Friday, 17 May 2013

Murders in the zoo - Stay out of our business 2013

For some of us "Murders in the zoo" is a nifty little horror flick(1933) so when I heard that there is a Spanish surf band by the same name I just had to check it out.What they do has been described as "killer surf & rock instrumentals". I have to say what a kool surprise,they more than live up to that description. The band's debut album "Stay out of our business"clocks in at just under 25 minutes with 10 tracks of smash mouth surf.This is surf than slams the board down hard and fast.There are shades of  punk, psychobilly and even  a little bit of spaghetti here.Highlights include: "The Sioux Attack","Zombies From California", "Duel At Sunset" and "Surfing On The Cemetery".  If your looking for surf with a hard edge this puppy is diffidently for you  This is one hell of an album that leaves you wanting more. Recommended     Free download 

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