Sunday, 13 September 2015

Legacaster - Boppin' Guitar 2015

Some bands are just damn good, case in point : Legacaster, these Spanish cats not only have a ton of pedigree but also have the talent to step things up.Their rock n roll /rockabilly sounds like it was laid down in the 50's,yet still sparkles with a kool freshness. Just one listen to the band's 2013 ep  "Black Hot Rod" will leave you more than convinced.The band's long awaited album " Boppin' Guitar" is now out on Kattrina Records and again they nail it. Clocking in  at around 21 minutes, this puppy bops, moves fast and is short and sweet. We get 9 tracks (7 originals) of  straight up rockabilly/rock n roll that aim to please . Highlights include: "Boppin Guitar", " Dancin' Shoes", "A Real Lady", "Crazy Daisy" and the instrumental "Terror's Night Out". Hell there isn't a bad track to be found.
       Boppin' Guitar is an impressive effort by a killer band and you just know these cats are only going to get better.This is flat out a winner.Highly recommended!

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