Friday, 3 May 2013

Chainsaw Lobotomy - Close, But No Cigar. 2013

A few years back Chainsaw Lobotomy  emerged from the primordial ooze of Welland, Ontario and quickly made a name for them selves. Here was  a psychobilly band that at times sounded like skater-punks lost in the swamps of Louisiana .You could ask 10  people to describe their music and you probably would get 10 different answers. Despite this in 2010 the band's 3 song demo managed to get some good airplay in Ontario. So it has been a bit of a wait for the band's debut album.  Close, But No Cigar drops in with 10 tracks that best can be described as a swampy stew  of mental chaos that goes down surprisingly  smooth .This is a band that is truly "beyond genres" and still manages to hold it all together.We get blues,psychobilly, punk,bluegrass and a swamp donkey thrown in too boot( just kidding about the donkey).Highlights include:"Swampwater","Sexcetelyne","Withinsanity" and the kool anthem "Too Dead Too Skate". There is much to like about this album  even though it may not be for everyone.If your looking for something a bit out there this puppy is for you. Close, But No Cigar is like a trip into a dark and dangerous swamp that's kinda kool.Recommended!                          Free Download

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