Sunday, 14 December 2014

Pat Capocci - Pantherburn Stomp 2014

 Pat Capocci is without a doubt one of the best artist out there and no one who is familiar with his catalog will argue that.I'm willing to bet a lot of rockabilly kats don't even know his name and that's a shame! With a handful of albums under his belt this Aussie  has earned a reputation as one of best when it comes to rockabilly.Now with his first release for Wild Records , Mr.Capocci  is showing that he's more than just a rockabilly guy. Pantherburn Stomp is nothing short of a tour de force.Clocking in with 13 original tracks that range from straight up rockabilly ,r&b to rock n roll and tinges of jazz. This is dirty ,intense and extremely good.Highlights include: " Pantherburn Stomp", "Genie In A Bottle","The Cobra" and "Thunderchief".
   Simply put  "Pantherburn Stomp" is one of the years best  and is diffidently Capocci's best album yet and that's saying something. It is an album that raises the bar and a must have! If you don't know Pat Capocci is, you should and you can start right here! Highly Recommended!!

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