Saturday, 2 February 2013

Los Primitivos – Electric Recordings 2012

These rockabilly kats from Buenos Aires have been kicking around since1988.It wasn't until  2007 that they put out their debut album "Hasta that caigas muerto" . Having developed a solid following the band was asked to perform at the 2009 edition of Psycho Carnival in Brazil  and these boys killed it .They were one of the highlights of the fest and all of a sudden people outside of South America  knew who they were .Interest in the band  resulted in the reissue of their album.That brings us "Electric Recordings" and really it's been a long time coming.This puppy swings pretty good and clocks in with 8 tracks(plus a hidden bonus track a Misfits cover: Hybrid Moments). We get mainly rockabilly here but the band also deliverers some country and a little bit of hillbilly.Highlights include: "One and Only", "Nacido para Perder" , "La Combinacion Perfecta" and a kool cover of "Bloodshot Eyes". The song "Equivocado" kinda feels out of place and that's my only knock here.Overall this is a good solid album  that you may want to throw a few bucks down on .

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  1. Hello friends, I wish they could make rune review this album, Greetings