Pilots are smacking down their hand and it's one that's hard to beat. We get 10 tracks here (9 new) that you can't help but dig.This is modern psychobilly with  old school flare and a stiff shot of neo rockabilly.At times it sounds familiar but it always sounds original and fresh,it's not your typical psychobilly. Highlights include: " The Blob", "Jumble Stomp", "Deadly Rhythms", Thin Blue Line" and "Flipped Out,Twisted n' Trashed".
        You just know these guys don't hold to the usual constraints of psychobilly and that's a good thing.  The Test Pilots are one seriously talented outfit and "Parachute Party" bears that out. This is a killer album from start to finish and one you should snap up. Highly recommended!!

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