Sunday, 27 September 2015

B And The Bops - All Tangled Up!

 B And The Bops have managed to grab people's  attention even since 2008 when 2 of their songs landed on the "Crockabilly" compilation. Their brand of authentic rockabilly  and 50's rock n roll  is not only impressive but it's also fun..Add a couple of singles and a kool  debut album, "Don't Stop The Rock Bop" and these kats have developed a pretty good rep.The bands sophomore album, " All Tangled Up!" will only  cement their reputation.This puppy clocks in at just under 30 minutes with 15 tracks that nail it.We get hit with some serious fun  rockabilly /rock n roll that's just what the doctor order.Even the slower tracks bop pretty good. No messing around here folks this is short and sweet and you gotta like that .Highlights include: " Tangled Boogie" , " Spitzmaus ", " Breathin' Down My Neck (fast)" and " Hot To Trot "
         Overall  "All Tangled Up!" is the best release so far from these kats and you just know there's more too come.This is sharp, well done rockabilly by a band to keep an eye on. Recommended !!

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