Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Whiskey Daredevils - Whiskey Daredevils III 2013

I know some people  who think the only good thing to come out of Cleveland is The Whiskey Daredevils. As a matter of fact  most of them will not take kindly to you if you disagree(Cleveland is a kool town  in my books). One thing for sure is that  The Whiskey Daredevils are not just your average cow-punk band.What they play is a rich stew of countrified punk with a whack of rockabilly and rock n roll  thrown in .So now we have the band's 8th album  and it's called  "111"(they have a sense of humor). Coming in with 10 very strong tracks that are just what the doctor ordered .Highlights include: "Dragstrip Courage","Corina", "Swim The Lake Of Fire"and "Willie Nelson". The band is firing on all the pistons here and it's diffidently one of the bands better albums.  "111" is a fine addition to an already excellent discography by one of America's better bands .Recommended

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