Sunday, 29 July 2018

Alex Brown and The Hepcats - Reckless Ways 2018

    With the quiet demise of The Hellbound Hepcats, lead man Alex Brown wasted no time in forming the new band ; Alex Brown and The Hepcats. To no surprise, this outfit is damn good and it would be easy to confuse the two bands.Make no mistake, they may sound  very similar but they are two different entities. That said  Alex Brown and The Hepcats have dropped their new debut album "Reckless Ways " and this puppy is a straight up winner. We get 10 original tracks that range from all out rockers and boppers to mid tempo burners.This is a kool mix stew of neo rockabilly, 50's inspired rock n roll and country twang.Throw in a little swing and r&b and the result is one swingin' affair that will have up and rockin'.Highlights include: " Reckless Ways ", " Take Me Back", " One More" and "Twist Like Licorice".

        Alex Brown and The Hepcats are making a statement  with "Reckless Ways". It's a fun refreshing outing that has a sense of urgency and pays off big .Highly recommended !!

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