Saturday, 23 August 2014

Marc & The Wild Ones - She Put A Spell On Me 2014

You gotta give it to Marc & The Wild Ones since blasting onto the scene in 2011 they have continually been damn impressive.Right from the get go these young upstarts put out a killer debut album "The Rockin' Beat Of" and have earned a rep as a kool and  must see band. Their brand of rockabilly/ rock n roll is fresh and nothing short of infectious. If there was any doubt about how good they are it can be put to rest .The release of  "She Put A Spell On Me" proves these kats are for real.No sophomore jinx here as this puppy delivers the goods.We get 13 originals and 1 cover that firmly stay on the rockabilly/rock n roll path .You could say that this is just what you would expect but this time out the song writing is much stronger and  more consistent.Also the band shows some restraint at times(a good thing) and that helps to put the album over .Highlights include: "Be Boppin' Baby ","Little Ann","Real Rockin Baby " and "I Love My Baby".
     Marc & The Wild Ones are diffidently a band that's on a mission  and "She Put A Spell On Me" proves that this outfit  is top shelf .Highly recommended !      

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