Sunday, 26 February 2017

Grumpynators - City Of Sin 2017

Over the last few years there has been has been a rise in bands playing a style/genre of music that combines hard rock,metal and rockabilly.Almost by default ,some have called it "motorbilly" and love it or not it's a growing genre.One thing for sure is when done well it's pretty kool.Case in point,the Danish outfit  Grumpynators. These cats have been blowing away a growing following since 2011 with their brand of "motorbilly".With 2 eps and a stout  debut album "Wonderland"  under their belt,they have earned a rep as a killer band All which brings us to "City Of Sin" their latest and best release so far.This puppy kicks the door in with 12 tracks that hit hard, fast and go for the throat. We get way more hard rock than rockabilly and the result is a very catchy ,loud and brisk affair.Only on a couple of tracks do they slow things down a bit and that helps to balance out this  enjoyable ride. Highlights include: "St. Elvis Day" ,"We Are The Outcasts", "Hotel 2nd Age" and "Take The Last Dance With Me"

      The Grumpynators  seem to be more focused  here and have really stepped it up with "City Of Sin". No pussyfooted around here folks,this puppy rocks Recommended  

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