Sunday, 26 February 2017

Delta 88 - Rocket Powered 2017

You gotta give it to Delta 88,in a relativity short time this rockabilly trio has started showing up on radio and podcast playlist around the world.Part of the reason for this is that Delta 88 is just a fun and pretty good rockabilly band. With little or no hype they have managed to become a band that many people are keeping an eye on . In the fall of 2016 they released the  kool ep "Rockabilly Tales" on Western Star Records.Now in short order they have released their debut album "Rocket Powered " and it's just damn good. The album comes in with 15 tracks of 50"s rockabilly that impress.Also all 4 tracks from the ep are included here.This is straight up rockabilly that's done very well and doesn't take itself too seriously.We get both male and female lead vocals which keeps things fresh and lively. Highlights include: "Bootprints:, "Hurricane Katie", "Redheaded Reaper", "Boppin' Little Witch" and "Rocket Powered ".
     Your not going to go wrong in picking up "Rocket Powered". It delivers a big bang for your buck and it's a flat out winner.Whats not to like. Highly recommended.

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