Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Flattrakkers - Gettin' Dirty 2013

The Flattrakkers  are one of those bands that are just flat out kool.These Australian kats have been dishin' out revved up rockabilly since 2004. With 3 albums of hard edge rockabilly full of songs about hotrods, flat track racing ,speedway ,chicks,drinking and dirt trackin' what's not to like.Now with their 4th album "  Gettin' Dirty" the band shakes things up a bit. Sliding in with 13 original tracks that for the most are what you would expect from these guys .We also get a couple of tracks that lean more to  traditional rockabilly and even a country infused  track( Don't Shut the Bar). Highlights include: "Derby Girl","Big Shake Up","Real Mean Machine and " 24 Hours a Day".
The big question here is how good is " Gettin' Dirty "? Let's just say it kicks butt and that it just may be their best yet. Hell of a band that always delivers the goods and yeah they are kool. Recommended

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