Sunday, 17 August 2014

Brian Setzer - Rockabilly Riot: All Original 2014

 Brian Setzer  is arguably one of the best guitar players out there,hell he is also one of the most influential guitar players to emerge since the 80's. You could also say that his fan base is divided into 3 camps.The mainstream fans who love all of his work,the swing camp and then the rockabilly camp.You can put me firmly in the rockabilly camp, so chances are you will probably know how I feel about  Setzer's latest  release "Rockabilly Riot! All Original". So let's get to the point: we get 12 original tunes that for the most part sticks to straight up   rockabilly and a few that stray into country.This puppy cooks  pretty damn good and it's easily Setzer's best since the "Ignition" album in 2001.Highlights include:"I Should Have Had a V8","Vinyl Records","Let’s Shake" and "Stiletto Cool".
        You gotta hand it to Setzer after all these years  not only is he still on top of his game but he can still surprise you.  Rockabilly Riot: All Original is fresh ,fun and vital.Recommended!                                                           

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