Saturday, 7 July 2018

Crystal & Runnin’ Wild – The Midnight Creature 2018

        There is no doubt that Crystal & Runnin’ Wild are a top shelf outfit. Despite laying down some damn kool rockabilly/ roots music, you just know that there is much more to these cats. Their bopping  cover of "Search and Destroy" bears that out.Well now they are upping the anti and shifting gears with their second album; "The Midnight Creature".This time out they are throwing down one impressive hand  that changes the game. Punching in with 13 tracks that range from frantic rockabilly to garage to straight up rock n roll and more. They also throw in a couple of slower numbers, just to keep you on your toes.It's a stout and  kinetic affair  that's impossible to resist.Highlights include: "Wish You Misery", "I Love My Monsters","Deadly Day", "Jezebel" and "  The Midnight Creature".

   Crystal & Runnin’ Wild  are flexing their muscles and shaking things up with "The Midnight Creature" . It's ballsy move  and damn impressive too boot. Highly recommended!!

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