Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Maü-Maü - Maü Music For Maü People 2013

Talk about burning fast and bright in late 2012  The Maü-Maü  erupted onto the Quebec scene like an out of control lead sled rocket  and word of the band spread pretty fast .With a ton of pedigree comes high expectations  and here was a  band that more than  lived up to all the noise that has been surrounding them.In early 2013 they went into the studio to lay down their debut album,played a few killer shows ,took the summer off, packed it in  and then put out their one and only album.That said "Maü Music For Maü People" is nothing short of a pure rush.This puppy smashes in with 15 in your face tracks that for the most part don't let up .Self described as "Psycho- voodoo-garage-a-billy-deluxe" this is all that and more.Let's just say this is raw garage melding with psychobilly that makes for a rough but kool  brew.Highlights include : "Three Men One Coffin", "Red Headed Plag","Sous Les Tropiq" and "Maü Baker".
   It's sad that The Maü-Maü are no longer and they really were a band that managed to impress more than a few people . "Maü Music For Maü People " is nothing short of a damn fine album  and a pretty good testament to a short lived kool band that knew how to blow the doors off the joint.     the band has posted the album here for free                  

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