Sunday, 25 March 2018

Henry & The Bleeders - Looking Backwards 2018

   The one thing you can guarantee about Henry & The Bleeders  is that you don't really  know what to expect from them and that makes them an exciting act. With couple of pretty kool albums on their rap sheet this  unique billy based outfit has  put  their boot print all over the rockin' musical map  and their damn good at it. Now they are  back with " Looking Backwards"(their third album and second on Western Star) and this time out they up the voltage. Strutting  in with 14 tracks that will light a fire under your butt .This is a wild,intense and kinetic ride that doesn't hold back. It's a flat out winner that has something  for pretty much everyone.Some will say this is  modern psychobilly and I ain't going to argue that. Like in the past the band draws on everything from rockabilly,punk,hillbilly to r&b and more.There is a sense of urgency here and that adds a big punch to the affair. Highlights include: "H.A.T.B", "This Town", "Padrone", "Letter To Moseley" and " I Gotta Rock On"psychobilly, old school psychobilly
      Simply put " Looking Backwards" is one mighty fine and killer rock n roll album.It's also their best yet .Yeah these cats just keep getting better.If you aren't familiar with   Henry & The Bleeders,you should be. This is your wake up call! Highly recommended!! 

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