Saturday, 21 July 2018

The 427's - Stay Gold 2018

   The 427's  have quietly become one of Canada's top surf bands.With little fan fare they have managed to garner enough  airplay  to achieve some top chart success  on college radio across the country.Hell, for a surf band that's pretty much unheard.Thier "Surf Noir" ep and the debut album "Mavericks" will convince you that this outfit is a serious contender.The band's latest offering "Stay Gold" has now washed ashore and once again they have another winner on their hands.This time out we get 14 original tracks of kool surf.From traditional to noir (spy) to spaghetti and even shades of exotica. This is one sweet and well produced  slab of surf that delivers.Highlights include: " Bullitt", " Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid", "Escape From Alcatraz", "Bikini Thief " and the fun romping "Liberty Belle"
     Overall this is The 427's best effort to date and you just know that that they haven't shown their full hand yet.It's smart and sexy surf that will definitely colour you impressed. Highly recommended

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