Sunday, 3 March 2013

Flesh Roxon – Flesh To The Bone 2013

Flesh Roxon mean business,this Finnish band has been together for just over a year and have  made more noise than most bands do in a couple of years.Christ there was talk about these guys  here in Canada a few months ago.That said  they have one video out  and now have put out their debut album  "Flesh To The Bone". This puppy  smashes the door down with 11 tracks that hang out around  the corner of psychobilly and punkabilly. The album has a good mix of both psycho and punk  and as well a good dose of the  horror angle but that doesn't drag the disc down. Highlights include:"Flesh To The Bone", "Back From Your Grave"," Don't You Dare" and "Suck My Chainsaw". You would never guess Flesh Roxon has only been together  just over a year  as this is well executed,great sounding and pretty damn solid .This is a band to keep an eye on .Check it out!  

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