Sunday, 17 February 2013

Messer Chups - Church of Reverb 2013

With something like 16 albums under their belt Messer Chups has remain a cult band too many.The truth is that these purveyors of  trashy culture meets surf  may just be one of the bigger surf/instrumental bands out there. Church of Reverb  the bands new release beats a familiar path but it also is their best effort  in a few years .Riding in with 14 tracks of  killer surf that has a generous heaping of twang,reverb,trashiness,and horror thrown in.As in the past the band mixes things up with  vocals(not much) and I have to say some kool horn action.Highlights include: "Surf'n Rolla","Mickey Rat","Black Saddle" and the wacky "Popcorno Revenge". Church Of Reverb is more than just solid ,it's damn good.If your a fan you'll love it and if you don't know about Messer Chups you should and this is a good starting point.Recommended

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