Sunday, 28 December 2014

Jake and the Lawless Men - Grande y Sucio 2014

Young Irish rockabilly upstart  Jake Allen  has been making noise now for a few years now but back in 2012  he really grabbed attention with the very kool ep "Long Lost Heart". Hell it was good enough in fact  that  Wild Records went and snagged him.Since then this hard working outfit has gone from being called Jake Allen and His Band  to Jake and the Lawless Men. Now in 2014 the long awaited debut album, "Grande y Sucio" is finally here and it was diffidently worth the wait. This puppy strolls in with 12 solid rockabilly tunes(9 of which are originals) that rock, bop and will have you moving.There are splashes of the blues and some country thrown into the mix as well, all of which add a kool vibe to the album.Highlights include: "Mess About Man" ," Cheap Thrills","This Night" and "Recipe For Love".
The title of the album "Grande y Sucio" translates to Big and Dirty and that's not far off the mark .This puppy is also a pretty damn strong effort that is fresh and very appealing.Recommended! 

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