Saturday, 18 May 2013

BLUE ROCKIN' - Deep From The Heart 2013

If you haven't heard of  Blue Rockin' your not alone,hell I only found out about in the summer of 2012.This German outfit   has been making noise and kicking ass since 2002.Their music has been called everything from dirty rock n roll,bastardized billy, mean, nasty to just plain ugly.So whats not to like?
  Deep From The Heart  is the band's 4th album and it's damn good.This puppy drops in with 12 kool original rockers that hit you right in the gut.This is more than just rockabilly and psychobilly as the band adds garage,punk and straight up rock into the mix.Highlights include: "Every Hour 'N' Every Minute", "Old Car", "Party In The Woods"and "Killer Depression Blues". One thing for sure this is one raw,rough,unpolished and killer album you should pick up. Recommended .

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