Sunday, 10 August 2014

Screamers and Sinners - Demon Tales 2014

Too be honest when  "Demon Tales" by Screamers and Sinners  came across our desk I kinda had that so-so approach to it,thinking they were probably some  horrorbilly band and put off listening to it .Yup I'm the dummy here and I was totally wrong.This is one out there and kool psychobilly band that mixes it up  and are pretty good too boot.Hailing from the Basque Country of Spain these psycho kats have only being together for a couple years now and have some punk and instrumental rock pedigree when it comes to the Spanish scene .The band's debut album "Demon Tales" is one hell of a cracker with 11 killer tracks that at times stray out of the box for psychobilly. We get  psychobilly mashing with some surf,straight up punk,spaghetti,a little hillbilly and plain rock n roll.But what really puts this over is the use of the saxophone(also has some nifty harp action),it really helps drive this puppy to another level .Highlights include: "Alien", "Lonesome Thief", "Sarg-Surfen" and "Kendricks Psycho Mansion"
   Bottom line on  "Demon Tales" is that it may be a bit outside of the box for some but it is worth the gamble.This is top shelf material ,well written,very strong,well executed and straight up good .Seriously keep an eye on these psychos .Recommended

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