Sunday, 24 March 2013

Pitbullfarm - Glory Hole Hallelujah 2013

Like it or not Sweden's Pitbullfarm is back and they probably don't care what any of us think anyway.The band emerged late last year with a rock solid 4 song ep called "Welcome To Pussyville"after a 6 year holiday.Not wasting any time these punksters  have now dropped  "Glory Hole Hallelujah"(hard to believe it's only their 2nd album) and it's a killer.We get whacked here with 14 tracks and guess what: no surprises here.This is fun, prevented ,hard hitting ,at times politically incorrect but most of all it's smash mouth punkabilly .So in other words it's steady as she goes in the Pitbullfarm  barnyard.Highlights include: "United Pimps Of Pussyville","Moscow", "Psycho Monkeys" and "White Trash Gigolo". At the end of the day this is one hell of an album, you could say this is how punkabilly should sound and it's a blast of fresh air.Recommended

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