Sunday, 22 February 2015

Relax Trio - Stop This Madness 2014

Hard to believe The RelaxTrio  have been at it for just over 10 years now.Hell the band`s average is 20, kid you not. In 2012 they released the stellar ``Shake and Roll `` (their 3rd album)  and people  outside of their native Finland  started to take note of these young upstarts.Over the years they have managed to play a brand of rock n roll that appeals to a wide range of fans,from the blues to rockabilly to country.Now comes the band`s latest effort ``Stop This Madness`` and this puppy is pretty damn good.We get 11 originals and 1 cover  of kool diverse  rock n roll. The band mixes things (as it usually does)  with some blues, country and rockabilly thrown in.Highlights include: ``Too Late``, ``I Drive My 55``, ``Dance With Me`` and ``Melbourne or Hell``.
   The Relax Trio are focused, on their game  and have never sounded better.  Stop This Madness is easily the best effort yet from the band and one has to wonder just how good  this young band can be.Keep an eye on these kats ,seriously.Recommended !  

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