Saturday, 30 December 2017

The Stinky Rodders - Raw & Wild 2017

Recently I caught wind of the Hungarian band The Stinky Rodders and with a name like that you gotta check them out. While color me impressed, these cats brew up some catchy "garage rockabilly" that will light a fire under a dead man's ass.Their 2016 ep " From The Garage" is a stout mix of equal parts  wild rockabilly and garage.The follow up is even better  and it's their debut album; "Raw & Wild.This puppy punches the clock with 12 kick ass tracks that are less on the rockabilly and more garage, that at times  mashes up into punkabilly. It also times in at around 30 minutes, so you know these cats get right to the point. We get  songs about bad gals, drinking and getting it on. It's also fast, furious, dirty and a whole whack of fun.Highlights include: "Route 69", "Bad Girl", "Midnight Boogie" and "Dead Body's Movin' "

   With "Raw &Wild", The Stinky Rodders have dropped a rocket sled of fun and you'll be hitting the repeat button.You may want to keep an eye on these guys. Highly recommended!!

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