Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hotrod Frankie - God, Gasoline & Me 2013

These Swedish psychos have been kickin around since 2005 and have developed a pretty good following.Whats kool about Hotrod Frankie is that it really is a side project (of Ultima Thule) that has taken on it's own life so the term  "Frankinbilly" that many use to describe their music kinda  fits. Anyway " God, Gasoline & Me" is the band 4th album and it's arguably their best.Smashing in with 11 original psycho rockers, this puppy may start slow with the lead-off track "Darkness In Her Room'  but then  quickly  hammers down on the gas and you gotta like that.Highlights include"Three Blind Mice","Electric","The World" and "Gates Of Hell". This is a fast and hard  ride that's totally enjoyable. If you have never listened to Hotrod Frankie you should  and this is a great starting point. Recommended

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