Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Magnificatz - Running Late 2012

 The  Magnificatz  have been around  in one form or another since 2007.Hailing from the English Midlands they have  made a name for themselves playing a fun brand of rockabilly.With one ep already under their belt  the band has recently dropped it's debut album "Running Late" and it's fun and kinda refreshing. Coming in with 13 originals  for your  listening pleasure.This is rockabilly with   some country throw-in  and  we get  "a splash of Voodoo" to boot.This is rockabilly that doesn't take itself too seriously and you gotta like that. Highlights include:"Greasy Love", "Cat Come Scratching", "Dead Man's Ball" and " Daddio". Considering how many line-up changes this band went through(4 or 5) this is a surprisingly good album .

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