Sunday, 14 September 2014

Clockwork Psycho - Nightmares From Laibach 2014

Since forming in 2011 Slovenia's Clockwork Psycho has created a ton of noise with their brand of psychobilly/punkabilly.Word is that this hard working band  has upstaged  some of the big name headliners  they have backed up and that they are an outfit too keep an eye on.For some out there this is the best  up and coming psychobilly band in Europe.Well I don't know about that but they are pretty damn good. If you want proof you just have to check out the band's debut album " Nightmares From Laibach"  which is nothing short of a blast of ass kicking  psychobilly .This puppy kicks in hard and fast with an intro , 11  psycho rockers  and then ends on a nightmare note.Once the band hits the gas they really don't let up.Clockwork Psycho actually manages to achieve a great mix of psychobilly  and punkabilly here and that  helps to elevate the album. Highlights include: "Today I Meet The Maker", "Lost Boy Choir", "Alone In The Wastes" and "Monkey On My Back".
           This is a very strong debut album  that comes off fast and loose but at the same time it's consistently damn  good.Recommended

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