Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Dee's Honeytones - Hot Damn 2014

For the past few years it seems Europe has been undergoing a rhythm & blues revival.What's really kool about this scene is that a lot of the bands involved are just straight up good.Case in point,  Dee's Honeytones,  is a Dutch band with some pedigree (Dee-Ann and the Nightcaptains and 69 Beavershot) that   has been winning over folks since 2011 with their brand of  killer "Boppin' Rhythm & blues". Hell apparently these kats are a big draw on the festival circuit over in Europe.In  late 2013 the band headed into the studio and now the results are out .
       "Hot Damn" the band's debut album is a fine and diverse album that clocks in with  13 very likeable tunes that will have you movin' and grovin' .We get  a mix plate of r&b, rock n roll ,blues ,a little country, rockabilly and shades of swing. There is something for everyone here and it's done very well.Highlights include: "Hot Date', "Dripping Honey","Loving Man","You're Mine" and the tittle track "Hot Damn".

  With "Hot Damn" Dee's Honeytones have managed to deliver one of the better albums to come out this year and they are definitely a band to be reckoned with.Recommended!

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