Sunday, 24 February 2013

Rebel Son - Queen Of All Trades 2012

The kings of redneck rockabilly  Rebel Son have offended more than their fair share of people since 2002 .It's all about stupid women ,lose women,sex, more sex and drinking.At times these guys are funny but even the most die-fans have to agree sometimes you gotta give it a rest.That said the band's 9th album  "Queen Of All Trades" is easily their best since 2005's "Choke On Smoke". We get 13 original tracks of the usual potty mouthiness about sex and women but these boys have pulled up their boot straps.This is pretty good  honky tonkin' ,redneck rockabilly(some call this drunkabilly). Highlights include:"Wicked Queen" ' "Sarah Jean,The Nuthouse Queen", "Queen Of All Trades " and the kool "River Of Hate". Like some people out there I lost interest in Rebel Son  a few years back  . Queen Of All Trades has all the elements that put  Rebel Son  on the map.If your a fan of their first 2or 3 albums you'll love this puppy and even if your not you may want to check it out.If anything Queen Of All Trades proves you can't write these boys off !

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