Saturday, 6 December 2014

The Hi- Boys - Shake 2014

No one can accuse The Hi-Boys of not going for it.This Australian band has literally come out of nowhere  to signing up with Wild Records in a span of less than 2 years,that's impressive.This is a rockabilly band that says it plays "Wild traditional rock n roll music". The band's ep from 2013 managed to snag some  radio airplay( mainly the song "Corn Liquor") here in North America and interest in them  keeps growing.That said the band's debut album "Shake" certainly  will live up to all expectations .We get 13 original tracks of  kool rockabilly that will have you up movin' and grovin'. This is rockabilly with little flashes of country and blues tossed in and the results are freakin' catchy and also damn good! Highlights include: "Shake"," Walking Out Your Door","I'm Gone" and "Trouble"
       The Hi-boys have achieved a pretty good balance with "Shake". There is enough here to keep the  rockabilly purist happy  but it diffidently will also appeal to everybody else.Some albums are easy to like and "Shake" is one of them. Damn straight! Recommended

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