Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bloodshot Bill - So Blue 2012

Love him or hate him Bloodshot Bill has been doing things his way since 2001.This Canuck is one of the hardest working acts out there and he's been damn prolific the whole time .His brand of rockabilly/hillbilly as been called everything from "pure shit' , trashy, greasy to kool , authentic rockabilly  to pure genius .That said we now have album #16 or is it #18  and it's called "So Blue"  and some are saying that it's Bloodshot Bill's country album.What we get here is 14 tracks that are totally enjoyable and I mean that.Yeah we get country but we get more of the rockabilly-hillbilly and some slashes of blues. Hell just what you  would expect .Highlights include:"Bounce Baby Bounce", "You're No Good", "No Help Wanted" and "Pinch Me". Over the last 3-4 years Bloodshot Bill has released albums and eps that have consistently gotten better and better with each release.So Blue continues that streak.If your a fan you'll love it,if your on the fence here take a chance.For those who don't like him nothing I say here  will change your mind but I'm liking this puppy. Recommended !

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