Saturday, 3 March 2018

The Delta Bombers - Pressure and Time 2018

   It's hard to believe The Delta Bombers have been around ten years now.In that time they have proven to be one of the hardest working outfits out there and  one of the best rock n roll bands too boot.At their heart,they are a blues band but the band's strength is their ability to lace the blues with everything from rockabilly, garage, country to straight up rock and more. So far they have 3 outstanding albums plus a live one under their belts and now you can add " Pressure and Time"to the list. Coming in with 9 originals and 3 covers that again run the gamut.This time out they really  up the country, throw in  a surprising cover of "Sympathy For The Devil" and still manage to serve up a whack of revved up dirty and kool rockabilly/ rock n roll. Hell this is one diverse and impressive effort. Then again if your familiar with the band ,you just know it's got to be top shelf. Highlights include : "Jump Back Baby", "Let Her Go", " Pressure and Time", "Hi- Strung Ramble" and "Good Disguise"

  Once again The Delta Bombers  deliver the goods with " Pressure and Time". They are in top form here and can still surprise.This is one kool album that will color you impressed. Highly Recommended!!

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