Saturday, 20 April 2013

Voodoo Swing - Fast Cars Guitars Tattoos and Scars 2013

For 20 years now  Voodoo Swing has been kicking out some pretty kool rockabilly.Despite 6  good albums the band hasn't  really gotten the attention they deserve.Hell I can count on one hand the number of rockabillys I know who have heard of them yet I know a whack of blues followers who are into these kats. Saying that the band has just dropped their 7th album"Fast Cars Guitars Tattoos and Scars" and guess what this is big ,bold ,diverse and easily their best. We get 14 tracks here that is a rich and  pleasing stew of roots music.From rockabilly, jump blues ,country to western swing and shades of bluegrass.Make no mistake here: this puppy still rocks.Highlights include:"My Rockabilly Martian Gal”,"Chasin the Devil's Hot Rod","Seein Double Boogie" and "Down the Oak". Most bands would never attempt to push this far outside their perceived comfort zone but Voodoo Swing not only has but have done it well also.Big gamble equals  big pay-off .Recommended    

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